Friday, October 17, 2008

Thoughts and Prayers Appreciated

(Photo of 24 week fetus borrowed from here)

All our bags were packed,
We were ready to go...
But the doctor stopped us
and said "No! No!"

Trying to make light of our situation, I was making up words to songs (as I love to do) on our way home from the OB-GYN's office. When we had our 24 week ultrasound, it was discovered that though the baby is perfectly fine, healthy and strong, my cervix has started thinning already. I was put on bed rest and was to see the OB-GYN today for his follow-up and report. Well, I think I was a bit hopeful and thought he would say, "Oh! Everything is fine! Go ahead and enjoy your trip to Montreal to see your friends and family this weekend!" We even had the vehicle all packed up with our suitcases, cooler, road snacks, pillows, blankets...ready to go!

WRONG! Definitely wrong! The news we received was quite astonishing and very sobering. After he checked me, he said that the cervix has definitely thinned and that Junior can be born anytime now! Gah! We still have a few months to go! We're only in our 24th week! The doc basically said that we will not be making it to term and that Junior will be born early. Perhaps very early.

I have been ordered on strict bed rest, meaning I'm to be in bed with only bathroom privileges and doctor's appointments. That's it. That's all. I've also been prescribed progesterone to keep the cervix from thinning. We're trying to buy as much time as possible and trying to keep Junior in there for as long as we can. Apparently, each week he stays in increases his survivability and health by 10%. If my water breaks now, I'll be on bed rest in hospital and they'll do what they can to make sure Junior is healthy and makes it. It really shocked me since I didn't realize the severity of this situation because there is no reason that my cervix should already be "ready" for giving birth.

In a few weeks, I'll be prescribed steroids to make Junior's lungs strong in case he does come early. I'm hoping Junior will hang in there for a few more weeks. If he decides to come mid-December, that would be fine too. We do know that we will definitely not be carrying to term. The doctor said it was by serendipity that they had discovered the thinning of the cervix. I wasn't really supposed to have an ultrasound done at 24 weeks, but for some reason the doc decided that I should get one done. By sheer chance, they found that the cervix was thinning to the point that delivery could happen anytime now. Imagine if it had gone undetected? Imagine if this wasn't being looked after now? Wow.

Scary, but I'm trying to keep positive. I still cannot believe that I'll be on bed rest until the baby arrives! Crazy! Fortunately for me, J sent me something that will keep me occupied for at least two days :) She sent me Atonement by Ian McEwan and I am really looking forward to reading it. Mrs. Hollywood (my maid of honor and Junior's godmother) is sending me loads of DVDs to help make bed rest a bit more tolerable. Thank you, J and Mrs. Hollywood :)

Hoping and praying that Junior hangs in there longer and that he (or she!) is healthy and strong :)

**Updated Oct. 19**
A special thanks to my pal Rosie for brightening up my day and thinking of us. Your post was so touching. Totally made my day! Thank you. See you soon! XOXO


Anonymous said...

Oh Chrissy I am so sorry. I have heard about this and it is very scary.

I also know bed-rest can do a world of good. I know and know of women who have had their water break and kept their babies inside them for 2-3 months on bedrest, and I think it is even more effective for cervical issues.

Also, as your doctor said, every week your baby is inside makes a HUGE difference in terms of surivability and risk of health issues. Even days make a huge difference. There are a few 25-26 week preemies on my bulletin board, and they are all doing great (still in hospital being monitored, but growing and thriving).

How lucky that you had the ultrasound though. In most pregnancies, unless there is an issue, the last one is 18-20 weeks. I am sure it is a good sign that you were given the opportunity to catch this and respond to it.

I am thinking of you and sending good vibes your way!!! Maybe something else too...

Anonymous said...

P.S. I was on progesterone the first 12 weeks of my prepared for some side-effects the first few days...mostly hot flashes for me.

Ellie said...

Wow, I am so glad that you caught this early!! I am glad that you got in to see the doctor today too, every day you can keep Junior in there is good.

I am off to get something put together for you!


J at said...

Oh honey, how scary! I'm SO glad they caught it in time, though. Now you just have to follow the doctor's orders!

Any other books you want? You should put a list on your blog. I'll bet your friends would send you a bunch!

Glad you like 90210! Do you like the old ones or just new?

lisaschaos said...

This post wasn't in bloglines yet, I came over to respond to your previous post and found this surprise. I was on bedrest with my third, for a different reason, but I am hoping that you just keep calm and stay rested and do everything you can to help your body keep junior in as long as possible. *hugs*

Anonymous said...

Hi I am just looking through blogs and I found yours interesting and would like to invite you to become my friend. I have a mild art blog and I am always looking to make new friends, are you up to it?

I hope to see you soon, take care

caninecologne said...

Hang in there girlfriend...

My positive thoughts and prayers go out to you and your husband.

also, expect something in the mail within a few weeks. :)

C said...

Thanks for mentioning the 25-26 week preemies doing well. Kinda makes me feel better knowing that IF Junior arrives early, he (or she) has a chance of being okay. It IS really scary, but I'm trying to keep positive and I'm hoping Junior stays in until we hit the 32 week mark at least! That's 8 more weeks. Hang in there, Junior! :)

P.S. Side effects with the progesterone? Gah! My doctor didn't mention that! I'm going to have to go Google that now! :)

C said...

Awww :) You're so sweet, but don't need to send anything :) Your thoughts and prayers for Junior are more than enough!!! I don't have your new number since you moved, but if you e-mail it to me, you can expect some phone calls from me :) Trying to think of other ways to keep busy while on bed rest!

C said...

I think I was in total shock when the doctor was telling us what was going on. It didn't seem real to me. It really is scary to think of how fragile Junior's life is right now. I'm going to do whatever I can to keep him (or her) in there for as long as I can. However, like the doctor said, we're just buying time right now. Junior WILL be arriving early.

Ohhh...90210!!! I was a HUGE fan of the original. I used to tape them onto VHS so I could watch them again and again! LOL! I also used to get my aunt in NY to record them and send the episodes to me when I was in high school because the States had all the newer episodes before we did in Canada.

I wasn't sure how I'd feel about the new 90210 because I loved the original so much. I'm a snob that way! LOL! This said, I've actually started getting into the new show. Glad to see some familiar faces too! Kelly and Brenda haven't really aged, have they!?!

hotmommy said...

hey hunny bunny! i tried to call you today but your line was busy. bet everyone is trying to call you to. hang in there- junior you hang in there to! i'll try calling you again later on today. thinking of you lovey!

Uncivil said...

That is scary C
My niece who's in high school now, was born way premature.I'm thinking in the 25 to 26 week range?
She was in the prenatal unit for what seemed like a month. I can't remember all the details clearly, but her intestines weren't completely formed, and
she had to have an operation later on as a young child to correct something with her intestinal tract.
But she's doing great now with gymnastics,cheerleading and leads a very active lifestyle.
So I really worry about you, and I know this is someserious stuff!
until hubby gets you a laptop my dear!!!!!!

Cherry said...

How cute you two are to have the car all packed and ready to go! Through so much, you have remained so positive and optimistic. But I guess that is how you HAVE to be.

So scary and what a blessing to have caught the thinning before your trip. Even though I know how much you were really looking forward to it. I don't even want to think what might have happened with all of the excitement planned for this weekend.

Give your hubs lots of kisses and hugs (make him come down to you remember!) I'm sure as scared as you are, he's feeling a lot of this weight too.

Thinking about you guys more then you know!

Rosie : ) said...

C, we love you lots on this end too, and out best thoughts and prayers are for you {to not go crazy} and Junior {to stay nice and toasty inside Mom}.

Hopefully I can plan a trip to visit you soon, and bring you some goodies. :) If not, I am definetly calling you again soon! Keep your chin up girl, enjoy your rest, because sleep deprivation is just around the corner and you'll be wishing you could stay in bed longer. ;)

t said...

Hey girlfriend! Glad I got to talk to you for a bit yesterday. Hope that cheered you up! You sounded better than the day before!

Don't worry- all will be well as long as you follow the doctor's advice! Now sit back and relax and let everyone take care of you while you take care of Junior!

Love ya.

Deb said...

I am definitely thinking of you and junior! It is such a blessing that this was discovered now and you can do all you can to keep junior nice and toasty in your tum tum. Just try to enjoy the down time as much as you can...cause from the looks of it, once junior gets here, he might be a cute little stubborn bundle of joy that will keep you going and going with all kinds of surprises. :)

Shannon said...

I will remember you in my prayers. Two of three months for a healthy baby and Mommy ;) seems a good trade!

Judy Martin said...

Chrissy, I will be thinking about you. Hang in there. Read Atonement. Take a good long rest - because once that healthy baby is born, there's no more solid night sleeps for eight years.

Take really good care.

Ms. Mamma said...

Chrissy- I'm glad you found this out! I wish I could just hop over and hang with you while you have to rest. I will keep you in my thoughts and say a little prayer for you and the bambino! I hope you can try and relax a little bit. Sending you positive vibes! XO

Jeanna said...

You are one lucky chica they found this when they did. I'm thinking of you and hoping you've got a supply of reading material and music. Do you have that laptop fire up?
Hopefully your package will get to you despite my penmanship and you'll be wearing your Babcock ice cream shirt soon.

Starshine said...

Wow! I hope you're doing okay on bed rest. Hang in there, and I'll say a pray for Junior.

Karen MEG said...

Thank goodness your doctors were monitoring you so closely, C! It sounds like you're in great hands there.

Stay OFF your feet, let John wait on you hand and foot, okay (I KNOW he's up to it ;). My SIL was on strict bedrest in hospital for 8 weeks - she wasn't allowed to get up to walk even, had to be wheeled everywhere... and my niece is now a healthy precocious 15 year old.

J's got a great idea of a wish list... ask away.

So did I ever mention that both my kids were early, as in born at 36 weeks (just technically preemie) ... but they were the size and health of "full term" babies. Not quite as early as junior might be, but let's just say at least for the boy, we were pretty unprepared!

I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the little one just loves being inside comfy/cozy mommy for at least those 8 weeks, and hopefully more... I mean winter's coming and he/she's a smart cookie if mom and dad are any indication ;).

Hugs to you sweetie xoxoxo

BeachMama said...

You will and baby be in my prayers. After recounting my Sister's story in the previous post, I was just reminded of my SIL who's water broke at around this time. She was on strict bedrest until the baby arrived, early, but healthy and happy. You can do it, ever day counts so take this opportunity to lay around and bask in it. Take good care of yourself and Junior.

mrinz said...

Chrissy - I have just returned from a week away helping with the babies (well they are no longer babies really, are now 18 months old). And have just read your post. Not the news I was hoping to read.

How wonderful that they are 'on to it, but scary for you both too.

My prescription - lots of books and a movie or two or three or more! And blog to keep us all up to date.

Will be thinking of you heaps, and take care!

louann said...

Oh C!! just remember that complete bedrest will help prolong the baby's stay in your tummy. I'm so sorry to hear this. Please know you are in my prayers. i haven't been able to reply to your email and i will the soon=est. please take lots of care C.

C said...

Thank you, everyone :) Your thoughts, prayers and comments on the blog have been very encouraging (and much needed). Day 5 of bed rest and we are 25 weeks pregnant today. Hang in there, Junior! ;)

Thanks again, everyone! You've all been so great! xoxo

Sharon - Mom Generations said...

I have been thinking of you and praying for you so very hard... you are the most positive person I know and you are surrounded by so much love... Junior feels this. Sees this. Touches this. There is so much love coming to your island... yes, hang in there, little Junior!

PJ said...

Hi C! Don't worry, everything will turn out fine, you'll see. Just get that much needed rest. We'll be praying for you.

Veronica said...

Just catching up on why you are on bedrest. Crap, having your cervix thinning must be terrifying. Keep your feet up!

(and to add to the stories, I was 3cm dilated with my daughter for over 3 weeks before I actually went into labour and I was doing everything I could to start things happening. So I'm hoping that your cervix is simply on a go slow plan and starting a bit early, but with no plans to kick the baby out yet)

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