Tuesday, July 28, 2009

A Weekend To Remember

It's been a very busy weekend. We had family and friends drive up to the Island for the weekend to join us at Little One's baptism. It was certainly anything but uneventful! It was pretty crazy...in a good way, of course. The baptism itself was beautiful. Our minister was fantastic. It was a beautiful service. I got a bit weepy in church when the minister spoke about Little One being a blessing and a miracle and about how much she went through from her very early beginnings. Our 28 weeks, 3 day preemie is definitely a miracle. It was so great to have our family, friends, church, and community witness and support Little One on the day of her baptism.

Our lovely and talented friend, E sang a solo at the baptism and her very talented mother was the accompanist for the service.

Little One was a fantastic baby and slept through the entire baptism! Yes, she even slept when the minister put water on her head. We were in shock, because we were so sure she'd wake up once she felt the water! Nope. Out like a light. I guess it shouldn't have shocked us, since she slept through Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince when we took her to the cinema for the first time last week! The kid sleeps through everything!

The beautiful cake in the photo above was made by our lovely blog friend from Notes from a Brown House! Not only was it beautiful, it was delicious!

A feast was spread for all to share. Lots and lots of dishes were made for our guests. My mother and her sisters sat around the kitchen table in an assembly line and cut, chopped, and rolled the ingredients for their Filipino spring rolls (lumpia). It was quite an amazing sight. My mom and her sisters are tireless workers.

The dishes for our guests ranged from Chicken Adobo, Filipino BBQ, noodles (pancit), fried rice, salads, potato salad, ham, taquitos, sushi (California rolls), roast, spring rolls (lumpia) and some other items. The desserts were even more impressive with the beautiful baptism cake, another large cake that read "Happy Baptism [insert Little One's real name here]", fruit trays, tropical fruit trays, Filipino fruit salad, casava cake, Nanaimo bars, chocolate chip squares, cherry squares, lemon squares, and more!

Above photo: BabyBro, BabyBro's GF, MiddleBro, Brookie (twin B), Lele (my SIL), Kenny, Grampy, Lola, Olala (twin A), me, Little One, and Hubby.Proud Grampy and proud Lola with their four grandbabies.

Our little family of three.
Little One's first time in the Jolly Jumper (thanks to SuperMama for the Jolly Jumper and other baby gear)!
Little One hanging out with Gadget Girl. What a character Little One is!
My brothers and my SIL, the twins and Kenny are all here for the week!! Nothing makes my Dad happier than to spend time with his grandson. Kenny had a blast helping Grampy cut grass!

So sweet!

"Helping" in the garden.
Little One is an outdoor girl and loves the warm sun and the breeze. She was actually very overdressed since I thought it was going to be on the cool side. It turned out to be beach weather. Poor kid! She ended up in just a onesie for the rest of the day.

Babies, babies...everywhere!!! I love taking photos of the cousins playing! :)


J at www.jellyjules.com said...

Oh what sweet pictures! So glad you shared. She is indeed precious, as is your whole family, and that cake is gorgeous!

Does she jump in her johnny jumper? We had a friend whose baby would jump and jump and jump, he just LOVED it. Maya would watch him and laugh and laugh. Then she got old enough, and she would just hang there, looking around. No jumping. Funny, huh? She liked it, she just didn't jump in it.

steph said...

Congrats C, hubbie and Little one!


merinz said...

What a lovely post Chrissy - beautiful photos of a wonderful occaision. And yes, one to get a little tearful over.
The children are all growing so fast. They will have the same fun growing up as cousins as you had!

C said...

:) It was a special time for us. It isn't often we get the whole family together in one place.

That was her first time in the Jolly Jumper and she didn't bounce up and down like her cousin (Twin A, Olala). Olala just jumps like crazy! It's almost comedic! She looks like a marionette when she's in it! Little One bounced up and down a bit, but looked more like a ballerina than anything. She also seemed to prefer walking in it rather than jumping! She likes to do this one foot in the air thing too! She laughs and thinks it's funny though.

C said...

Thank you so much! I just checked out your new blog! I'll be back for updates! :) Happy blogging!!

C said...

It was very memorable. Oh, and my brothers are here for the week (along with the twins, my SIL and Kenny). We went out for fish and chips and then off to the beach. It was so much fun having the babies at the beach! Little One is a beach bum and has been since she was just a few months old. It was nice to see Kenny enjoying himself so much! He made sand castles and a sand turtle. It was too cute. BabyBro was the only one brave (or crazy) enough to actually go swimming!!! He says the waves were fun and the water was great! Ummmm...a bit too cool for me! ;)

C. K. said...

Have I ever told you how much I love your pictures??

And I agree with J... the cake IS gorgeous... what a wonderful weekend you guys had!

Much love, CK

Patti McK said...

Excellent gathering of family, friends and neighbours. My family really enjoyed the outing and the food was AMAZING!!! I've never had Filipino anything before, but my goodness, I've found a new favorite! Those spring rolls were excellent and the BBQ was to die for!! Your family from afar was so friendly and warm, I felt like I've known them forever! Especially one of your aunts...Possibly Flo? Can't remember her name, but she was such a sweet heart and really made us feel welcome. Your parents are such wonderful people and so welcoming! THANK YOU very much for the opportunity to share in Little One's special day. It was beautiful, just like her.

C said...

Hello darling! I have been thinking of you! Every time I pass by the Red Lodge or see people lining up to buy fish from the Purvis truck, I think of you and our times together! Hope you are well! Thank you for your kind words! Miss you and hope to catch up soon! XOXO

C said...

I am sooooooooo glad you guys had a good time! It was really busy! Next time we get together, it won't be as crazy busy! :) It was great seeing you guys. Thank you so much for coming! Yes, that would be my Aunt Flo! She's my Mom's second youngest sister. Yes, my family is really friendly and accommodating :) I feel blessed to have them as my family! We always have such a good time too!

I'll tell my Mom that you like the spring rolls! Weren't they yummy!?!?! I'm sure when she makes them next, she'll save some for you! I can make them too, but I prefer it when she makes them! LOL! It's kind of labour intensive with all the prepping and cooking. Haha!

Catch up with you soon! We need to get together more often! XOXO

humpsNbump said...

Little One is getting so big!! I can't believe it. :) Look at her in the Jolly Jumper!!! I remember when I last saw her in Toronto and she was the tiniest baby. So glad that you had a wonderful Baptism for her. These pictures made my day.

~ humps

jMo said...

That is one cool cake and great photos. The Jolly Jumper looks like fun.

Deb said...

I love grampy in the flannel pajama pants mowing the yard!!! So stinking cute!

and of course little one. Congratulations on such a wonderful Baptism!! The food spread sounded so super deeelish!

Tracy said...

Awwww! What sweet family pictures!

I love the stained glass cross cake, too.

Jinxy said...

Happy baptism!

I love that last picture, so cute.

louann said...

Happy Christening Little one! Love the cake.

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