Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Cool Things

Growing up, I spent a lot of time with my cousins. We were (and still are) like brothers and sisters. I always counted myself lucky to be as close as I was/am with my family.
When school let out and summer rolled around, the cousins, my brothers and I would hang out together. As kids, we'd have sleepovers, spend our days outside, try not to get into mischief, and do the things kids do when they're kids.

We'd go for bike rides, make fortresses out of sofa cushions and bed sheets in the basement, pretend we were WWF wrestling heroes, and have our own mini Olympics in the swimming pool. Bonus points for the best cannon ball. Whoever could make the biggest splash scored a perfect score. Even more bonus points for the best belly flop.

Summers always seemed to be over all too soon. I truly miss those days. Days filled with fun, adventure, and my family. Those were the days of innocence and youth. They were the days of not having to worry about adult things like work and bills and responsibility. Our biggest worry was deciding what we'd do if it rained. The answer to that most likely involved playing Donkey Kong Jr and the Smurfs on COLECO Vision, Zaxxon on Atari, or playing hours of Monopoly until we got tired or bankrupt.

Another thing that reminds me of those special times with my cousins is...

This childhood favourite is available here at http://www.jetbaby.com/ !!! Thanks for the blast from the past, JetBaby! I am going to get one for Little One! I know she's a bit young for it still, but I'll keep it in good hands (evil laugh) until she's old enough for it!
Oh, and if you're in the Oakville area, hop on over to JetBaby for "Cool clothes for half-pint hipsters"!
Tell me...What are some of your favourite childhood memories?

Finally, the winners for the BuddyBandz give away I hosted are...
Tracy and Marie! I'll contact you today for your mailing info and will ship out the bands ASAP. I hope this helps increase awareness regarding your children's food allergies! My niece proudly sports her "No Peanut/Nut" band! Thank you to those who have helped spread the word. Food allergies are serious and prevention is key! Don't forget to check out the BuddyBandz site!


Deb said...

the snoopy snow cone maker is awesome! i never had that! :( my favorite childhood memories were family road trips. we lived in california and would drive every summer to oklahoma to visit our family. i also remember my brother and i taking sled rides on blankets down the stairs...probably not the smartest but super fun!

thanks for all the comments yesterday! :)

Blondie said...

I totally had one of those Snoppy sets! We thought it was sooo cool! You had to crank that thing forever...and by the time you got enough out to fill your cup, half of it was melted and the "syrup" melted the rest! Ahhhh, childhood!

Some of my favorite summer memories were the little plastic pools my mom would get us, we thought they were the coolest! And having sleep overs with my cousin. We loved playing kingdom of covers...multiple blankets, sheets, comforters and such laid on top of each other and we would all crawl in the different layers and try and find each other. Wow, we were lame!

I can't believe how big little one is getting! She's so cute.

Jane - Mom Generations said...

Oh my gosh, I haven't thought about the Snoopy Snow Cone maker in SO LONG!
What a blast from the past!! I have so many wonderful summer memories from childhood. We belonged to a pool club, where I had my "summer" friends... different from my "school" friends. Summers were so carefree and fun. I miss those days!!

Jinxy said...

I loved hanging out with my cousins, we had a blast doing all the usual summer kid stuff.
When ever I see a Cabbage Patch Kid I'm instantly transported back to 6th grade. I love it.

C said...

Sled rides on blankets down the stairs, eh? LOL! Have you ever seen MXC on Spike TV? Sounds like you and your bro were pioneers in the MXC challenges! ;)

C said...

Mmmmkay. Now that you mention it, I totally forgot about all the work one had to do just to get a bit of slush for ONE sno cone! LOL!

C said...

You are so right about carefree and fun summers as a child. I miss those days too! ;)

C said...

Cabbage Patch Kids! LOL! I wrote a post about them a few months ago! I've got seven of them! How sad is that?! I even had a stroller and a carriage for my CPKs! I also had a baby carrier (like a BabyBjorn) for my CPK! Embarrassing! LOL!

Rachie-Babe said...

Very cool that you gave the bands away. Those are a great idea!!! Props to your friend!

Tracy said...

Thank you so much! Can't wait to receive the band in the mail for my daughter! I never win anything so this and this is such a great thing to win! Your right about food allergies being a serious thing. I know my daughter will like her NO DAIRY band!

Thanks again!

Anonymous said...

OH! THANKYOU! I just got your email notifying me that I am the recipient of the 'no Egg' BuddyBand! I've told every one at work and at my son's school about the bandz. Kudos to your friend for coming up with such a clever idea and kudos to you for sharing this with us !


J at www.jellyjules.com said...

This post made me sad in a way. Maya is an only child, and doesn't have cousins her own age close by. She does have cousins that she loves and is close to, but they're at least 6 years older than she is, so they have never had a lot in common. I sometimes wonder if she'll marry into a big family to make up for it. ;)

Jeanna said...

I loved Sno Cone machines. I think Snoopy was a little after my time though. I had a Dairy Queen ice cream maker. The thing took forever and the ice cream tasted like salt.

Tracy said...

I had a snoopy snow cone! So fun! Also the Easy Bake Oven!

I used to love camping out in our tree house with my sister. We would spend the night out there, and have a walky talky to talk to our parents inside! So fun!

C said...

Yes, they're quite ingenious, aren't they? They remind me of those MedicAlert bracelets people wear when they have severe allergies to meds and such. The BuddyBandz are great for kids and I like that the images of their food allergies are very visible. You just have to take a look at the BuddyBandz and you know immediately that the child has allergies to nuts (in my niece's case).

C said...

No problem :) I'm sending the BuddyBandz out today!

C said...

Thank you :) You should receive your BuddyBandz sometime this week or next.

I'll pass on your kind words to my friend :) She'll be happy to hear what great reception her BuddyBandz have received.

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