Wednesday, June 04, 2008

A Neat Little Gem

Nestled amongst some eye-catching gift shops and places to stay in South Baymouth, stands a wonderful little pizzeria. People often ask me where they can eat when they're visiting the Island. I always recommend the places that I've been to and love. Last week was the first time I had eaten at this quaint little pizza place. Hubby decided that I needed a rest from cooking and he took me out for a 'date'.

Hubby has always raved about this pizza place and I have passed by it on many occasions, but have never had a chance to try it out. Usually when I'm in South Baymouth, it's to see off friends or family who are taking the ferry across to Tobermory or I'm there when I'm taking students on day trips. The pizzeria is conveniently located right beside the WigWam Gift Shop & Motel and across from the ferry terminal.

Those of you who have been reading my blog for a while know that I'm not much of a meat fan and I don't really like pizza. *gasp* I know...I'm sorry! We eat a lot of veggie based food in our house and I'm not big on carbs (much to Hubby's chagrin, I guess)! However, I have for some unexplainable reason been really wanting a meatball sub! I had the meatball sub and Hubby had the pizza sub. The portions were gigantic! Hubby was pleased! I ended up giving the rest of my sub to Hubby, who gladly obliged. A+ for the subs.

We mentioned this pizza place to my parents and today Hubby and I picked up two pizzas to bring over to Ma and Pa so none of us would have to cook supper tonight. Hubby chose the Hawaiian pizza and the Deluxe pizza. The Hawaiian has just the right amount of sweetness from the pineapple to add a nice contrast to the ham. The Deluxe is fully loaded for all those out there who love their pizza toppings. The Deluxe is by far Hubby's number one pick. Just driving home with the pizzas in my front seat with the aroma wafting throughout the car made my mouth water! Remember, I don't eat pizza often, but Hubby was right. This pizza is really good!This is what I mean about being fully loaded!
I know it may seem like I'm a really lenient grader, but I give the pizzas an A+ too. I don't like too much crust and I don't like really greasy pizza. To me, there's nothing worse than really thick, dry, chewy pizza crust. Actually, I suppose grease dripping from the pizza could be worse! This pizza was perfect. The prices at the pizzeria are reasonable and the portions are huge. My suggestion: You don't have to eat everything in one go! Whatever you order, only eat half and take the rest home with you...unless you're really that hungry. The portions are guaranteed to leave you feeling satiated content very full satisfied! We will definitely be frequenting this neat little gem and will recommend it to all those we know.

As I was walking into the pizzeria to pick up the pizzas, a young man and woman were waiting for the MS ChiCheemaun to take them across to Tobermory and returned to the pizzeria for another slice of pizza. They had ordered and eaten their pizza and were off to their vehicle, when the guy wanted to go back so he could take some pizza home with him! The guy was going on and on about how amazing the pizza was. He was right!

If you are waiting for the ferry, why not stop in and have a slice of pizza or an ice cream cone? You will be very impressed. This is not just a pizzeria, but it also doubles as an Internet Cafe. All you travelers who simply must check your e-mail or send word to family that you have arrived safely on this beautiful island, will be pleased to know that yes, there is indeed internet access on the Island! The internet service is actually really good here. I know that the point of going on vacation on a magical island like this one entails "unplugging" from everything high tech, but if you do need to use the internet, at least you know of one place where you can have access to the internet!For more restaurant reviews, click here.


hotmommy said...

lucky me- i get to be the first to comment! i have to make this fast because the kids are going to be getting off the school bus any minute now

that place sounds great chris; we are going to have to try that pizza out when we come to visit

we went to that island fish and chips place just around the corner from the peirside restaurant and the pizzaria . that was the best darn fish and chps i had ever eaten in my life

looking froward to that pizza plce! know the kids and dh will lve it too

J at said...

Now I want to come to the island even more than I did before! And what's with the ice cream? It looks temptingly like my favorite...cherry ice cream, with big cherries, and no chocolate chips. YUM!

Those pizzas looked DIVINE. What time is dinner again?

Karen MEG said...

Nothing like enticing visitors with FOOD, C, LOL!!!!! Pizza and ice cream, two of my favourite food groups, and I'm not even 12 years old. Those pizzas look SOOOO delish.

No wonder you make room in your bag for the camera ... this type of stuff just NEEDS to be photographed hahaha!

jan said...

This is sending me to the closest pizza place. I love pizza. And your pictures and descriptions are irresistable. Pizza is like sex. Even when it's bad, it's still pretty good.

baby~amore' said...

c - I am craving pizza and icecream right now LOL and I am just about to ride my exercise bike !

C said...

All of my friends and family love that fish and chips place you were talking about! I remember the week of our wedding, all the out-of-towners who were here for the wedding ate there...multiple times! LOL!

Yes, when you come to the Island again, you must try the pizza at the pizzeria!

C said...

Oooooooh...The ice cream!!! It's from a local ice cream company called Farquhar's. My absolute favourite flavour is the black cherry ice cream!

I think you, Py and Maya would really enjoy the Island ;) guys should pick up Cherry and Eric, Ms.Mamma and SF...and Jimbo and the girls on your way over! LOL! ;)

C said...

Yes, isn't it weird? I've never been much of a pizza lover, though my husband and father absolutely LOVE pizza. They claim it to be "a complete meal"! LOL! All I could ever think of when it comes to pizza is calories, carbs, fat :( Oh, and the ice cream! It's a treat we don't have often...but it is soooooo good! LOL!

So...When are you, Ian, Liam and Little G coming over for pizza? LOL! ;) XO

C said...

I love the way you think! You got me the first time when you said that blogging was close to godliness and now with the comment about pizza! No wonder your blog has hundreds and hundreds of readers! You are awesome!

C said...

LOL! ;) I think I should get on my elliptical machine for 30 minutes now! LOL!

louann said...

It's 10PM and you got me craving for pizza!! Yum.


Autumn's Mom said...

Haha Can I come with J and PY, they can pick me up on the way! That pizza and ice cream look totally delish. I'm terrible, I'll even eat bad greasy pizza when I'm craving it. Autumn loves a meatball sub too!

Pavel said...

I've never had pineapple on my pizza before but that makes me want to try it. yummm.....

The ice cream, though, that's another case entirely. *smile*

t said...

Oh man! I just had one of those crappy $2 hot dogs from the hot dog stand outside my work! I should have had pizza!

That ice cream on the island is really good! I had the chunky monkey; I think thats that it was called, but I know you will never try it. You prefer to stick to your favs: strawberry, chocolate, or black cherry. I can't believe you wouldn't even try pralines and cream or cookies and cream :-{

Bristol said...

Let me just say... not that I haven't wanted to come visit anyways...
Look at that food!! My mouth is WATERING!!!!

Diesel said...

Damn, that pizza looks good. Now I'm hungry.

Jeanna said...

Great review, C., I know what I'm having for dinner tonight, if I ever get home. Have I mentioned how nice your blog make over looks? I've never seen the charm in a pineapple ham pizza, but I'm topping deprived. There's a place on campus famous for their mac and cheese pizza. Talk about carbs.

lisa marie said...

Now that is yummy looking pizza!

Uncivil said...

Oh Lawd!!!!!!I just got through eatin' a Dominoes Extravaganza. Now I'm gonna have to go back for seconds, and pretend I'm at your pizzaria in Canada!!!!
Mine just doesn't measure up:(

Wantin' some ice cream too!!!!

You're not playin' fair!!!!!!

C said...

I know! LOL! I was never a pizza fan, but oh my goodness...this was goooooooooooooood!!!

I definitely think you should come visit the Island! :)

C said...

Oh, that's right! I forgot that it's an entire 12 hour difference between us!

Autumn's Mom:
Of course! Swing on by! ;)

You don't like ice cream???? Or you don't like black cherry ice cream? LOL! :)

C said...

I think you had the Tiger Tail ice cream when. The reason I never tried it is because someone told me that it was orange and black licorice. The idea of orange and black licorice ice cream seems a bit strange to me...mainly because I don't like black licorice!!! (Sorry, Jeanna! LOL! I know you love it)

I wish I hadn't checked out the comments right before bed, because now I'm hungry again! LOL!

C said...

Awwww! Thanks! ;)
To be honest, I never saw the charm in pineapple and ham pizza either. For some odd reason, it just seems so appealing to me now! Weird!! LOL!

Lisa Marie:
As a former pizza hater, I have got to say that the pizzas did look great...and they tasted even better! Ooooooooooh! The aroma was divine! Okay, I'm hungry again!

Jimbo, you know I've gotta put some things on the blog to make you, Ab & Em (and new girlfriend) want to come visit us! ;)

Sandy C. said...

Oh man...that looks so good. I've been known to travel far and wide just for food. Watch out!

VE said...

Odd...your food looks more appetizing than my latest post...

Jeanna said...

I'll have you know I got a whopping slice of Rocky's mushroom and sausage pizza and several tubs of ice cream cuz of you.

Nabeel said...

I have always loved thin crust or regular crust hand tossed pizza. Not a fan of the deep dish style pizza that is popular in Chicago.

Palm Springs Savant said...

OK. Can i just tell you, I LOVE PIZZA. No I REALLY LOVE PIZZA. To the point of after having read this post I had to make a pizza for dinner. Thanks C!


BeachMama said...

Oh my mouth is so watering. Although you aren't a pizza fan, I am! I love pizza. Pizza of all different varieties. Yours looks delicious and if I ever make it out that way I want to go there for pizza.

Zoe said...

omg!! these are orgasmic pictures..mmmmmmmm baby!

C said...

LOL! Cooooooooooool! If you, your hubs and Ella come all this way for pizza, I'll make it worth your while! LOL! I'll even throw in some trips to the beach and to the waterfalls! :)

Hey, VE! I have been without internet service for almost a week!!! I've been suffering withdrawal! I'm off to check out your blog now!! :)

GAH! LOL!!! Sorry about that! However, it does sound deeeeeeeeeeeeeelish!!!! Do you still have some leftover? I'm coming over!

C said...

I agree!!! Thin crust is totally the way to go! ;)

:) I think I feel like having pizza again!

Okay, here's the deal: You come here for pizza and I'll go visit you for Beaver Tails (they're not real beaver tails, for those of you who are scratching your heads right now).

LOL! Thank you! Thank you for popping by and commenting too! I'm off to check out your blog now :)

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