Sunday, June 01, 2008

Sex and the City

I have to confess that I haven't had a chance to see Sex and the City at the movie theater yet. To be honest, the only reason I haven't seen the movie yet is because the nearest movie theater to the Island is two hours away!!!

I am really looking forward to seeing it and have heard rave reviews about the movie. If I were still living in Toronto, I know just which of my girl friends I'd love to have seen the movie with!

I suppose the main reason I've enjoyed watching Sex and the City on TV is because I was just blown away by the honesty and intimacy Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda shared in their friendship. The four characters are all funny, flawed, and human. The discussions between the friends was something I could sort of relate to with my friends. Of course, not exactly the same as in the show!! My girl friends would sit over coffee and talk about "man problems". We'd stay up late and eat apple pie together and just listen if one of us went through a break-up. My girl friends and I would sometimes mend a broken heart with some good 'ol retail therapy. Of course, minus all the designer bags and real Manolo shoes!

My favourite memories were just the times spent with my girl friends. Whether it be going out to the Green Room with a gal pal to sample as many different types of martinis possible or heading to Korea Town for some spicy Korean fare, we always had a great time. I remember having martinis with Gavie's Gal ages ago, at the Green Room one evening. I got hooked on chocolate martinis, since I had first sampled them at Fancy Pansy's wedding! Gavie's Gal is also responsible for my love of very spicy Korean food!
I've always had more male friends than female friends because I grew up with mostly boys. Boys were also easier to get along with. They didn't seem catty either. However, I always had a handful of really good girl friends. It's hard to explain the kinship between females. Yes, girls can be catty and petty sometimes, but there's a really deep connection. There's the ability to talk about anything and everything. There's the comfort, the advice, the laughs, the tears.

When I see the clips on TV for the new Sex and the City movie, I am reminded of how much I miss my girl friends in Montreal and Toronto, and just how important friends are. Though my lifestyle is completely different now, and I don't drink alcohol anymore often as often as I used to when I was younger, single, and in the city (only on the odd occasion when with friends, but that's less than a handful of times a year now) or go on huge shopping sprees (only twice a year now instead of every week), I still like to relive fond memories with my gal pals. Good friends are good to have.

Have you seen Sex and the City yet? What did you think? Do you have a group of girl friends that are as tightly knit as Carrie, Miranda, Samantha and Charlotte? Which Sex and the City character are you most like? I took a quiz and I am shocked! Apparently, I am 40% Miranda, 30% Charlotte, 20% Carrie and 10% Samantha!


Karen MEG said...

Hey C, I am DYING to see the movie. Actually, Ian said he would go with me (I don't have too many really close girlfriends who still live in the city). He likes that series too. OMG, we are sooooo married LOL!

Too bad you weren't in town, I could be the Samantha in your group (just because of my age, mind you, not my predator appetites or sexual prowess LOL!)

I took the test and I'm actually a lot Carrie!

t said...

This was a really cute post Chris! I would have thought you to be more like Charlotte than Miranda though.

I hope no SATC fans hate me for saying this, but I was never a fan of Big. I don't know. He just really bothered me. I kind of hoped that Carrie would end up with Aidan!

What was your favorite or most memorable SATC episode?

Shannon said...

I scored 50% Miranda, 30% Carrie, and 10% each Charlotte and Samantha.
I would probably agree.
My hubby actually LOVES this show. The next movie we see will be that one. Our movie theater is only a little over an hour away, so maybe next week for our "date".
I also had more guy friends growing up. It makes my girlfriends that much more special!

hotmommy said...

i saw sex and the city with daniela (remember her?) and two of my sister-in-laws ; we all loved the movie and since it was a girls night out and the men were all taking care of the kids we went out for cosmos after. what a fun night; wish you were there.

i just took the test and i'm 50% carrie-30% samantha-10% miranda- 10% charlotte.

by the way you never answered my question from the last post. i sense something cooking over where you are; dish the dirt sister!

caninecologne said...

hi C! i was 60% Miranda, 20% Carrie, 10% Samantha and 10% Charlotte. I'm surprised I had a bit of Charlotte there - I can't stand her prissy ass. I like that Miranda has balls though. That's pretty fitting for me.

I haven't seen the movie but will probably see it in about five months once it goes to DVD or unless I can "borrow" a pirated version earlier. ha ha.

japanmanpete said...

It is 6:13 in the morning here and I wake up to see a "girly" post? I have not seen any of the Sex and the City series and I cannot relate, being male. Kim Cattrall is lovely. I'd snog her.


VE said...

No, no, no, no, no. Two words: chick flick!

WhenWillTheySplit said...

I saw SATC with Audrey, Jane and my husband at the midnight showing last Friday night in Rhode Island! We LOVED it. I laughed. I cried. I went "Holy #$@&^!!!" at some of the sexy scenes!!!! Wow! As far as the characters... well, I am a little of each, maybe more Miranda than the others. But I have changed and evolved in my 55 years on this earth! I can't wait to hear what you have to say about the movie!

xo - Sharon - Pinks & Blues

jan said...

I've seldom had real friends who were women. Most of my good friends through the years have been men and I am sorry about that.

jan said...

I've seldom had real friends who were women. Most of my good friends through the years have been men and I am sorry about that.

Deb said...

Saw it!!! It was fabulous! You must drive the two hours to see will not regret it.

I was 60% carrie/30% Miranda/10% Charlotte...0%Samantha.

I have never had chocolate-tini thingy, BUT a Flirtini is just wonderful. You must have one.

AND I got my goodies!!!! thank! they are so fun!

C said...

I knowwwwwwww! I sooooooooo wish I could just pop over to TO sometimes on a whim. I guess it's doable. It is only a 6 hr drive! LOL! I'm used to driving to Florida, which is a day's worth of driving! LOL!

LOL @ what you said about you being Samantha! You are too funny! I can totally see you as a Carrie!

Seriously??? I don't think I'm at all like Charlotte! LOL! I'm not prissy at all!

I'm with you on the Big thing. I really liked Aidan. Then again, like in real life, sometimes no matter how wonderful a person is, some people just aren't meant for each other.

My favourite episode? Gah! I don't know! I have so many!

C said...

Oh, lucky you that your hubby loves the show!!! Mine 'tolerates' it. He'll watch it with me if I have it on, or he'll just do something else instead of watch TV.

You are so right about what you said re: having "more guy friends growing up. It makes my girlfriends that much more special!"

Hot Mommy:
Yeah, I remember Daniela!!! How is she! Wow! That's a blast from the past! It's been like 12 years since we all worked together, hasn't it??

As for your question...I guess you'll just have to wait and find out!

C said...

That's so funny! It seems kind of accurate since I totally cannot see you possibly being like all! LOL! You've got too much of an edge (which is a fantastic thing) to be like Charlotte!!!

I bet the Philippines already has the bootleg version of the movie on DVD. When I was in Manila, people were going around selling bootleg DVDs for $2 US. Me, being the law-abiding citizen (errr...okay...chicken) that I am, I wouldn't even talk to those bootleg DVD sellers because I was afraid of going to jail! LOL!

I somehow predicted what your comment would be. I had a feeling you'd say this was a "girlie post". I also figured you'd want to "snog" one or more of the characters. Samantha, eh?

P.S. Does snog mean "make out", "kiss", "fool around" or "have sex"? Just curious.

C said...

I knew you were going to say that! ;)

Oh! I read that post you wrote about seeing the movie with Barry, Jane and Audrey. Sounds like you all enjoyed it. I'm going to have to see the movie very soon!!!

C said...

There was a time when I was very happy with having mostly male friends because when I was younger, female friends seemed to be so high maintenance. There was always drama and craziness, but once I hit my mid-twenties/early-thirties, I really, really placed a lot of value on my female friendships.

With my guy friends, I have lots of fun, it's easy, goofy...light. With my girl friends, we talk about EVERYTHING...the highs, the lows, the concerns, the fears, the hopes, the excitement. We have lots of laughs when we're together and we're there for each other. I would never trade in my friendships for anything in the world :)

Wow! Glad you loved the movie! I am definitely going to drive the two hours to see the movie. That way, I can go shopping and visit some friends who live in the city too!

Glad you got your parcel and that you enjoyed your treats!! :) XO

caninecologne said...

those bootleg dvd's from the PI are utter crap. you can hear people talking, of course, and see people standing up and walking around...ha ha. the sound is also pretty bad.

one of bert's co worker's used to procure slightly better bootleg versions of movies. actually we haven't watched one in awhile. the last one was 'harry potter and the order of the phoenix' - that was last summer.

yeah, the law abiding citizen in me felt a bit guilty partaking in the viewing of these contraband dvd's.

i may end up watching the SATC movie this friday with a girlfriend. bert is quite relieved. i don't think he'd be caught dead watching it. i would never drag him to see this movie anyways. unless, he gets to drag me to a mindless action flick in exchange.

i think not.

mrsmogul said...

I haven't seen it yet but might this week. I bet it will look weird to see the girls so big on the screen!

J at said...

I liked the movie a lot. It was fun. :) Wish it were closer for you...2 hours there, a 2 1/2 hour movie, 2 hours home...that's a long day for just a movie. Sigh.

C said...

Every time I hear the word "bootleg DVDs", it sends shivers down my spine! LOL! Remember when we were talking on the phone the other day and I told you about my shopping experience in Manila?! LOL!

C said...

Mrs. Mogul:
I can't wait to see the movie. That's true, it might be quite the switch seeing the girls on big screen as opposed to on the boob tube.

I'm looking forward to hearing what you think of it when you do see it! :)

Yes, I sometimes wish I lived a bit closer to the movie theaters! In Toronto, there was a theater almost 5 minutes away by car in every direction. I miss being able to see movies in theater whenever I wish. Actually, I take that back. Movie-going was one of my biggest vices. I LOVE going to the cinema. I used to go see a new movie (or even an old movie or independent or foreign film) quite often. Perhaps this living in the country is saving my pocket book? At least now when I want to see a movie, it's worth the day trip. We'd check out a movie, go shopping, go for dinner and make the trip worthwhile.

*sigh* I didn't realize there would be this many little adjustments one has to make when going from city dwelling to country living! All I can say is that I'm thankful for satellite TV and internet! LOL!

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