Monday, June 15, 2009

Life As We Know It

Around here, life is pretty sweet. We live on a beautiful island (which is now being bombarded with tourists! You can tell Summer is here by the ferry traffic!). We have a farm and live a healthy lifestyle. We have a precious little miracle who goes by the name (at least here on the blog) of Little One. We've got a really sweet pooch named Chance. We live near several beaches. We have a roof over our heads and we'll never go hungry. Yes, life is pretty good.

I suppose living on a farm and living so far away from friends and family sometimes gets to me though. I know I have a million and one things to be thankful for, but sometimes I wish we could just pick up and leave for vacation on a whim...even if it's just for a few days.

Mount Sinai Hospital had their annual Preemie Picnic yesterday and I had my heart set on going. Mount Sinai, the doctors, NICU nurses, and fellow parents were like family for the first two months of Little One's life. Everyone there helped me survive the first few months while Little One was in the NICU. I really wanted to see everyone again.

I kept hanging on to a little thread of hope that Hubby would be able to get away from the farm and we could make the drive down to Toronto at the last minute. Wishful thinking. We ended up spending the weekend on the farm. I guess this is something I'm going to have to get used to. You'd think that after three years of this, I'd have "adapted" already. I wish I could just accept that this is the life of a farming family. I just feel a bit down when I miss out on all the family parties, birthdays, holidays, and special occasions back in Toronto and Montreal. Hubby's got family here, but it's not the same as with my family. My family is really close (as in so close they get together all the time for family get-togethers and dinners on a regular basis). I grew up with that and I miss that. I suppose if I really wanted to, I could travel without Hubby. It'll be just Little One and me. It wouldn't be the same without Hubby though.

Now that MiddleBro and my SIL have twin baby girls and a two year old, it makes me sad that Little One won't be able to spend as much time with her cousins as MiddleBro, BabyBro and I did with ours. That makes me really sad.

Our Sunday was spent by going to church in the morning and then having lunch at a local restaurant. Little One slept through the entire service (as always). Hubby went back to work on the farm, The Student did a few loads of laundry for himself, I got a few chores done around the house, and Little One actually napped for a few hours!
Conversations with Dad. "Yes, yes. I know this is a serious conversation, Dad. No grabbing the dog while he's eating. No pulling the cats' tails. Watch out for where I'm stepping when walking in the fields. Oh, and never stand behind a cow. Okay. Got it."

Little One thinks her Mama is really funny! I love that toothless, gummy, drool-filled smile! I love the way she laughs when she thinks something is funny.
Little One decked out in one of her pretty Summer dresses. It's getting pretty hot out now! Hooray for Summer!
Our shiny, happy, little baby girl :)


t said...

sucks and we miss you too. you're just so happy there chris- much happier than you'll ever be in the city. being away from friends and fam sucks but at least our few visits are quality visits, yes?

call me x0x

Jinxy said...

The picture with LO and Daddy is priceless.

I totally know where your coming from. I live about 1500 miles away from all of my family and I am very sad over the fact that Lily won't grow up around her cousins, aunt and uncles and grandparents. I am so close with all of mine and it kills me that she won't be. But I can't move back to California, its just not an option. I hate it there.

C said...

Thank you :) You're right. I wasn't happy in the city. I guess the trade off is a happy, healthy lifestyle and life here vs. friends and family in the city.

So true that visits with friends and family now are "quality" visits.

C said...

I love the pic of LO and Daddy too :)

It's hard being away from family, isn't it? You're right though. Can't go back. Same here.

Ellie said...

Hi again! I can understand your disappointment, but I am just so glad that you are home with your family now and not so far away! You should spring a surprise visit on the staff at Sinai if you are in the area though!

I was thinking this morning while I was out for my walk about how much it smells like the Island here...just like when we were camping and that wonderful fresh early morning dewy smell....I really wish we had time to go to the Island when we were there. We stayed in Markdale, and we went to Owen Sound one day...did you see me waving? Oh well...I am in love with this place too, so I can't complain too much!

Little One is so cute!!!!!! Oh my gosh, it is not fair that one persone should just be that adorable!! You are so blessed!!


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