Thursday, June 12, 2008

Oh, Baby!

It's been nearly a week that we've been without internet! We had a few power outages due to a thunder storm on Friday and have been without our beloved internet since!

This is what we saw from our living room window during the storm:We called our internet provider on Monday and they tried to help us trouble shoot on the phone. That didn't work, so they sent a technician over on Tuesday. We thought our modem got fried, but it turned out to be the network card that needed to be replaced. I picked up a new network card yesterday and Hubby installed it this morning. Yay! We finally have access to our e-mail (and my blog) again! I cannot tell you how badly I suffered from withdrawal! Much of my work involves using the computer, internet and e-mail, so it wasn't only the blogging part that I missed!!!

I just noticed that my ClustrMaps is empty! I wonder if it has been reset somehow. That is sooooooooo weird! When I checked last, I had visitors from all over the world! Now I have none! How odd! Here's my old ClustrMap. I had 20,319 visits and now I have ZERO!!!

I'm off to catch up on some of my favourite blogs now!

Before I go, I think you should check out this amazing new band! I just love, love, LOVE these guys! They've got lots of talent and great vocals. I'm not saying this because they're my family either!

Check out True Notion's site and if you're in Toronto, listen to them perform sometime! Catch this dynamic duo at Kramers Bar/Grill located at Yonge & Davisville every Thursday along side the talented Derek Downham. True Notion also has a Facebook group. Click here. They've also got more music and videos on YouTube.


J at said...

welcome back!

I love storms, and that's a gorgeous sunset, but that one cloud is kind of scaring me...

jan said...

How great that you survived such a horrible time. I do enjoy storms, but not if they have these consequences.

Jeanna said...

Glad to have you back, I was just going to email you, but that wouldn't have done any good!
Great photos, mine were too weak to post. But it looks like another tornado might be heading this way. Have you seen that house on the US news that gets washed into the water? That's one of the Dells houses where their used to be a lake. So weird, so many people passing by that lake from childhood on.
Weird, wild stuff.

hotmommy said...

yippie your back! miserable weather all around. those pictures are incredibly beutiful yet frightful all at the same time!

talk soon!

caninecologne said...

those are cool, yet scary photos of the storm...

i was glad to see another post from you. i was getting worried about you there!

hope all is well with u and hubby!

i just had lunch w/lotus with our girls. we went to a vietnamese sandwich place and a local vietnamese here is sunny. we've been having 'june gloom' lately so it was nice to see the sun.

Zoe said...

i love the band!!..your pics of the storm are incredible..very nice shots!

t said...

So glad to see you back! I was beginning to wonder if everything was OK! I almost called you on the weekend!

Crazy photos! Beautiful, but crazy!

I love the band! I'm going to have to check them out at one of their performances sometime!

Uncivil said...

Oh my goodness! I thought I was gonna have to dial 1-800-cannuck to find out what was going on with ya?
Glad you back and all is one in your "network" again!
Hugs & then sum!

C said...

Thank you :) I have missed the bloggy world! A week is too long to go without my favourite blogs and bloggers! LOL!

That cloud does look rather foreboding, doesn't it?

Luckily, it was just really windy and there was rain, thunder and lightening. It's scary to see how other parts of the country have been hit though. Was your area hit by the storm?

C said...

I MISSED YOU!!! LOL! I was thinking of you the other day when I was watching the news. Cheese Land got severely hit, didn't it?! I hope you guys weren't hit too badly. I was shocked when I saw houses coming off of their foundations and floating in the water! That is crazy!!!

You guys have been having icky weather too? It hasn't been that bad here. We've had a few gloomy days, but on Saturday it was nice. I did manage to take our nieces and Chance to the beach. We had a blast! We went to Carter Bay of course! ;)

C said...

Thanks! The band members of True Notion are my cousins on my Dad's side. They are great. They're actually playing at a Toronto venue tonight. Too bad Toronto is 6 hrs from where I live now!! LOL!

BTW, I've just added you to my blogroll! ;)

I know :( A week is way too long to be without internet service! LOL! Hubby and I were just amazed at what we saw from our living room window! The storm was beautiful to watch, yet quite eerie at the same time.

My Dad tried calling us, but our phone wasn't working. They live 4 minutes away from us, and from where they are, it looked like the sky was on fire. My Dad thought it was a forest fire and wanted to call Hubby to tell him. It was just a spectacular sunset, followed by some crazy clouds and lightening...then came the rain!

C said...

Awww! Well, it's so nice to know that if I go MIA from the blog for a week, people worry about me! LOL! :) Thank you, T! Sooooooooo...Why didn't you call?? LOL! Just kidding! ;)

Yeah, let me know if you end up catching one of their shows. They're performing tonight if you have nothing to do and want to check them out! Just remember, let me know what you think if you do go check them out! XO

LOL! Thank you, Jimbo! You are too sweet! You totally crack me up!

PinksandBluesGirls said...

Hey there girl!! Those photos are amazing!! We were thinking about you!!
I hope you are well... you've been on my mind.

Jeanna said...

It's still raining and a few more tornados touched down (not here, but close by). Lots of flooding all around us, so hitting the road tomorrow will be interesting. I'll bring my camera.

Sandy C. said...

Oy...those skies don't look so friendly. So sorry you had to live without internet for so long. I would have had withdrawal shakes too :(

So glad to see you're back! LOVE that song BTW! The video is great :)

louann said...

I was beginning to wonder what happened to you. I'm glad you're OK and I'm so happy you're back C!!!

C said...

Hi! I was thinking about you too! I'll be sending you an e-mail sometime today :) XO

It's really scary to see all the damage that has been done in the Mid West. Glad you guys weren't hit by all that flooding.

C said...

I was trying to figure out which music artist my cousin sounds like. There's a certain quality in his voice that reminds me of another artist/musician...but I can't pinpoint who!!

Awww! Thank you for thinking of me :) It's been crazy here with A) No internet service, B) Lots of work that needs to get done and C) Other things...which I will explain very soon ;)

Autumn's Mom said...

We were missin you too! Thanks for the much stormy weather for June!

C said...

Autumn's Mom:
Awwww! Thanks! You are too sweet! XOXO

Karen MEG said...

What lovely shots of the storms. So pretty!
And that band is great!!

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