Monday, July 13, 2009

Mommy Mishaps

Before I got married and before I gave birth to my daughter, it used to annoy me to no end when people would say things like "You think you're busy now. Just wait until you have a family of your own" or "When you have kids of your own, you'll know what busy really is!". It really, really bugged me! It wasn't until just recently that I discovered that every single person who has said these things to me has spoken with true wisdom and experience. Well, sort of.

Before I had Little One, I used to get my hair trimmed and styled on a regular basis. Now, I don't even have time to take a shower that lasts longer than four minutes. Don't get me wrong. I do take care of myself. I still get my hair cut (pssssssst!!! If you're on the Island, Island Styles is a great place to get your hair done!). I just don't get my hair cut as often as I did before. I haven't even had a manicure or pedicure since...*gasp* my wedding!!!

Many of my friends and family who read the blog know of my eyebrow fetish and my extreme dislike for hair where there shouldn't be hair. Case in point? Remember that hoo-ha waxing post? I'm sure we can all relate.

Anyhooooo, I am obsessed with eyebrows. If anything, I need to make sure that my eyebrows are presentable. Neurotic? Perhaps a little. I'm sure we all have our own little quirks though!

Anyway, what I've learned recently with my new found "zero down time" is that a Mommy must never ever try to trim, tweeze, pluck or groom her eyebrows when she is exhausted. Never. Why? Ummm...there's this thing called "over-tweezing". It's when you tweeze and tweeze...and keep on tweezing until you're left with barely there eyebrows. It's a horrible, horrible thing. It gets worse when you think you can shade them in. Check it out...*sigh* Ah well. They'll grow back.

Next Mommy Mishap? I have come to learn that if I'm exhausted, I should never ever operate machinery, handle anything that is breakable...or even do anything that requires even the least bit of thinking. Why? Well, things like this can happen...The above photo is of my beloved water bottle that Hubby got me when I was in the hospital every day for the first two months of Little One's life. While she was in the NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit), I'd make sure to stay hydrated and fill the bottle with ice chips and water. I carried this water bottle all over the hospital with me. While I sat in the breast pumping station and diligently pumped milk for Little One every three hours, I sipped on refreshing water from this water bottle.

I knew that it was only intended for cold beverages, but not too long ago, in one of my dazed half-awake moments, I poured boiling water into the water bottle. Why? I have no idea. I was shocked to see the bottle suddenly expand, balloon, and then shrink right before my eyes. There was a popping sound and the bottom of the bottle (the part that is not made of plastic) popped off and flew across the kitchen. Boiling Scalding hot water flowed all over the kitchen counter and onto the floor...burning me in the process.

Another Mommy Mishap was when I ensured that Little One was protected from the sun (covered from head to toe and underneath her UV filtered buggy protector) during Canada Day. Of course, thinking only of the child, I forgot to protect myself and ended up with the most horrible burn ever. I'm hoping I can fix the warped tan lines in time for her big party in two weeks. No photo will be posted since I'm far too embarrassed to show you!

I won't even get into the time I tried to put the ice cream in the microwave and the piping hot, just cooked roast in the freezer. *sigh*

What are YOUR Mommy (or Daddy) Mishaps?


J at said...

There were the many times I forgot to strap her car seat in. They were made a bit differently back then...

There was the time I brought her to bed to nurse her...changed her diaper, cleaned up, put her in her bassinet, went to bed, got everything ready, and (TMI), you know how your body knows what's going on, right? Yeah. Milk squirting everywhere. Where's the baby? Oh, yeah, I put her back in the bassinet. Ooops.

I was at Safeway once when a woman came inside in a panic, asking someone to call 911..she had just locked her baby in the car. Thankfully, it wasn't a super hot day, the fire dept. got there quickly, everything was FINE, but she was so exhausted, and it was such an easy mistake to make. The guy ahead of me in line was horrified, and criticized her mothering skills to anyone within earshot. As soon as he left, we all breathed a sigh of relief and said, "Um, CLEARLY he's never been sleep deprived and still had to care for an infant. Jerk."

Uncivil said...

I'm not a mommy, but I came home drunk one night and peed in the clothes hamper and threw my clothes in the toilet?
Do I get points for that?

word verf. pings

C said...

I cannot thank you enough for sharing this with me! :) I all of a sudden don't feel like I'm a horrible Mom and wife for not always having things together! :)

It's amazing how much the body goes through after having a baby. I forget things and am sometimes absentminded. I'm sure Hubby must sometimes think I'm losing it! ;)

Word ver: redsushi! For real!

C said...

LOL! Okay, I can always count on you for a smile and a laugh! You definitely get points for that one! You threw your clothes in the toilet?! HAHA!

robert said...

For him: putting his shoes on, but the left one right and the right on left. Noticed when he walked at the playground and it looked funny.
For me: taking care of him during the night, leaving my wife to sleep eight hours, falling asleep while conducting lessons - imagen fun upon the face of the students.

Cherry said...

Uncivil's comment gave me a much needed chuckle!

So I won't share a mommy mishap... because you know I'm not a mommy. but I will say that I TOO am obsessed with hair that should not be there! I actually leave my tweezers on the little backsplash ledge of our bathroom sink because I probably tweeze a hair from somewhere almost daily.
I often think if this is an obsession which will change when I have kids or if I'll just get used to the "bushy" look. Likely not, since I also "groom" Eric's too. tee hee!

Thanks for the warning of the sleep deprived brow grooming. I'll think of you when I do the same (which I'm sure I'll do).

C said...

Falling asleep while conducting lessons...Wow! You must have been exhausted! Very nice of you to let your wife sleep though!! :)

C said...

I know! :) Jimmy's comment made me laugh (very loudly!) when I read it!

We seriously must have been separated at birth. I mean, the bowl cut hairstyle (aka Little Asian Girl haircut growing up) and the tweezing obsession. Shhhhhhhhhhh!!! I also "groom" Hubby's brows!!! Hahaha! I hope he doesn't read this! He doesn't like it when I groom his strays, but properly manicured eyebrows are crucial! Seriously!! :)

Patti Mc said...

Hey I hear ya about the properly groomed eyebrows! But I can't get away with grooming my hubby's! How do you do it? Anyway, it seems like everytime I go in the car with the kids, I always get half way up our road and have to literally look back to make sure I have put my little girl in the back seat! i have never left her at home, but it's a great fear of mine because every time, without fail, I do a quick check in the backseat before I hit the stop sign at the corner.

Jinxy said...

Those are some great (and unfortunate) mishaps.

Mine usually involve doing something to wake the baby up after working for an hour to get her to sleep in the first place.

Jackie said...

k, internet failed and this is my second go.. first, grooming issues... I once, before a first date... cut my bangs, and cut with the scissors above where my fingers were holding the hair instead of below. yes, my bangs were 1 inch long... got a 2nd date though.
baby mishaps... you know those great swings you put the infant in to sleep. We had one, it was amazing for our first born... the only problem we had was his head always drooped forward as he was sitting so straight up. We tried towels beside his head and little pillows so he would tilt sideways, but he always leaned his head forward... when 2nd one came along we pulled out the swing and same thing, until someone came over and asked why we didn't recline the whole chair back, by pulling the simple hinge behind the chair? Why? Because I had had no sleep for 2 years, that is why! We still laugh today.

Plan to do etsy in the fall, never made the farmer's markets only cause family stuff always seem to come up, and they are both in school next year, so am hanging on to them for as long as possible this summer. Thanks for the compliments!

louann said...

This is one mishap i will never forget. Around a month after giving birth, I was completely spaced out. I rammed our car into the other car. I never wrote / posted about it because I felt terrified, ashamed, scared.

Indeed, mommyhood can distract us from so, so many things

Fruitful Vine2 said...

Just stopped by to say hi and check on you and the little one. I prayed for you today. May your day and the rest of your week be great!

Jeanna said...

Where was I when we were all hoo-ha waxing?
Being sleep deprived will do those things to you. Just wait until your eyebrows start getting lighter and it looks like only half of them are there.

Momisodes said...

I'm horrible about remembering to brush my daughter's teeth in the morning.

I know. I'm awful and all of her teeth will rot.

p.s. I've totally done the same thing with my brows. But I think yours look nice and clean. I nearly had to pencil mine in.

Anonymous said...

LOL Christine!!! You never told me about these!!! :) I can't think of any mishaps right now, but I'm sure I've had a ton too...stay sane...miss you.


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