Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Everything is changing...

For the past few weeks, I have been feeling fantastic excellent great (considering the tiredness and having to pee every thirty minutes). I boasted about how the nausea and morning sickness haven't been horrible. Things are changing though! Last week, I was getting sick in the evenings around 7PM. Now, I'm sick ALL the time! "Morning sickness" ought to be called "ALL DAY sickness!!!

Hubby also noticed that I now cry at the drop of a hat. I get teary and weepy over everything. I was at a wonderful concert on Saturday night and the music was so beautiful that I was instantly in tears. There was absolutely no turning off the waterworks! Embarrassing! J, this is why I carry TWO packages of tissues in my purse at all times! Seriously, the music was so beautiful that it just had me in tears. If any of you are on the Island and get a chance to listen to the Island Singers in concert, please do!

If you've been reading this blog for a while, you will know of my terrible hatred bread and "bready" type foods. All of a sudden, I've been craving bread (whole wheat, of course)! I think this makes Hubby happy, because before I was pregnant, we didn't eat much bread. Bread was just something I never ate much of. Hubby grew up on homemade bread. He said that my MIL baked fifteen loaves of bread a week for the family. They ate bread with every meal. Anyway, at the moment we have bread in our house. We've got cracked wheat, pumpernickel, caraway rye and raisin bread.

Whenever people ask me if I have any food cravings, I'd say no. I really wasn't craving anything. Now, I can't get enough fresh strawberries, red grapes or pineapple! My doctor was really happy that I have been craving healthy food. I always imagined that I'd crave chocolate or Miss Vicky's chips, but no!

Hubby and I went in for my doctor's visit today and the doctor gave me an "A" on my overall health. I had lost quite a bit of weight since March, my blood pressure is good, my blood glucose levels are good, and everything is on the right track. Being the type of person I am though, an "A" is good, but I'd like to shoot for an "A+" or an "A++"!!!

Everything is changing. It's almost hard to believe how much change is going on right now. At times it feels a little overwhelming. I have to sometimes take time out and breeeeeeeeeeeathe.
I'm really excited to be pregnant and I know that all of the nausea, exhaustion, mood swings and craziness will be worth it when our little one arrives in seven months :)

Here's an excellent website my doctor recommended to me when I asked for reliable resources and info on pregnancy. There are so many books and websites out there, that it's tough weeding through them all. This is one of the sites she told me about. It's from The Hospital for Sick Kids. There's a section on morning sickness, which is really interesting (since I've been having a really rough time with being sick all day).

Other things that are changing at the moment (other than my hormones, emotions and my body!):

My Dad has been working hard on building me a shade garden with two pergolas. It's looking good already! I am so happy and so thankful. I love my Papa!

Of course, some things don't change though...Like the fact that I've been blessed with some really great friends. Quite a few of my friends are pregnant right now (most are pregnant with their second babies) and they've been so amazing in giving me tips and advice (and basically making me feel more at ease and that everything is okay). Thank you to all of my wonderful friends and family. You mean the world to me.

Jeanna, I received a surprise package in the mail from you today. Thank you! You are so sweet! You mentioned that you had sent me something, but I thought you were kidding! I love the baby card! Oh, and The Onion is one of my favourite reads ever! I used to even have the link on my sidebar!
Thanks again for your thoughtfulness and your wicked sense of humour, Jeanna! You are THE BEST! Cow Pies and Badger Claws! I think I've got to be the happiest girl in the world! ;)

The photo of the nauseous cat was sent to me from one of my best male friends. He included the caption: "Hang tough, girlfriend!" Very funny! The expression on that cat's face...that's exactly how I've been feeling these days!


jan said...

What an exciting time of life this is for you. The nauseated cat is my big laugh for the day. I hope you won't feel this way for long.

Jeanna said...

I'm sorry you feel like a bloated kitty, better let hubby have a go at the Burger King french fry and ketchup flavored chips.
That garden is looking great. And the strawberries--good choice. I got some stellar blackberries and raspberries and a Mango and nectarines and black cherries the other day. Oh, and dates. If I wasn't well on my way to menopause Blvd., I'd have to wonder.

Autumn's Mom said...

The nausea sux! I was sick all day. Til I figured out I needed to eat more often and smaller meals. We had to quit eating out at restaurants because I'd take 2 bites and be full. And then starving an hour later :)

Enjoy it all sweetie! Of course saying that after talking about nausea sounds silly doesn't it. haha

Autumn's Mom said...

Crackers didn't help me much. I had a lot of cereal around. I would eat as soon as I got up and before I went to bed. I think it was helpful..and also I just craved cereal. :) I wish I had some better advice..I was a terrible eater back then! CARBOHOLIC. oh wait, I still am.

oh...and as for the rest...OMG! :D

J at www.jellyjules.com said...

Hmmm. Sick in the second trimester That truly sucks. Here's a gross question...does your mouth suddenly produce a LOT more saliva now? Mine did, and it was HORRID. Nothing really helped, though AM's suggestion of small, frequent meals is a good one. I've heard of women keeping crackers or something bready next to the bed, and having a bite or two before getting up. For me, it was sick all day, but I only threw up when I brushed my teeth. Weird, huh?

I totally craved BUBBLES. There was a generic club soda that was HEAVEN. I think mostly it got rid of the feeling of all of that disgusting spit.

My mom was sick so long and SO SICK, she lost 20 lbs. She went into labor wearing a belt. She used to pass out from not being able to keep a thing down. I hope yours isn't nearly that bad, and that you recover SOON.

As long as you're getting all bread like up there, enjoy some healthy pastas with your favorite veggies in them! I love pasta.

Sandy C. said...

OMG! I'm so excited for you!!! :)

OMG! I'm so sorry to hear the nausea kicked in :(

Something similar happened to me. The first few weeks, I felt great and had a ravenous appetite. Then suddenly, everything made me want to puke. Even things I LOVE: coffee, cereal and milk,...and even *gasp* BROWNIES!

After several weeks, it started to subside, and hubby was allowed to drink milk and coffee inside the house again ;)

LOVE what your dad is building!

Hope you start to feel better soon :)

J at www.jellyjules.com said...

I had to come back and comment on the crying thing, too. I remember when I was pregnant, being SO emotional. Ted and I watched that movie, The American President or something like that, with Annette Benning and what's his name, and Ted said, eh, it was OK. Didn't love it. I cried, because I really liked it, and in my hormonal stupor, I thought he was saying he didn't like ME,and that I was stupid for liking a dumb movie. Oh, pathetic, I know.

C said...

Thank you :) Hahaha! The nauseated cat made me laugh too. I hope this nausea subsides soon too!

LOL! I actually broke open the Burger King french fry and ketchup chips last night! I was so curious about them and surprisingly, they were one of the only things I was able to stomach last night. I ended up having strawberries, red grapes, and orange wedges for supper with some cherry yogurt! I really couldn't eat any meat and the only thing I really wanted to eat (okay, the only thing that seemed appealing at the time) was fruit.

C said...

It's so funny how food that I used to LOVE now make me feel like throwing up. I LOVE cucumbers, but now they just make me feel icky when I smell them! What's even funnier is that I used to HATE bread (love the smell of freshly baked bread, but don't like eating it because of the carbs)...now I'm craving it! However, the only thing that I seem to be able to eat without getting sick is fruit...but not bananas! LOL!

Good idea about the cereal! My doctor told me to keep something by the bed so I can have something little before I get out of bed in the morning. She also suggested taking my prenatal vitamins around noon instead of first thing in the morning. I'm going to try that out because I did notice that I get sick with the prenatal vitamins too.

C said...

Oh, my goondess! So funny that you asked that question, because the answer is YES!!! I noticed that I was producing more saliva than I normally do. It's really gross. I haven't even mentioned it to Hubby yet! He is so fascinated by all these changes going on with me. I woke up one morning with LOTS of saliva in my mouth. It was so disgusting! Okay, I was making that sound a little better than it actually was. I woke up one morning with drool coming out of my mouth. LOL! Gross!

Mmmmmmmmmm...Yes, pasta sounds great! We've switched to only whole wheat pastas, but I only make pasta every now and then. You know me and my weirdness with bread and pastas. I LOVE pasta, but always worry about carbs. This said, I think I will have some pasta tonight! Pasta = YUM!

Oh, the crying thing!! That story you told about the movie...I can totally relate! My poor husband. I seem to be so emotional these days and he doesn't really know what to do! LOL! I asked him for a glass of milk the other night because he was heading to the kitchen anyway. Yeah, I could have gotten it myself, but he was on his way to the kitchen already. Well, he didn't get me the milk right away and ended up in his office, doing some research online. I started bawling my eyes out! I did get me the glass of milk after he finished what he was doing in the office.

When I think about what transpired, it really was silly of me to burst out into tears for something so stupid. I guess my stupid hormones have made me a little unreasonable. For Hubby, "Can you please get me a glass of milk?" means yes, he will...but later. For me, "Can you please get me a glass of milk?" means RIGHT NOW! *sigh*

I'm not really that bad most of the time! I swear!

C said...

LOL! I totally know what you mean! My husband will be eating something and I'd scrunch up my nose and make a weird face and tell him that whatever his eating smells funny. The poor guy! My nose is so sensitive these days. Everything smells rotten to me, even if they are still fresh.

VE said...

I must have missed a lot here while I was away playing in Belize. Hmmm....you now make cats nauseated and eat fast food. Did I get that all correct?

ps - Your package is languashing in some UPS building as I haven't been physically home for a signature. I'll have to go fetch it here one day when I get motivated to do such kinds of things

Karen MEG said...

That cat totally cracked me up! I was actually lucky, no morning sickness for either kid. I know, I'm sure that makes you feel so much better LOL!!!

I ran into your Aunt this morning... does she know yet? She asked if I keep up with your blog/Facebook/ e;mail... she sort of looked like she was busting to tell me something, so I wasn't sure LOL!

lisa marie said...

Glad you're doing good. :) Sorry 'bout the sickness, unfortunately I had that the first 5 months of my first pregnancy but hardly at all with the next ones. :)

BeachMama said...

As crappy as you feel it will be so worth it later. And usually the morning/all day sickies wears off by the end of the first trimester. One day it will just be gone. I did find peppermint gum a relief as well as candied ginger from the health food store. I finally caved and got meds for Apple, because poor J was worried about me and I could barely stay awake for him. Enjoy it all!!!

Diesel said...

Can your dad come and build me one of those things? We need SHADE.

Rowing and Sowing said...

OMG!! How wonderful I can't believe my eyes. It's been a long since I've been by (I've missed reading your stories.) Congratulations! What a beautiful journey you're on! On the nausea - I was lucky (had none.) My daughter-in-law, though, had it bad (with both.) I felt so sorry for her. Certain odors also triggered her nausea. The goods news - it subsided around the 3rd month for her. I hope it will for you, too (sooner!)

What your dad is building for you is so special and beautiful. You'll cherish it forever!

C said...

Did you say BELIZE?!?!?!?! Oh, I am sooooooooooo jealous! I've always wanted to go to Belize! I want details, mister! :) Hope you took lots of photos!

LOL! Really??? That is so funny! I sent her (and the rest of my family) an e-mail, so it's out in the open now. Tee hee!

Oh, I thought I was going to be one of those lucky women who never got morning sickness...because just up until last week, I was feeling totally fine! I even told Hubby that I was feeling awesome and that I was so lucky that I wasn't having any sickness at all! Then two weeks ago, I started getting sick in the evenings and this week, it's been ALL THE TIME!!! Hopefully this will go away as quickly as it came. It really sucks when NOTHING looks appealing! It's so hard to eat when everything makes you want to puke! LOL!

C said...

Lisa Marie:
Thank you! :) Good to know that the morning sickness does go away!!! My mom wasn't sick when she was pregnant with any of us. I'm so jealous! LOL!

Beach Mama:
I have been nibbling on crystallized Australian Ginger from the health food store and that seems to be working a bit. Good idea about the peppermint gum. I think I'm going to try that! :) Thank you!! Yes, you are right :) I keep telling myself that all of this will be well worth it when the little one arrives :)

C said...

Alrighty! I'm sending him off your way. However, he doesn't dig trenches because he had a heart attack and a stroke. ;) Just thought I'd let you know in advance. He was able to dig the holes for the posts for the pergola though. They are 4 ft deep and then he filled the holes with cement to secure the posts.

Rowing & Sowing:
Thank you! :) Oh, and you WERE indeed lucky! No nausea at all??? Wow!
We go for our first ultrasound next Wednesday, so I'm going to be really annoying and I'll be posting photos from each ultrasound appointment we go to! LOL!

Feathers said...

Sorry your feeling sick all the time...dang it! But it will be sooo worth it in the end...:)
I busted out laughing at that cat...too funny!

Karen MEG said...

Hey sweetie, I'm doing the meme (pre-dated, probs with the network yesterday):)

Jeanna said...

Every time I look at that photo I think that "Erp Kitty" would be a good name for a pet.

Uncivil said...

The cat that ate the canary?
That was so sweet of Jeanna to send ya some munchies, and your Dad's labor of love is cool too!
Good to see Row stopping by.
Hang tough!!!

louann said...

Love the kitty picture!

C, I hope it doesn't tire you out all day. It'll pass soon, I hope! The 1st trimester is absolutely the worst part of pregnancy.

Ms. Mamma said...

Wow... that's a weird freaking fetal development gram on your side bar...I mean I like you and all but...
I love my pergola! You can see it on flickr. Sending you much love and feeling better kind of thoughts in your preggo state. I was lucky...no side effects until sasquatch stage and had projectile heartburn and unexplained pee bursts when rolling off the bed...enjoy! XO

C said...

Yippeee! I was only sick ONCE today! LOL!

Oh, cool! Can't wait to read your answers! :)

"Erp Kitty"...that's really funny! :) He looks more like an "Urrrrrrrrrgh Kitty" to me!

C said...

Well, it's always great to see you pop by! :)
Yes, it was VERY sweet of our dear Jeanna to send some stuff over. Unfortunately, there isn't much left (though I did hide the Baraboo Candy Company chocolates so I'd forget about them and then be super surprised when I find them again!)!

Thank you. I didn't think I'd be this exhausted, but puking all day takes A LOT out of a person (errrr...in more ways than one)! I only got sick once today, so I'm hoping this will soon pass :)

Yeah, I know! It is rather freaky, isn't it!?!?!?! :P I'm am incredibly intrigued by it though! I've been visiting a bunch of fetal development sites and looking at all the photos just amazes me! It's so interesting how a bunch of cells evolve into a human baby. I am just wowed by the entire process!

C said...

P.S. Did you say "projectile heartburn"????? OMG....

Calfkeeper said...

So sorry to hear about the All Day Sickness setting in. It lasted pretty much all 9 months with me, but it did get better in the last trimester.

One thing I tried hard to do was enjoy my pregnancy as much as possible; even the hard parts. Believe me; once you've got your precious bundle it will all be worth it.

I craved pasta and hurled at just the smell of peanut butter.

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