Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Really Good News & Really Bad News

We had our 24 week ultrasound today, and how exciting it was! "Junior" is doing great! He (or she!) is measuring exactly on target. No gigantic baby here! "Junior" weighs 1 lb, 7 oz and is right where he/she is supposed to be in terms of measurements. Heart rate is at 144.

"Junior" was too busy moving that we couldn't get a really good still shot for the blog or scrapbook. At one point, "Junior" had his hands at the side of his head (kind of like he was covering his ears) and his eyes shut and mouth open! It was sooooo cute and sooooo funny! Quite the character already!

That's the good news. "Junior" is great.

The bad news? Well, remember how excited I was to be finally going to Montreal to see my friends and family? I was supposed to spend time with my grandmother before she and my mom go to the Philippines for the winter. I was also supposed to visit with the rest of my family AND attend my 15 year high school reunion. I haven't seen some of my classmates in well over a decade!

Though Junior is fine, it was discovered that my cervix has started to thin already. *yikes* We are only 6 months pregnant, so it is way too early for Junior to make his grand entrance into the world. Apparently, the cervix starts to thin closer to the delivery date. We are a few months too early for that. I have been put on bed rest. BED REST?!?!?! Can I tell you how much I was bawling my eyes out? I have been looking forward to being with my friends and family since I've been really homesick lately. Now, I can't do anything! I can't travel, I can't do any of the activities I've been doing...I have to "stay in bed or on the couch". We were told that Hubby has to pretty much do everything. I don't know how I'll be able to not do anything. I need to be doing things! I'd go bonkers having to stay in bed or keep my feet up all day. I know the doctors want to keep the baby in the womb for as long as possible because he/she is safest there (obviously). I know I need to do whatever is best for the baby. However, wouldn't being in the car be the same as bed rest? I mean, I wouldn't be doing anything in the car except sitting!

Though I know that all of this is necessary to ensure that "Junior" enters the world healthy and strong, it's still hard to not find it depressing. *sigh* We have an emergency appointment with my OB-GYN. I'm hoping he will say that it will be okay for me to travel. It's unlikely though, since Montreal is a 9 hr drive from the Island :(


AnnieM said...

Oh C! So sorry, but really it is good they caught it now. You want that sweet babe to finish cooking! Try to enjoy that rest time before that busy baby comes!

Anonymous said...

Aww, I am sorry. I have always thought bed-rest must be really rough...even worse if it means you cannot go to Montreal. Somehow I doubt you'll get the okay for the trip though...I think sitting puts a lot more pressure on your cervix than lying does, and it is not really safe to lie in a car for that kinds of trip (seatbelts don't work properly then).

A few of the ladies on my Biurth Board are on bedrest...they do a lot of reading (try the Twilight and mindless), watching TV series on DVD, hanging out on bulletin boards and in chat-rooms, shopping online, and scrap-blogging. Wow, suddenly it sounds kinda fun!!! You'll get through it, and it'll be worth it!!!

Uncivil said...

No driving or riding for you!!!!! Until ya go in for delivery at least!
Stay in that bed and make sure junior grows up big and strong!

caninecologne said...

Hi C! Sorry to hear about the bedrest, but you've go to do what you can to keep the baby safe.I know, easier said than done.

By the way, if you do any reading while on bedrest, I agree with fancypansy's recommendation of the Twilight Series (by Stephenie Meyer) is awesome! And I'm not a teenager anynmore either! I have a slight obsession of the first 3books - not so much on the 4th, but it's growing on me. I can't wait til the movie comes out.

D'Rae said...

So sorry for the bed rest. but you have to do what is good for the baby! I know it will be horrible to now be able to do anything. I am like you, I always have to be doing something! Maybe you can pursuade everyone to come and visit you.

I left you an award on my blog.

Ellie said...

Oh Christine!! I'm so sorry!! I have been on bedrest with 2 pregnancies. My second I was on total bedrest for the last 8 weeks of my pregnancy. For the last one, I was on total, no- shower-even bedrest, for almost 5 months at the beginning of the pregnancy. You quickly learn what your priorities are, and you will get through this!

I had two other children to look after when I was on bedrest with Devin, and we did lots of stuff from my bed, and had the best school year ever! You are doing lots of stuff right now - you are keeping your baby healthy and happy right where he or she belongs, that is a hard enough job!

Listen to your doctor, it will be tough and it will seem long, but when you are holding that little bundle, you will be up and busier than you ever thought possible! I enjoyed the fact that while I was in bed I was able to bond with my baby even more, as I felt every litte bump, wobble and hiccup, it was wonderful! I think you can count yourself out for your trip, but the most important thing is you and Junior. Besides, you have all of us to keep you company! I know, that pales in comparison..

I will email you shortly!

C said...

:) Thanks! I'm trying to make the best out of this bed rest thing. I've been on bed rest for not even a whole day now and I'm already going bonkers! I'm just not used to not doing anything :(

Off to check out what's new in your hood ;) XOXO

C said...

I should really start checking out those birth boards and see what other bed rest mommas are doing to keep their sanity while confined to their beds :)

Thanks for the Twilight Series recommendation. I'm definitely going to check that out. Several blog buddies have mentioned it, so I'm curious :)

Funny, I just went to the library last week and took out 8 books. Then I realized I'd probably not have any time to read them all. Hmph! Now look! I just may be able to read them after all! LOL!

TRYING so hard to be positive here. I'm just really sad right now. I miss my friends and MY family. Though I have people around here, it's just not the same as having those around whom you've had in your life forever. KWIM?

C said...

Thank you :) Again, even though you are a self-proclaimed "uncivil one", you're a real sweetie. Thanks for always making me smile, Jimbo.

C said...

Thanks :) Definitely going to check out the series!! You and a bunch of others have mentioned it, so now I'm curious!

I'm trying to be positive about this whole bed rest thing, but I've been home in bed for not even a day yet and I am already going bonkers! I'm not used to not doing things.

Weird. The day before the ultrasound, I went hiking with a Japanese student and the day before that, we went for a long walk on the beach with my dog. The docs have always encouraged physical activity and now I'm confined to the bed. I know that this is what needs to be done for Junior, but I am really going bonkers already. I know I really need to change my perspective on this and think that this is just a smile sacrifice for the greatness that will come out of this in the end. I know that. It's just hard to not be bummed out :(

I really miss MY family and MY friends. It also sucks not even being able to go up and down stairs! Our bedroom is upstairs and our kitchen is downstairs. I'm stuck on the main floor now. I can't even go downstairs for a glass of milk or anything!

Anyway, Mrs. Hollywood (my maid of honor from our wedding) said she'd send me a bunch of DVDs to help keep me from boredom. LOL! Wow. Who knew that I'd really hate being a couch potato! It totally sucks to not be doing anything...especially when it's so gorgeous and sunny out! LOL!

The worst is that I can't have ESL students stay with us right now. I not only teach them, but I take them on field trips and activities and they live with us. I do all the cooking, cleaning and laundry for them while they're here. There goes my source of income for the next few months...and I can't even help Hubby on the farm!! *sigh*

Rosie : ) said...

Aww, C. This is what happens when I stay off the web for a day. Sheesh! You do know how to get my attention. ;) I'm just trying to make you laugh, but I'm so uncafeinated right now, it might not be that funny after all. :(

I do hope the doctors can order something other than bedrest for now. Maybe you'll only need to rest for a week? That wouldn't be so bad.

Poor hubby, he works hard and now has to help out. Although, it's very good practice for those first few dyas when the baby will be born. :)

I am sending you a huge virtual {Tackling Huggles}, and all of my best thoughts and prayers. :)

Momisodes said...

Oh C, I am so sorry to hear. As a mommy who also went on bedrest around 24 weeks, I'm sending big virtual hugs. Bed rest is NO fun, and I didn't even have to break any plans. Please feel free to message me anytime. Or if you ever want to chat. Hang in there sweets!

jan said...

That IS good news and bad news, but I'm sure you and your doctors will do what is best. Hey, you can still keep in touch with all of us on your computer. Virtual visits can be fun too.

C said...

Thanks so much for thinking of me and thanks for the award :) Totally brightened up my day. The little bit you wrote there made me laugh :) Thanks!

C said...

Thanks so much for the e-mail. I just read it. I'll send you a reply later on tonight if I can :) I'll have to check out those links you sent me!

I guess it is a matter of perspective here. I do realize that bed rest is but a small sacrifice for all the greatness that will arrive in a few months. I'm just bummed about the not seeing my family part. I do know that they are all thinking that the baby is more important than a trip to see them, but it still doesn't make things easier.

I'm also a very social person and need to be out there, interacting with other people...and to be cooped up inside with my feet up all day is going to be really rough!

Anyway, I shall talk to you soon! XOXO

Cherry said...

Please tell me you have a laptop!
The internet entertained me for quite a while when I was off my feet after my surgery. At least a few weeks.

I hope your doctor appointment is favorable. But if not, remember you are staying off your feet for your future and your heart.

J at said...

I'm so sorry. And yeah, I think they're going to say to sit still, and not be driving on any long trips for a good long while. Which sucks.

All I can think about is how bored you will be. but think of it this'll have your computer (you have a laptop, right?) and books, and this is the last truly quiet time you'll have until jr. is about 32. Years old, that is. ;)

Sending good wishes your way, hon.

J at said...

And thinking about this even further, it sucks that you won't get to see your family soon. Maybe they can all come and have a party around your bed?

Autumn's Mom said...

AWWW I'm sorry you are on bedrest. I'll keep thinking good thoughts for you. Do you knit or anyhing??? Maybe you can learn now :)

louann said...

Oh C I will be praying for you and Junior! I pray your cervix doesn't give way too soon!!! Do take all the rest you need.


Karen MEG said...

Oh C, this must be so hard for you as you're such a busy, busy active girl! But the big picture, it is only a few months (weeks, really, keep that in your thoughts...) well worth it!

This will be tough, but at least you've got your blog and your bloggy friends, right?

Oh I know, it just ain't the same. But we're routin' for ya; and you know, you can always drop me a line via whatever and I'm here, 'kay?

C said...

Thanks for the phone call this afternoon :) Totally cheered me up! Can I tell you how bored out of my skull I was today? LOL! This bed rest thing is pretty brutal...especially when it was so gorgeous and sunny out today! Plus, I really feel badly for my husband for having to do EVERYTHING!

C said...

Oh! I had no idea you were on bed rest too at 24 weeks! Any tips for making bed rest a little more tolerable?

P.S. Thanks for being such an awesome blog buddy :) You're so sweet. XOXO

C said...

Thanks for that :) That helps put things in a bit more perspective :) I guess bed rest can't be all that horrible. Let's see how long it takes before I go stir crazy though! ;)

You are right about having a good network of blog friends though. It really does make things a bit easier :) I am really thankful for that.

japanmanpete said...

Soz, mate! Try not to feel so down. It's not good for the baby. I don't know why I said that. I really have no idea if it's not good for the baby, but that's what I hear.

All will be well.

Cheers, love and beer!


C said...

I do have a laptop, BUT we don't have wireless!!! GAH! :( This is why I haven't been able to spend much time online while on bed rest. The doc says sitting puts lots of pressure on the cervix and it has already started to thin early.

We may have to change that wireless issue! I think being able to spend at least part of the bed rest on the internet would make things a bit more tolerable.

I'll let you know how the appointment with the OB-GYN goes this afternoon. Thanks, Cherry :) XOXO

C said...

You are right :) Bed rest SUCKS! ;) Oh, guess what I got in the mail today? The book you sent me just arrived! :) Perfect timing! I wasn't sure when I'd have time to read it (but I was really anxious to read "Atonement")...and now it looks like I'll have all the time in the world to do lots and lots of reading! Thanks for sending me the book! Couldn't have come at a better time! With all the reading I'll be doing, wonder if Junior will be a genius?! LOL! ;)

C said...

Autumn's Mom:
Thank you for thinking of me :) I don't know how to knit, but I can crochet. A friend of mine tried to teach me how to knit last winter and I was doing fine. As soon as she left, I didn't know what to do. *sigh* For some reason, it's really hard for me to remember what to do. I'm hopeless! LOL! As for the crocheting, I only know one pattern! Ha!

Thank you for your thoughts and prayers :) I am trying to make the best out of this bed rest thing. It's going to take a little getting used to. I'm already bored! LOL! Ha! I keep telling my students and nieces that there's no such thing as boredom...that you make your own fun, use your imagination and there's always something to do! I guess I should heed my own words! ;)

C said...

Awwww! Thanks for the pep talk :) You'll be sorry you said that though, because you may just get sick of me! LOL! ;)

You're right about the bloggy friends. I am really lucky to have such a great network of blog buddies out there. This will definitely make bed rest a bit easier...I hope!!!

You're not the first person to say that to me, actually! I was talking to my family on the phone the other night and I started bawling my eyes out. My poor aunt kept saying, "Oh! Please don't cry! It's not good for you or the baby." *sigh* Bah! I'm just so homesick!!! I can't imagine how you must be living in Japan for so many years while your family is in the UK!!!

Mrs. J said...

Stay strong for the baby and your family. I'll be checking your blog again. I just stumbled on it from D'rae's blog. Take care!!!

C said...

Mrs. J:
Thank you so much for your thoughts and prayers. Thank you for popping by and commenting too :) I'm off to check out your blog now.

lisaschaos said...

Hang tight kitty you can make it. :) Just have hubs load you up with books and such to keep you entertained.

BeachMama said...

OH C!! Stay put on your bed girl. I know it is hard. My Sister did it for her first born, around this same time of year. Many a day were spent in tears. He Doctor did give her the OK to do her Christmas shopping from a wheelchair (as per her Sis's suggestion). But it was so worth it, she was able to get off of bed rest for the last month and a half and my niece arrived only a few days early. The longer you keep your little Junior in there the better.

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