Friday, June 20, 2008

Yippeee! It's Friday!!!

It's beautiful outside. It's sunny and warm! It finally feels like summer may be here!
Snow Balls in June!

I went in for my prenatal visit today and everything is great! I was surprised when the doctor told me that I am in my 8th week and the baby's estimated due date is January 30th, since that's my Dad's birthday! Last year, my brother and his wife had their baby boy on my parents' wedding anniversary, and maybe our baby will be born on my Dad's birthday! What a great birthday present that would be!

We're having an ultrasound done on July 2nd and then another one when we are in our 18th week. I'm so excited!!!

I was asked if I wanted to do Integrated Prenatal Screening and Maternal Serum Screening. Apparently these are offered to all pregnant women and it is our choice whether to do them or not. Have any of you had these done when you were pregnant? I have a zillion questions for other moms out there. I've talked this over with my husband and from our family backgrounds, it doesn't look like we need to take these tests. I was just wondering if anyone reading this has taken them and if they recommend taking them.

Oh, I don't think I told you the story about how we told my Dad that we are pregnant! Last weekend, on Father's Day, we took my Dad to A&W's to give him a "Grandpa Burger". Hubby saw this cute A&W commercial on TV, where this young man and his wife break the good news to his parents by giving the father a Grandpa Burger. We thought this would be a fun way to make our announcement. Plus, what could be more perfect for a Father's Day present??!
Well, our efforts and our meticulously orchestrated plan did not go quite as smoothly as we had anticipated, and it was not like the commercial at all! When my Dad heard we were taking him to Sudbury, he immediately thought we were taking him out for Chinese food! He was so excited about going to King's Buffet that when he noticed we weren't going in the right direction of the Chinese restaurant, he started to get mad! I told him I really needed to use the washroom (which was true!) and he said, "There's a bathroom at the Chinese restaurant! Why do you have to go to A&W??"

We started sweating because he was really getting upset. He didn't want to get out of the car! My Mom dragged him out and said she was hungry and wanted a burger and onion rings. My Dad said, "I don't want a hamburger!!!" :( Mom somehow got him to come in and sit down. Hubby had ordered for everyone and gave my Dad his burger. Dad opened it up and said, "GRANDPA BURGER?!?! WHY GRANDPA BURGER?!?!?"

I then gave him a "Happy Father's Day, Grandpa!" card and explained that he is going to have another grandchild. He was thrilled...and actually said that the hamburger was really good!
Since we were in Sudbury for the entire day, we did some shopping, shopping and more shopping. We even took Dad out to his favourite Chinese restaurant in the evening. It was a great day had by all.
The funny thing was that when the waitress gave me my fortune cookie, there were TWO cookies instead of one! Kind of funny, isn't it? One for me and one for the baby! LOL! ;)
Hubby and me (looking very exhausted) after a very long (but fun) day!


caninecologne said...

when i was pregnant, i didn't have any of those tests. they don't even sound familiar. maybe these are new.

great story about breaking the new grandchild news to you your dad! sounds like when my husband wanted to propose to me eons ago... he wanted to take me on a moonlit walk but i was complaining that it was too cold and i too, didn't want to leave the car! ha ha.

sounds like you are doing great so far! keep taking care of yourself and the little one inside! : )

hotmommy said...

i was beginning to wonder where you were- you haven't posted all week!

cute story about your dad and the granpa burder! i can just picture it! hah!

im glad things are going well and you are going to be so exited when you see the ultrasound in two weeks- its like amillion horses galopping!

jan said...

Love the story. Your dad will never forget how he found out about the blessed event.

t said...

Your dad is so funny, Chris! Great story to share with your little one when he or she gets older! You guys are going to be great parents.

Anonymous said...

I'm super happy for you.. i know this is 'jumping the gun' but are you planning on finding out the sex? I did.. i'm a total planner. AND i can't stand not knowing what's going on! names picked out? i know you have 7more months to think about it.. but...... what else do you have to do besides get the room ready!???!???

feeling sick? I did.. it was awful.. not nausea really, but head spinning... fluish, achey.. icky in general for about 4 months.. then GONE! Oh i was (am) a caffiene addict and i was suffering from DTs since I gave that up cold turkey. I'm back on the caffiene drug..... so i'm all good again. :)

baby~amore' said...

C that is so sweet a tale - you really made me smile.

That is going to be a funny story to tell your grandkids

I tagged you for a meme but can't remember if I told you yet LOL

louann said...

I think that was such a wonderful way to tell your dad. And I'm happy he didn't stay upset for long!

C said...

Wow! I didn't know Bert was such a romantic!!! Did you eventually get out of the car???

I just read two of the brochures the doctor gave me about the screening tests. They're both to find out if your baby has the chance of having Down Syndrome or a neural tube defect. I guess some parents can choose what to do next if they find out that their baby has any of those.

Hot Mommy:
I know! I'm sorry. It's just been such a crazy busy week! I realize I haven't posted much in the past while.

I can't wait to hear the baby's heartbeat and see him/her on the ultrasound! Since we'll only be in week 10 when we have the ultrasound on July 2nd, we probably won't see much of the baby...but I'm still very excited!!!

C said...

:) Yes, this will be quite the tale to recant when the baby is older! Grandpa had a hissy fit and almost ruined the surprise! :) It turned out great though!

Thank you, T! I hope so!!! We have really wanted a baby and now that we're pregnant, I'm started to get a little worried! I HOPE we turn out to be good parents!!!

C said...

Thank you!!! You know, we were talking about that the other day! Part of me wants to be surprised and not find out what the sex of the baby is. Part of me feels like it'll be so exciting to be surprised. Finding out is sort of like opening your birthday present before your birthday. However, I am like you...I like to plan things and I also don't really like the not knowing part. I'm really sitting on the fence about this one because part of me wants to know and part of me doesn't. AHHH! LOL!

All the things you listed for your pregnancy sickness are things that my husband is feeling right now! LOL! He's also got the sympathy cravings! :) I'm feeling pretty good except I get sick in the evenings. Around 7PM I get nauseous. Most of the time there's no vomiting, but just really icky dry heaving and gagging. It's not fun at all! I got this way at a restaurant and in the grocery store the other day too. EMBARRASSING!!!

C said...

Thank you!!! It is a cute and funny story :) I love my Dad. He's hilarious!

Oh, I just did the meme you tagged me for! It was fun!

LOL! As soon as he read the card and realized that there is a baby coming, he was all smiles...AND apparently the Grandpa Burger is one of the best burgers he's ever had! LOL! He's so funny!

Rebecca said...

Congratulations on your pregnancy... :)

caninecologne said...

oh i guess i never had to take those test because i was 30 at the time.

Jeanna said...

Our father's day restaurant didn't really work out food wise. But I think people had a good time. For the most part.

Uncivil said...

Loved the "Grandpa Burger" fiasco!!!Hillarious.
I think my Dad was a little hung over on Father's day cause he partied all day and into the night at the river the day before.
Have I missed it or have you chosen the little ones name yet?

Karen MEG said...

Hey, C, such a cute way to tell your Dad --- funny that he was MAD that he wasn't going for Chinese. My Dad's fave is Chinese ALL the time too, so this was hilarious!
Your folks must be so excited.

So, I did take the IPS for my second pregnancy because I was 39; over the age of 35, so it's almost standard, genetic counselling is recommended I suppose as soon as you're of a certain age. This is why it's likely optional for you. It's just a number giving you the probability of certain risks. I was offered the tests for my 1st pregnancy, but I was only 34; the doctor said if I didn't plan on doing anything with the info (which I wasn't anyway) then there wasn't much point.

But I did when I was carrying little G, more because if there was an increased risk of certain conditions (ie. trisomy and Downs), then I would have wanted to know about it. And it also helped me decide whether or not to have an amnio, which is really definite in telling you more information.

At any rate, we did the IPS (just a blood test and u/s to measure nucheal translucency); and my risk was lower than that of a woman in her early 20s. It was reassuring. Because with that information I decided not to have an amnio; which is usually recommended after age 35, but this number told me that the risk of an amnio procedure itself would be higher - it wasn't worth it having an amnio for us.

I am getting so excited for you, this is fantastic!!!

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