Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Our House

There are days when I get frustrated with our old farm house. The floors are awful looking, we have zero storage space, we still haven't gotten all the trim on the windows done, the basement isn't 100% finished...I can go on and on.

Then I think of how fortunate we are to have this house. It's so bright and has lots of natural sunlight. The sunrises and sunsets are phenomenal. We've got a great view from every window in the house. Our house is open concept and has lots of character. We've got a greenhouse that the kitchen overlooks. The greenhouse heats the house during the day (in the winter). We've got a spacious kitchen. It's a cozy, "homey" house. It's misleading when you see it from the outside.

It's a simple house. Nothing fancy, but...

Our house has a lot of memories. It's a place where our family and friends gather for meals, celebrations, birthdays, anniversaries, surprise parties, games nights, play dates, etc. Many of our loved ones flock to our house just to hang out and share a meal, watch a movie or have a coffee or tea (or hot chocolate!).
It's been a place of love and laughter. It's been a place where friends come to for a shoulder to cry on or an ear to hear them out. It's been a place where children laugh and play. It's also Little One's first home (apart from her first two months spent in the NICU at Mt. Sinai and the time we spent at my parents' when our house was getting renovated).
Our house is ALWAYS full of visitors. Many of our friends prefer having gatherings and get-togethers at our house. I love entertaining and Hubby doesn't mind having people over all the time. I also think it's great for Little One to get accustomed to seeing lots of people. She's definitely not a shy kid!

Though I sometimes complain about our house, I wouldn't trade it in for any other.


hotmommy said...

are you kidding? i love your house. i love the open concept. we live in the city and our house always needs something done to. and you know your hosue isn't like mine with my three kids messing it up i've decided that i give up on trying to keep it clean! hahhhhhhhhh

Barbara said...

Your description reminds me of my childhood home. I think my Mom shared many of the feelings you expressed. I think your home sounds perfect.


Jackie said...

love it... and it is easy to take for granted that when we look out, we see not skyscrapers or smog or cars... but fields, water, stars....

Farmer John said...

Any true home is a work in progress. Every year it's getting better and better.

C said...

Awww! Thanks! :) You are too sweet. Funny...I'm with you on the last thing you said! :) LOL!

C said...

Thank you. I guess I need to remember that "a house is just a house and a home is what you make it". Right? :)

C said...

You are so right. When I came home last from rehearsal last night, the sky was filled with millions of stars. So unbelievably gorgeous. This place is a true slice of Heaven. We're lucky to be living here.

C said...

You are so right. Love ya! XO

J at said...

To me, here in the suburbs that have zero character, and many problems of their own, your house sounds AWESOME. I'm glad that you enjoy it for all that it has to offer, in spite of its shortcomings. As the years pass, you can add storage and things like that. :)

C said...

You are so usual! :) xo

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