Friday, June 26, 2009

Tiptoe Through the Garden

The Garden's Gate Restaurant, that is!

Yes, yet another trip to the Garden's Gate with friends! This will actually be the last post for the week since we're off to Kingston for The Twins' baptism. We'll be back in a few days.

Decisions, decisions. I've been a pretty boring girl lately with my choices of dishes. I always get the same thing when I'm at the GG. Why? I've tried almost everything on the menu, but pretty much get the same thing all the time because it's sooooo good! Actually, you'd be hard pressed to find something you don't like on the menu. Everything is delicious. Everything is prepared with care. You can't go wrong with anything you choose.

To be different, this time I chose the Tomato Pesto Chicken Crepe with a garden salad. A delightful, thin homemade crepe stuffed with creamy cheese, tomato, pesto and chicken. The perfect lunchtime meal! I really enjoyed and savoured the light crepe and rich filling. Perfect, perfect, perfect! The salad with choice of three homemade dressings was the perfect accompaniment.
The Student chose the House Burger. The burger is 6 oz of local Manitoulin Beef from Burt Farms. It's topped with grilled portobello mushroom, Monterrey Jack cheese, lettuce and tomato (on a homemade bun). The Student had freshly cut fries with his burger and said he really enjoyed it. In fact, he said it was one of the best burgers he has ever had!
M had the salad with beef. A generous portion of salad topped with loads of tender beef slices. M really enjoyed the salad and said it was nice and spicy. She was surprised at how much beef there was on top of the salad! She was very pleased with her choice. In fact, I think she even used the word "divine" to describe it!
L had the Chicken Breast on a bun. The chicken breast was dipped in special seasonings, grilled and served on a homemade sesame seed bun with lettuce and mayonnaise. L chose a salad au lieu of fries to go with her meal.
We were all stuffed, but it was funny how as soon as the dessert menu came, we all of a sudden had room for dessert! ;)
I could have chosen something different, but I ended up going with my favourite...KEY LIME PIE!!! Since I moved up to the Island, I've tried almost all of the items on the dessert menu at GG. I must say that EVERYTHING on the dessert menu is DELICIOUS! You won't be disappointed with whatever you choose. I almost ordered the Pineapple Banana Cream Cheese Torte. However, the big winner (in my opinion) is the Key Lime Pie! The pie crust is double baked and the filling is creamy and smooth with the perfect amount of tartness. The lime zest adds a beautiful zing to the dessert. YUM!
L and M also got the Key Lime Pie, but The Student chose to be different. He ended up getting the Pecan Pie. He described it as "sort of like eating a big butter tart!". He said it was sweet and rich. He gave it two thumbs up.
Honourable mentions (though we did not order them this time) were the Pineapple Banana Cream Cheese Torte, Mad About Chocolate Cheesecake and the Hawaiian Tropic Cheesecake.

Well, we're off on another road trip to visit my gorgeous four month old twin nieces and my precious two year old nephew! See you in a few days!


J at said...

Have a wonderful time! I'm glad I just ate, because otherwise this post would have made me pass out. All of the dishes sound heavenly, though that burger looks so dang good, I could almost lick my computer monitor.

louann said...

Oh Little one with her purple shades is absolutely the cutest ever! Have a great trip!

Jeanna said...

She looks so big there...I love it when a restaurant can do that with salad, yum.
Do you prefer the pie or graham cracker crust on your key lime pie?
Have fun on your visit, am stuck too close to a crazy big fireworks festival today. I kind of hope it's cancelled (many people would curse me for that one).

Uncivil said...

Have a safe trip.
All those foodie pics look scrumptious, and to think I've been craving chocolate covered bacon????

Palm Springs Savant said...

Are you trying to make me crazy? that food looks so delicious C!
love the baby pics...such a beautiful family...take some pics of the baptism!

C said...

:) The Student said his burger was amazing...and Hubby LOVES the burgers at the Garden's Gate! I always wondered why he orders burgers sometimes when we dine there. I mean, the menu has so many impressive dishes, and burgers seem so...umm..."common". I tell him that we can have burgers at home! ;p He says that these are really delicious though. I believe him because EVERYTHING on the menu is to die for!!!

C said...

Tee hee! She loves her shades! She always laughs when we put them on her! What a poser! LOL!

C said...

I have to say that I prefer the graham cracker. I have a confession and please don't hate me for this. I am not much of a pie crust fan. Actually, I don't care for crust at all. *gasp* Even pizza crust!! I always give my crust to Hubby! HAHA! Sorry, that just sounded really weird!

C said...

Chocolate covered bacon??!?!?! That was a joke, right? Gah!
Well, people have been known to crave strange things at times! Are you not telling us something? Strange cravings...Hmmmmmm!

C said...

I took some pics of the baptism and will post them pronto :)

Oh, these food pics pale in comparison to some of the things you eat where you are!! :)XO

Maria said...

hmmmmm key lime pie....

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