Monday, June 08, 2009

Cultivating My Curiosity

Remember the other week when Mom was so excited about Gilbert and Sullivan's Pirates of Penzance being performed at the Burns Wharf Theatre? Well, we got to see it on Saturday! Mom had been prepping me for the big day by singing (and singing, and singing, and singing!) tunes from the operetta. I'm not even seven months old yet, but I'm sure I've memorized the words and music for "Tarantara" already!

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My Mom is one of those artsy fartsy literary eggheads who believes that a child is never too young to be introduced to the world of art, culture, music, and theatre. She's very passionate about those things. She's as passionate about those things as she is of traveling. She wants me to be able to see the world like she has. She thinks that it is so important for me to cultivate my curiosity and see that there's a great big world outside of the one around me.

Mom brought me to the ballet last month.

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I enjoyed it so much! I slept through the entire ballet. I love music and lights and noise! Music is so soothing, it rocks me to sleep! Perhaps lots of noise and the vibrations also remind me of my time in the NICU. It's so noisy in the NICU, so maybe I got used to being surrounded by lots of different sounds. I can't sleep if it's too quiet!

Since Mom is a huge Gilbert and Sullivan fan (I'm telling you, she is a die hard, crazy about G&S fan!), she got Dad, The Student and me to go with her. Mom made sure to grab the aisle seat in the very last row just in case I started to fuss. Sheesh! Doesn't Mom know by now what a good baby I am? I did not fuss or make a peep at all through the entire show. I slept for the entire thing! EVERYONE was so surprised. Many people stopped to talk to Mom and Dad and tell them what a good baby I am. They said that no one would even know that there was a baby in the theatre!

My beautiful and talented Auntie E was Mabel. She was amazing! Oh, she isn't really my auntie, but in Mom's culture it is polite to call all close friends and adults "Tita" (auntie) and "Tito" (uncle). It's one of those "respect" things.

Anyway, the music was fantastic! Mom said the costumes and the stage design were phenomenal. She said something about it all be "so very well orchestrated". I heard the audience laughing throughout the musical. It must have been really funny!

I hope Mom continues to take me to the ballet and theater. She really does believe that music and the arts are really good for children and their development. I think she's hoping that I will one day appreciate the arts as she does.

Lots of sticky, wet, drool-filled kisses!

Little One xoxo


Jinxy said...

Great post LO!

C have you see "My Baby's Mind Monday" that I participate in?

Deb said...

too cute!!!! it's never to earlier to start cultivating your love of the arts!!!

C said...


It's not brainwashing at all, is it? ;)

I just checked out your "My Baby's Mind" post! Very cool! Lily crying in the car seat is absolutely heartbreaking though! Hugs! XO

C said...

I totally agree! Just did some catching up on blog reading. Wow! I've missed so much! Hope your Dad is feeling better! XOXO

Uncivil said...

Couldn't keep me out of the woods when I was a kid so now I'm just fartsy without the artsy!

jan said...

what a lucky little girl to have such a smart and caring mom and also to teach you computer skills at this young age.

Shiny Green Penny said...

I loved the show too!@ It sure was nice of your mom to take you to see it....did you enjoy the extra Manitoulin verse??? I thought it was hilarious!

P.S. From reading your mom's blog, I think she really IS Superwoman!!!!!!

Esther said...

Little One, I'm sooooo glad you got to come see our show! You were an incredibly good baby, but I'm not sure why your Mom was so surprised - you're always a good baby! I think this will be the first of many, many more plays you're going to see. In fact, it may be your *second* G&S production, if I've got my dates correct. ;) See you soon!

merinz said...

Thank you Little One for all the news! Now I know why my Indian student's little 3 year old calls me Auntie. It must be the custom in their culture also! He speaks only Punjabi but I can understand the Auntie part.

And its good to know that you are intending to travel. Will you come to New Zealand and visit your New Zealand Auntie? If you do then make sure you bring your Mum and Dad - tell Dad there are lots of farms to visit. And we will take Mum to a Maori dance performance.

C said...

You had me rolling with laughter with the "fartsy without the artsy" bit! LOL! You're just too funny! :)

Word ver: fabil

P.S. I hear you're going to be guest blogging at The Dish! Me too! Can't wait to read your post! You'll make Jeanna proud! ;p

C said...

;) Little One was sitting on my lap as "we" typed her post! She was more interested in watching YouTube videos of various Pirates of Penzance scenes. Too funny. I should have taken a video of her watching the videos. Her eyes were just glued to the computer monitor!

C said...

The Manitoulin verse was hilarious!! LOVED it! Ray Scott did a fantastic job with that!

Thank you for your kind words. Funny you said that, because I was about to write a post about how I don't feel like I can keep up with everything and how I don't feel like I know how to balance things anymore! LOL!

C said...

I do believe you're right! I was pregnant when we saw "HMS Pinafore" last year! Therefore, this was LO's second G&S performance. Tee hee!

C said...

Oh! That is so odd! I was about to write a post about how much I want to take LO to NZ someday! NZ has ALWAYS been on my list of places to visit (as you know).

The Student, Hubby, LO and I were watching the Lord of the Rings trilogy (again) and every time I watch the movies, it makes me want to go to NZ. I told Hubby the other night that I really want to visit someday!

I can't believe I was so close (when I was teaching in Japan) and I never hopped over to NZ or Australia! Grrrr!

Maria said...

Too cute!!! If you feel like a trip to Gore Bay we have our ballet recital this Saturday at 2pm and 7pm..

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