Friday, July 03, 2009

I Miss My Girls!

It all began with a lone Facebook message from my pal Nathanial's Mommy. She reminisced and rehashed some favourite memories of our lives before marriage, before kids, before having our own homes, and before all the responsibilities of adulthood. She brought back so many good memories and lots of laughs.

These memories at times, seem so distant. Other times, it feels like just yesterday that we all embarked on all girls' camping trips. Oh, the camping trips! We were young and carefree. We were a crazy group of girls!
Here I am with my wonderful friend, Gavie's Gal. I think I was drinking a Woody's (pink grapefruit, because I'm a girly girl and can't stand the taste of beer!) in this pic. Oh, we look so young in this photo!

One of the girls thought she heard a wild animal (possibly a bear), so we all ran as fast as our legs could carry us and jumped into one of the vehicles. I think we were ALL crammed into one car...and all on top of each other in the front seat! Too funny! To this day, it is still unclear whether there actually was a wild animal at our campsite, but the laughter and memories still live on.

Okay, you know this is a girls' camping trip when you make it a "pot luck" and the "camp food" is strawberry shortcake with whipped cream, sushi, and borscht! Ha ha! Too funny!
There was a lot of flirting with a bunch of guys at a nearby campsite, sunbathing (photos not included because...well, just because this is a G-Rated blog!), and singing by the camp fire. Curiosity Killer did an amazing rendition of You Make Me Feel Like a Natural Woman. Not to be mistaken with You Make Me Feel Like a Man Should a Woman! I seriously thought those were the lyrics!!!

Thank you, girls...for all the fun times! Thank you to Nathanial's Mommy for reliving these memories with all of us on Facebook. It was fun to walk down memory lane and talk about our lives before this...
and this...
Notice the family resemblance? ;)


jan said...

Memories of just the girls together with no guys around to make us civilized are so precious. Thanks for reminding me to remember those times.

Karen MEG said...

Oh Little one is ADORABLE with that hat on, she's is so sweet, my teeth ache!

What a great post, C, funny how things can change so drastically in 8 short years (you all look so young in those photos, makes me feel so old, as my boy was one year old back then...)

It's wonderful that there are things like Facebook and blogs now, that make it easier to stay connected in a much more intimate way than ever before, even though you are all so busy with your lives and families now. Just amazing!

t said...

What fun! You girls know how to have a good time. Great that you can look back on those times.Ya thank goodness for FB!

C said...

:) Yes, memories of just the girls without the guys really are precious, aren't they? Now, most of us have husbands and kids. I wonder if we'll ever be able to have those kinds of times like that again...or will our days of camping and girls' weekends be now "backyard tenting"! :) Too funny!

C said...

Tee hee! Guess who brought it home from the fire hall for her? LOL!

Thanks, Karen :) It really is amazing how our lives have changed so much in 8 years! Amazing, exciting, and crazy!

I think it's so neat how you know three of the girls who were on that camping trip! Plus me, would be four!

8 years ago, if anyone would have told me that I'd be married to a farmer, Mom to a very premature baby and living on an island, I would never have believed it. But, here I am :)

C said...

Yes, it is great that we can look back on those fun times. Good girl friends are good to have. I can't believe how much all our lives have changed. We were so crazy back then! LOL!

hotmommy said...

you said it, good girlfriends are good to have !

the baby is growing so fast-she's so cute in her firefighters hat like her daddy.shes so cute chris !

louann said...

Love that little firewoman!

robert said...

before...before...a word which is much in my mind lately. nevertheless, didn't know what would be afterwards and found out that it was good, leading me to another before just right now, hoping that this time a afterwards follows being as good. maybe that's life, all these changes of befores/afterwards...
Wishing you a pleasant weekend.

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