Thursday, July 02, 2009

Oh My!!!

Jeanna @ The Dish asked me if I had a chance to try the Prickel Pits that she sent along with all the other candies from the evilbottomlessbagofsugar (from the All Candy Expo).

Ummm...I was waiting for her to ask me that! I wondered how long it would take for Jeanna to notice that I didn't include the Prickels in my candy review! Ha! Truth be told, I hadn't tried them (until she asked me if I did)! Why? Oh, I don't know. I guess I was a bit thrown off by the name Prickel Pit. It's such an inviting name, isn't it? I also think I was expecting the candy to taste like pickles for some reason.

I scoured the 'net for more info before I tried it. Yes, I'm a geek that way. Hey, I figure it's wise to be safe! I didn't find much, but what I did find was very interesting!

Here's the company's description of said Pits:
Prickel-Pit 5 bars The original pieces of fizzy candies!A classic candy among Pit products and at the same time it sets future trends with its handy form.These candies, timeless and up to date will bring lots of fun to many generations. To obtain in a practical cardboard box with 32 packs. Available tastes lemon and multifruit.

I hope you read that very carefully. They are "original pieces of fizzy candies"! Not fake pieces. Oh, and they're pieces of candy. They also set future trends with their handy form. That's pretty impressive, no? Would you like to obtain a practical cardboard box with 32 packs?

All kidding aside, the Prickel Pits weren't too bad. I sampled the lemon flavoured Pits. They reminded me of PEZ. Not bad, since I like PEZ. Well, I don't know if I actually like PEZ, but I like the idea of PEZ. It reminds me of my childhood. I've collected a zillion PEZ dispensers in my lifetime. Among my faves are my Maggie Simpson, Taz, Tweety Bird, and Yoda PEZ dispensers.

Oh Ho!!! I also discovered from perusing that Pit company profile that they are a German company. Oh, and you will never believe this! Remember the Plantafresh breath "freshner" gum I so lovingly spoke of? Well...Guess who makes them?!?! Uh huh! That's right, boy! It's a Pit candy too!

Here's what the Pits have to say about Plantafresh:
Plantafresh Atemfrisch Unique and patented product on the market. Plantafresh removes bad breath permanently on a natural basis. No menthol inside, therefore without disturbing your sensation of flavour. Only enjoy three pastilles and you get an immediate effect.The solution for a fresh breath after consumption of alcohol, tobacco, garlic, onions, etc.Unique breath refreshment product for a great turnover.

Ha! LOVE IT!!! Well, love the description. Not the gum!
Thanks, Jeanna...for the endless entertainment! :)


Jeanna said...

Hey woman, thanks for that! I guess I could have saved you some trouble and looked at my notes from The All Candy Expo, considering I got those things at the same booth.
Good digging.

C said...

I had noooooooooo idea that the Prickel Pits and the Freshner gum were from the same company! I had a good laugh about that when I made the discovery!

I must say that I've thoroughly enjoyed reading all the guests posts on The Dish! Too funny! Oh, and who knew that there were so many crazy candies out there!? The ones that Heidi reviewed were hilarious!

You'll never believe this, but the word ver is: koolpop

hotmommy said...

hah hah hah ! prickel pits do sound like pickel pits! i would expect them to taste like pickels too !

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