Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Rock On!

When I was in high school, I was a big fan of the big hair bands. You know, the glam metal bands like Warrant, Poison, Mr. Big, Aerosmith, Skid Row, Winger, Mötley Crüe, L.A. Guns, Slaughter and Cinderella.

How fitting that Little One totally rocks her awesome Poison onesie from JetBaby!
I cannot tell you how many onesies Little One goes through in a day. When we're at home, she practically lives in them. She's happiest in her onesies and prefers to be as garment-free as possible. I think onesies are a good compromise :) This particular onesie from JetBaby comes from SOURPUSS CLOTHING's line of baby clothes! The black and light pink Poison
"Talk Baby To Me"
onesie is made of cotton. The quality is really good too. Some onesies Little One has are not always sewn very neatly or the colours bleed when washing. The Sourpuss onesies are awesome. Isn't this the coolest? How about this? Or this?

For the coolest and hippest baby and kid clothing, make sure to check out JetBaby! Oh, and JetBaby not only carries the coolest kids' clothes! You can also find all sorts of retro toys like the Snoopy Sno-Cone Machine, as well as John Deere toy sets for the tiniest of farmers (like Little One)!
So, what are you waiting for? JetBaby in Oakville, Ontario! The next time we're in the area, I'm getting Little One a Bob Marley onesie! We be jammin'!
Jet Baby
77 Lakeshore Rd. West
Oakville, Ontario
L6K 1C9
(905) 849-7575


hotmommy said...

she's such a smily baby chris and checdk out all that drool ! ha so cute!

you passing through the t dot on your way to kingston this weekend? if so you have to stop by aight?

caninecologne said...

hi c! that is so RAD!!!!!! i wish they had band logo'd onesies when TC was a baby. i would have had her in my faves - Van Halen, AC/DC, Iron Maiden and Motley Crue! (omg, i'm showing my age, aren't i? ha ha!)

word ver:
(fyi - that's a word we used to say back in the late 70's, early 80s to mean, 'just joking' or 'kidding' - not sure if that was a southern california thing. example:
"man, you look wierd!"....pause, "trick!")

C said...

She IS smiley, isn't she? LOL! She cracks me up! She laughs like crazy whenever she hears the phone ring! She thinks it's so funny! What a funny girlie! Oh, and when the voice on the GPS comes on to let us know when to turn, LO gets really startled and jumps...and then starts laughing like crazy! She really makes me laugh!

We'll see if we pass through TO on our way to or from K-town. I'll let you know by Thurs night! XO

C said...

Thanks! I think it's super cool too! Yeah, I love/d Van Halen, SC/DC, Iron Maiden and Motley Crue too! Whenever I mention those bands, my 22 yr old brother has NOOOOOOO idea who I'm talking about! It's a total generation thing I think! He listened to Puff Daddy, Boys II Men, and a whole bunch of others I can't remember. He was more into R&B, rap, hip hop, etc. I was more into metal, rock, classic rock, big hair bands, grunge, alternative, etc.

HAHA! TRICK! Must be a SoCal thing, because my cousins from SoCal used terms like that and I had no idea what they were talking about. We tried using their slang here, and it didn't catch on. LOL!

Shiny Green Penny said...

Wow- this post took me back in time!! LOVE the Poison - go baby!
She looks so adorable in that onesie

Hope you are surviving the babes aren't sleeping that well unless I make sure I have the rooms cool enough.

C said...

Actually, Little One has been taking the heat better than I thought. She's only mildly miserable! Haha! She's having a hard time getting comfortable enough to sleep. I try to close down the house during the day and keep it cool by keeping the windows covered during the day. At night, I open the windows up so we can get that nice cross-breeze. It sort of helps.

We ended up running errands in Gore Bay today and had a picnic by the water. It was cooler by the water and the breeze was refreshing. When we got back home, we were hot again!

Are you excited that the school year is coming to a close?

t said...

Cutie! Yes! Call me too if your passing through the GTA!

Unhinged said...

Hey, C!

I added you to my Google feed so I can keep up with you. That's where I put everyone nowadays. It's just easier.

I see you have some orange kitty babies. I love orange cats!

And your little girl is adorable.

caninecologne said...

hi c -
i just had some really good sisig at this place called 'sinugba' in daly city, ca!!!

anyhow, another slang term which originated from the bay area is the word "hella". i never really used it much but my cousins from up here would say it a lot.

do you remember the word 'moded"/? you would say that if you got 'burned' or 'turned out', or in plain English, got 'embarassed'. ha ha! moded!

anyways, the word ver is:

(i like lychee fruits! they're in season now! :D0

Dina said...

that is one adorable onesie!!
and of course LO is too cute as well :)
I love a good onesie myself and have 100's of them for M! the best ones I've found so far are from Marks and Spencer- they are courtesy of my SIL as they aren't available here anymore- they are soo thick and wash really well- cotton is super soft too ...wish i could wear them!

C said...

Thanks! :) BTW, Jeanna calls my orange cats "The Weasely Brothers". LOL!

C said...

OMG, that is soooooooo funny! MUST be a SoCal thing! My cousins used slang that I never heard of...and it never made sense to me! LOL! Too funny! I'm trying to think of some of the things they used to say back when I was in high school. What slang was popular back in the early 90s?

Lychee!! YUM! I could go for some lychee right about now!

C said...

Ohhh...I love really good, soft cotton!

Haha! That's so funny you mentioned that! My SIL was saying how cute and comfy LO looks in her onesies and said that she wishes she could wear a onesie all the time! LOL! Too funny. I wonder if she was joking!

C said...

Imagine?! LOL! Well, in the winter it would be nice to wear a sleeper! Especially like the nice, warm fleece ones that LO has!

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