Thursday, July 16, 2009

Oh, It's Not What You Think...

I haven't hit rock bottom and I haven't decided to take up drinking as my newest hobby. No, really. I haven't.

Gadget Girl and I have been working really hard on the farm and at the homestead, that we decided that today would be a great day to do some baking for Little One's baptism next week and work on some other little projects. Gadget Girl is doing a "test batch" for the Nanaimo bars today! Wooooo hoooo! What a rough life it is to have to do some "quality control". You know, just to make sure the Nanaimo bars are fit for consumption! :)

We've also decided to make some homemade vanilla...hence, the alcohol. For this vanilla recipe, we used brandy.

Brandy Vanilla
(Makes 8-ounces)

1 cup Brandy
1 whole vanilla bean

  • Place Brandy into seal-tight container.
  • Add one vanilla bean.
  • Wait. It will take 3-weeks for vanilla to cure properly.
  • Pour into decorator bottle.

It sure smells yummy! We'll let you know how it turns out!


humpsNbump said...

Looks delish!! Drool is collecting on the side of my mouth. I was I could have some. :)

C said...

Hey, girlie! I must be an idiot, because prior to making the homemade vanilla, I had nooooooo idea that vanilla was made with alcohol!!!

I was thinking, "Wow! Can I even bake with vanilla if it has alcohol and I'm nursing Little One?!?!!" ;)

I know the amount is minute...almost negligible. I know women who have a bottle of beer or a glass of wine while nursing. I've even been told by many people that beer is good for milk production. I don't know if it's true. Anyway, I guess I'm paranoid though.

C said...

Oh, I suppose the alcohol would burn out while cooking? I've used wine in stews but I know the alcohol burns out. Guess it's the same for baking with real vanilla?

J at said...

I love vanilla. I do know that one reason they make artificial vanilla is because alcoholics won't have to buy the alcohol if they want to bake. At least, that's what I remembered learning.

Jeanna said...

I was hoping you'd mention the Nanaimo bars again.
You deserve a little snort, oh, are you still breast feeding? Sorry to be so out of it.

C said...

Hmmmmmm...I never even thought of that!

I was at the health food store today and I noticed that the real vanilla is super expensive! Whoa!!! Then I realized, real vanilla sure beats the artificial stuff.

Word ver: vibasome

C said...

Yeppers...still breastfeeding. Little One just started on rice cereal last Saturday and seems to really like it. She gets cereal 2x a day and booby 5-6x a day. The kid's a bottomless pit! ;)

We taste tested the Nanaimo bars. Will post about it soon-ish :)

hotmommy said...

omg! your making your own vanilla now? what the heck is going on over there? what happened to our city girl? you move to the country in nowheresville and now youre martha stweart!

Momisodes said...

I am so impressed. I don't think I have ever made my own vanilla! I'm sure that tastes incredible in recipes and that there really is no substitute :)

Uncivil said...

I had to google vanilla after reading your post. Had no idea it was native to Mexico?
Vanilla Head just doesn't have the same ring to it as Burrito Head?

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