Monday, June 22, 2009

Royal Michael's Bay Golf and Country Club

For Daddy's first Father's Day, we took him and Grampy to Royal Michael's Bay Golf and Country Club. Actually, it is now known as the Royal Michael's Bay Steakhouse.Located on beautiful Michael's Bay, you'll find that the scenery is absolutely breathtaking. While you're there, take a walk and enjoy the sights. It's so peaceful by the water!

The restaurant itself is beautiful. It looks like a big log house. It's one of Lola's (my gradma's) favourite places to dine on the Island.

Happy first Father's Day as my Grampy, Grampy! Grampy gets hip waders from me for Father's Day because he loves going fishing! Dad gets a GPS from Mom and me! Don't tell anyone, but I think Mom secretly got Dad a GPS more for her benefit than for Dad's! Tee hee! It was either a GPS or a new BBQ, but we're off to K-town on the weekend for The Twins' baptism. I think a GPS is a good idea! ; )

Oh, Dad! What should we order? Decisions, decisions! Everything on the menu looks so good!
While we wait, how about some drinks?
Mom had a Strawberry Daiquiri with no alcohol (because I'm still nursing) and Lola had a Margarita. Lola said that her Margarita was too strong, but The Student tried it and said he couldn't taste any alcohol in it.

The Student ordered wings and ribs with rice.

Grampy ordered wings and ribs with fries.
Mom and Lola ordered wings and ribs with mashed potatoes, and Dad ordered BBQ chicken.
I know. It's pretty lame that everyone ordered pretty much the same thing, but the wings and ribs were really good (or so the adults tell me)! Each dish also came with a side of mixed veggies and some sweet potato. Everyone was surprised by the silky smooth. The Student, Lola and Mom said they hinted a bit of coconut in the sweet potato. It was definitely a pleasant surprise.
The mashed potatoes had lovely crispy onion as a garnish. Mom really enjoyed the sweetness of the onions and she liked the veggies as well. Mom doesn't like mushy veggies, so these were done perfectly.
If Mom didn't have a craving for wings and ribs, she would have probably ordered the Capaletti or the Seafood Pasta. The Honey and Ginger Salmon Salad sounded good too, but Mom cooks a lot of salmon at home and wanted something different. This said, the ribs and the wings were delicious. The perfect mix of tangy sweetness with a hint of heat.
The most difficult decision for the adults seemed to be...
What to get for dessert!!! Lola and Dad love Crème brûlée and were going to order it, but the waiter highly recommended the **Profetta Roll (also known as Profita Roll). The waiter said it's his favourite dessert on the menu, so that is what the adults ordered.
The Profetta Roll: A very light and airy puff pastry with vanilla ice cream, a hazelnut chocolate sauce and caramel, sprinkled with pralines. Strawberries and raspberries added a splash of colour.
The verdict? The adults said it was a light, fluffy dessert...but next time, Dad and Lola will order their Crème Brulee. They cannot resist the decadent, rich custard-type dessert that is flavoured with Tahitian vanilla beans and served with toasted Almond Biscotti. The Student said it was good, but pretty ordinary. Mom was more generous, and said that the presentation was beautiful. The crispy, crunchy pralines were a nice touch, as were the fresh raspberries. The puff pastry itself was light and Mom liked that it wasn't too sweet. The caramel and hazelnut chocolate were sweet enough. Anything more would have been overkill. The serving is pretty generous, so the adults ordered two and shared.
Mom is hoping that Canine, Bert and TC make it to the Island next summer so we can take them to Royal Michael's.
Little One xoxo
**Kudos to Canine for noticing that little gaff with the "profetta roll"! It's actually called "profiterole". I can't believe I didn't notice that little faux pas! I knew it sounded odd! Weird thing is that I know what a profiterole is...but this didn't really look like one! Too funny! After Canine pointed it out, I laughed myself silly. Funny, how unrefined that sounds now!


Jinxy said...

I looks like your Grampy and Daddy had a great Father's Day little One.

That dessert looks so decadent.

hotmommy said...

take me with you!!!!!!!!!!! that place looks great! i wantr the creme brule too!

happy fathers day to your dad and farmer j!

merinz said...

Oh wow those are delicious looking meals. My mouth is watering.
Little One you are growing up so fast! I can't believe how much older you are looking.

t said...

I wen to the Royal Michael's Bay Restaurant last time I was there! It's fantastic- a truely original and extrordinary dining experience. We're so going there again when we're up to see you guys again!

Two words:

C said...

:) They had a great time (as did we)! I think my Mom and I took them there not only for them, but for US! The food was so good and the ambiance is fantastic!

HA! The word ver is "hellin". That's what I felt all day! I felt like I was in Hell since it was so stinkin' hot here all day! It's going to be like this all week! Gah! I guess I shouldn't complain because when it's winter, I say it's too cold. When it's summer, it's too hot! Spring and fall are good temps here. Just my opinion! LOL!

C said...

I will! When you come up for a visit, we are sooooo going there. We have to go to the Garden's Gate too though! GG is my fave.

C said...

She is growing up so fast, isn't she?!?! I was so sad the other day just thinking how much older she is! She's 7 months old now! I want to keep my baby a baby for longer! LOL!

C said...

I remember! You had the bowtie pasta with shrimp or something and the creme brulee! See? I remember! LOL!

Calfkeeper said...

Yum! Your food posts are always such fun!

Little one is SO CUTE!

Ha ha! That's so funny about the banana ketchup. It's what would have happened around here.

Jeanna said...

Yummy, yummy, I can't even look. I am sooo hungry and someone is making popcorn, eesch, they burned it.
You know it's so hot here, some guy just over from Africa was complaining about the weather.
That is some beautiful scenery. LO sure is the little lady isn't she? I bet she's going to be quite the social butterfly like mommy.

caninecologne said...

hi c!

the baby looks so cute! and so do your parents!

was that dessert really spelled "profetta roll"? was it meant to be profiterole? isn't that some sort of cream puff thing? anyways, we're still in s.f. = we hung out in berkeley today and also visited the pez museum in burlingame (in south s.f.). we are enjoying our vacay so far...we leave tomorrow and head over to pebble beach to spend 1 day with my ninang

word ver:

C said...

Calf Keeper:
:) It was funny about the banana ketchup, wasn't it? ;p

C said...

Social butterfly! So true! She already is one :) The girl is soooo good when we're out :) She went to the ballet, the theatre, a few restaurants, a wedding, and we just got back from my niece's graduation. LO gives everyone smiles and giggles. Keeping fingers crossed that she remains such a good baby when we're out :)

C said...

BWAHAHAHAHA!!! You know, you are soooo right! LOL! It IS profiterole! That is too funny! Nice one for catching that! I am tempted to tell the restaurant about their faux pas!

Cherry said...

I was gonna ask the same question as Canine, but was thinking... REALLY? they called it Profetta Roll?

That crepe sounds perfect right now!
I'm with your Hubby. Creme Brulee is my favorite too. I generally try it everywhere just to see if they know what they are doing. Its a very simple dessert but also simple to mess up.

Hope you are enjoying your weekend with your family!

BTW - I love that Canine went to the Pez museum on her visit to the area. That place is so random! I go to lunch down in that area at least a few times a month.

Cherry said...

HAHAH. I just realized that my comment was referencing like 3 of your last posts in one comment I choose to leave on a post over a week old.

Trying to make up for lost time I guess.

C said...

HAHAHA!!! Ohhhh yes they did! I kid you not! It actually sounds so funny now that I think of it! In fact, I was in the shower thinking about the whole mistaken name due to phonetics. Too funny! It's like when my ESL students mistake certain words for others because they sound so similar. How about "You make me feel like a man should a woman instead of "You make me feel like a natural woman"? Hahaha!

Profiterole --> Profetta Roll!
You've got to admit that is pretty darn funny!

I was contemplating letting them know of the mistake. Then I thought, "Man, I don't want them to think I'm some sort of snooty know it all"!

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