Thursday, July 02, 2009

Thoughtful Thursday

Just a few photos of our week so far.Little One happily playing in the exersaucer. She is such a smiley baby. I just love her so much.
I had the TV on because Little One likes having some noise in the background. The View was on. I have to admit that I have never ever seen an entire episode of The View. I don't know why, but I simply cannot bring myself to watch an entire hour of it. Little One was watching. She thinks Elisabeth Hasselbeck is annoying.

Above: Photo of Little One on Canada Day. Here she is, all snug in the Peanut Shell with her bear. That bear goes everywhere with her. It was her very first time seeing Canada Day fireworks. She slept through the entire thing. The kid can sleep through anything. It's pretty crazy! She sleeps through very loud fireworks, the ballet, the theatre...

Hubby at the fireworks. He had to drive the pumper truck (fire/rescue engine). The fireworks were very impressive for a small town! We had a great time. We watched the fireworks by the water with the nieces, my SIL, her husband and some friends of the family.

The MS Chi-Cheemaun pulling into the bay.
These next photos are mobile uploads from our road trip to K-town for The Twins' baptism.
I just had to take a photo of this. Look! Buildings! Lots of buildings! Traffic! Lots of traffic! Total gridlock! *sigh* Just a few of the things I don't see much of now that I live on The Island.
I had to take a photo of the Yonge Street sign. I used to live on Yonge Street. Yonge Street is said to be the longest street in the world. Whenever I see the Yonge Street sign, I am reminded of my life in Toronto, teaching at a private language school, good times with my friends and co-workers, shopping, going to the movies, and trying out new restaurants. I miss that life sometimes. I don't miss having my bedroom window facing traffic on the busiest street in Toronto though. I don't miss that at all. Unlike my daughter, I can't sleep when it's noisy.

On our way to Kingston, it rained. We saw a beautiful rainbow, but because this was taken with my cell phone cam, you can't really see how stunning it was.

On our way back from Kingston, it rained again. There was another rainbow. This time it was a double rainbow. You wouldn't be able to tell, since my cell phone's camera isn't the greatest. Some motorists pulled over to take photos. We kept on truckin' all the way from K-town to Barrie so we could spend a bit of time with Hubby's youngest sister before heading back to the Island.

Yep! This is pretty much all Little One did for our 9 hour road trip. I had to wake her up for diaper changes and feedings. In her wakeful hours, she played with her toys and told us stories. Okay, it was more like babbling and cooing. Those are the beginnings of communication though, right? :)


japanmanpete said...

No. Still no luck finding your Totoro musical figurine. I have found many, but none of the exact same model you had. The search will continue.

I must say that your daughter is cute. That says a lot since I am allergic to children.

Peace, love and beer!


louann said...

Oh she is so big already! Is that her in a high chair!?

C said...

LOL! Allergic to children! You work with kids though! ;p

Thanks for looking for the Totoro. I wonder why they don't have any of the one I want though? I don't think it was a limited edition piece.

P.S. Word ver= synge

C said...

:) She is growing! :) She's actually in an "exersaucer". She loves bouncing around in that thing! I don't have a high chair yet! Can you believe it?! LOL! I figured I'd have TONS of time before I needed to get her one. Well, it looks like I'll need to get her one soon! ;p

Debbie said...

Elisabeth Hasselbeck is annoying. That whole show is. I agree with your beautiful daughter.

Heidi said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jeanna said...

Sorry 'boot that, I was logged in with Heidi's name cuz I put up her post; anyhoo I deleted the comment cuz that would be false representation or impersonation of a Ms. Mamma or something.
I was saying, love the The MS Chi-Cheemaun shot, cool John drove the pumper truck.
Did I tell you a cable on the ferris wheel at our big fireworks display snapped? They have it before the fourth so I get plenty of pyrotechnics.
They got them down with some kind of cable pulley deal.
Oh, I don't really know J. and not sure what part of the country she's from.

C said...

Thanks for popping by and commenting :) Yes, Elisabeth is annoying. For some reason, I want to like her. But every time I think she's okay, she'll say something really stupid and then I realize why she's so annoying. Shame, because she really seems sweet and cute, and a likeable person.

I have to admit that I wanted her to win when she was in Survivor. That was years ago, and now I don't think I agree with the whole premise behind the show. Hehehe...I wonder how many angry comments this will generate! ;p

robert said...

Amazing photography of yours! Impressive writing too.
Such a joy to read those random thoughts.

C said...

HAHA! You sound almost Canadian with the "Sorry 'boot that"! Just kidding. We don't really talk like that. Really. We don't! :)

WHAT!?! The cable snapped!?! Uhh...That's kinda scary, no?

I did check out Heidi's post on The Dish! Fantastic! Jimmy's comments always make me laugh.

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