Monday, June 29, 2009

Mi Familia

This weekend, Hubby, Little One and I made the 8~9 hour drive to Kingston from the Island. It was a really nice drive and we enjoyed ourselves. Of course, it helps that Little One is an easy and excellent traveler. She sleeps most of the drive and when she's awake, she likes to "chat" and play with her toys.

Some people complain about long trips, but I grew up going for long road trips (to Florida, New York, New Brunswick, Virginia, the Carolinas, etc...) with my family. Road trips were so much fun and such an adventure when I was a kid. What better way to "see" your country? I always loved passing through all the quaint little towns and all the big, bustling cities. I loved seeing how completely different things could be from one province or state to the next. To be honest, when we traveled to Florida, I always loved driving there rather than flying there. By driving, we got to pass through several states and visit different places. I always said that I'd love to offer that kind of experience to my children. Now that we have Little One and now that we live 9+ hours away from my family, road trips are pretty much inevitable. Either we make the drive a few times a year or we never see my family. Obviously, we choose to do the first of those two options.

Many people complain about how they hate long driving and say that with kids it's a pain to travel. I suppose can see where they are coming from. I mean, if you don't like long driving, you don't like long driving. With kids, it also makes it harder. It's not impossible, but it certainly can be more difficult than just traveler solo or with your partner.

Anyway, the reason for this trip down to Kingston was the baptism of Middle Bro's twin girls. Hubby managed to sneak away from the farm for just the weekend so we could celebrate this special day with my brother's family. Even if Hubby weren't able to make it, Little One and I would have gone anyway. I mean, these are Middle Bro's babies! It's their baptism! It's a special day...and we do anything for family. That's what family does.

Here's a photo of my uncle and aunt with the twins. They're fraternal, but they look pretty similar now! :) I can tell them apart if they're together. When they're not side by side, it's a bit more difficult! Here I am with the *Brookie and *Olala (*their nicknames). Brookie is my goddaughter. Aren't they the sweetest?! I love these girls!
Here's Little One with Mrs. Hollywood. Mrs. Hollywood was my maid of honour at our wedding and she is Little One's godmother. She was in the hospital room with us for the birth of Little One. She missed the birth by a few minutes when she went to move her car! She arrived just minutes after Little One's birth. I always knew even back when Mrs. Hollywood and I were kids that she would be my maid of honour and the godmother to my first born. She's like a sister to me.
Mrs. Hollywood is also Brookie's godmother :) She's a popular lady, Mrs. Hollywood!

Just SOME of the babies. Little One and her cousins. Yet another set of twins! Ozzie and Miss K! They are the youngest of our clan. They're 3 months old. "The Baby Factory" is now comprised of Kenny, Little One, The Twins (Brookie and Olala) and The Twins 2 (Ozzie and Miss K). How funny is it that in our family there were 5 babies born within months of each other? What are the chances of having two sets of twins born in the same family, just within months of each other? I don't know! Whatever is in the water, don't drink it! You might have twins too! :) It's so much fun to have all these babies so close in age. I love our big family!

Here's my 2 year old nephew playing with my cousin Jey's dog, Keys. So cute!
Oh, this next photo has got to be one of the funniest things I have ever seen! Jey is teaching little Miss K how to text, IM, FB, Tweet, and e-mail! Too funny!To end off the weekend, we stopped in Barrie on our way home so we could visit with Hubby's youngest sister. Little One was having fun jumping up and down on Auntie Sel's lap!

Mmmmmmmm!!! Kisses! Little One loves kisses!


C. K. said...


Baby girl is looking bright, shiny, and beautiful!! what a happy happy day this is! Everyone's happy, and so many babies around!

Cherry said...

Ohhh wee that's a lot of babies! Get me some of that water! Do you think they'll ship water across the border?

Looks like you had a busy, fun family filled weekend. Welcome home!

C said...

Hey, girlfriend! I MISS YOU!!! How's life in HK? I was just thinking of you this week. My mom was even asking about you. We were talking about how you were one of the only friends of mine who made the trip to the Island every summer! :) When are you coming back to Canada?? XOXO

C said...

:) Pretty crazy, isn't it? We went from having only one baby in the family to all of a sudden SIX within a few months of each other!!!

Do you really want to drink our water? You may end up with twins too! ;) Hey! I have an idea! You and Eric should come over for a visit! We'll go sightseeing and hang out...and you can drink all the water you want! ;) XOXO

Jeanna said...

I still can't believe you drove that far in one shot. I think a little over ten hours straight (not literally) was my record, and that is when I was younger and in a driving mood, in a new caddy no less.
Your nieces look a little like LO I think.
You are so lucky with a good traveler, hope she stays lovin' it like you did.

hotmommy said...

i am so jealous.our kids are horrible, terrible travellers ! i feel like pulling all my hair out when we have to pack the kids up in the car. the crying, the screaming, the fighting, the whinning. god help me if i sometimes want to strangle them! i really wish they were more like r-a! she is one seriously well behaved baby. hope she stays a good traveller when she's older.

school's out for summer..and now i'm gonna go nuts cuz the kids are all home all day. i told b that we should just send the kids to camp! :0) {{{{{{{lol{}}}}}}}}}}}

C said...

Yeah, we're pretty crazy that way! :) When I was single, I used to go on massive road trips with my girlfriends though! We'd call each other and say, "What do you feel like doing this weekend?" I'd say, "I dunno" and my friends would most likely say "Pack your bags and let's play it by ear". Before we knew it, we were in the car, hitting the open highway and on our way to NYC, Buffalo, Vermont or something. Good times.

I've always loved road trips! I loved the adventure, the experiencing new things, and I even loved the getting lost part! The getting lost part is sometimes the best part of a road trip.

I don't mind taking the plane or the train (will NOT take the bus though! I've done it a lot when I first moved to the Island and sometimes it took me over 11 hours to get to Montreal or Toronto. The people on the bus were very...interesting, to say the least!). Anyway, I get bored on the plane. I'd rather be able to get out of the car, travel at my own pace, check out the sights, see where the locals hang out, etc. I'll take the plane if I have to travel somewhere overseas though. Otherwise, it's the open highway, some good CDs and road snacks for this girl! ;)

C said...

Aren't you guys taking the kids camping this summer with your in-laws? Is it really that bad when the kids travel? I guess it's only natural though. I mean, being cooped up in a car for a while is not fun for busy kiddies :)

Thank you for your compliment though, but I also hope LO is still an easy traveler when she's older. When she's a toddler, she may not want to be in her carseat for extended periods of time. We're just hoping that since we've been doing long drives since she was born, she'll learn that this is "normal" for our family and this is something we do. Hopefully when she's older she'll be able to entertain herself with toys and books on the drives too. We shall see!

I just hope that she will love the experience of road trips like I did when I was little. I used to love reading about the places we visited. I still have boxes of pamphlets and brochures of places we stopped off at and I still have souvenirs from all those places.

Jeanna said...

I hear you about car travel, but a few hours is my limit these days. If you like getting lost then you'd love traveling with me.
Put your post up after you gave me that code.
Thanks again, you and LO rock.

C said...

Sweeeeeeeet!!! LO loved reading the post, btw! She was laughing while looking at all the pink on your blog! Ummm...yeah...I purposefully matched her outfit to the colour theme of your blog! ;) xo

Momisodes said...

That is so sweet. We are in the same boat regarding family being far away. That's wonderful your little one is great in the car.

Looks like it was a wonderful family celebration. So many babies!!! That's wonderful Little One will have so many playmates as she gets older :)

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