Thursday, July 30, 2009

Say it ain't so!

The moment I had been dreading has finally arrived. As I swished past the bathroom mirror, I noticed something shining in the afternoon sun. It glimmered as I swooshed the water from the baby's bath down the drain. It captured my eye immediately. Intriguing. Beautiful. Not what I was expecting.

Aha! The dreaded first white gray silver hair!

Excuse me while I cry now.


Jackie said...

yay!!! Join the rest of us now! lol

J at said...

Crap. Remember, if you don't like it, there's always hair dye. If you don't mind it, show it off. You can always use it with L.O. "See what you did to me?" HA!

robert said...

For me grey hair always provided much respect.

caninecologne said...

welcome to the club!

actually, i make my husband pluck my gray hairs out! they're hidden in the back!

for women, gray hairs make you look haggy,old and washed out. on the other hand, on guys,(especially if they're hot looking, like george clooney...huh? wut? wut????!!!!!) then they look distinguished. Damn double standard! Ha ha, but this doesn't apply to all guys (see: Taylor Hicks, American Idol winner 2 years ago...not a good look.

anyhew, my husband has tons of gray hair, which started when he was in high school. people have actually stopped him to compliment him on his salt and pepper hair. older chicks seem to dig it too.

don't worry, you are as lovely as ever! plus, us Filipinos NEVER look our age!!!

word ver:

humpsNbump said...

Yikes. Let's all have a moment of silence for the first grey hair. That's tough!

caninecologne said...

i meant to say, A LOT of gray hairs on women make us look haggy, etc. if it's just a few, no worries. pull it out or dye it if it bothers you...i haven't come to that point yet! and i'm fkg 40! THANK GOD!


(sound like wino!)

Jeanna said...

You found this hair where now?

Deb said...

Your first one??!!! Girl, I have a few already. I'd say you're pretty lucky so far. But luckily since we have such dark hair, the silver streaks glistening in the light against the black abyss of Asian gorgeousness isn't so bad. Sometimes it's pretty if you catch me in the right mood. :)

Sorry I haven't been commenting as much lately! I've still been reading though! Time seems to be lacking lately...but I'm not going to complain to the new mommy. Your time is seriously precious. I saw the eyebrow tweezing blog...cracked me up!

Uncivil said...

Wait till your pubes start turnin' grey????? Then your old! Don't ask me how I know this????

t said...

hahahahahaah! the comments are hilarious! i seriously doubt that it was what you thought it was. can't be a silver hair! i can't see that happening to you yet! ;0)

louann said...

C, my grandfather (who was smothered with gray hair) always said that the gray hair was gray matter (meaning the brain) overflowing. So, yey for gray / silver hair! =)

C said...

LOL! I keep trying to convince myself that I was just seeing things! Funny thing is that I haven't been able to find that lone "silver" hair again since! Hmmmm...Odd!

C said...

All the women on my Mom's side dye their hair. Even my grandmother dyes her hair. I often wondered if (when the time comes) I would dye my hair or proudly show it off? Hmmm...

Dina said...

just catching up on your posts now!!
I found my first grey hair in January 2000. I haven't seen another since!! so it may be a loner for a while yet!

Calfkeeper said...

Haha. When I found my first gray hair I was only 24. I plucked it out and sent it to my mom.

She wasn't really impressed.


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