Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I Don't Know What's Worse

The fact that my daughter is listening to Miley Cyrus and dancing...or the fact that she's wearing stripes and polka dots at the same time!

Ah, well! Though I'm the biggest advocate of not mixing patterns in a single outfit, she's still cute enough to pull it off. For now.

**1. My husband left the Country Music Station on. Gahhhh! Did I mention I'm not the biggest fan of country music? 2. We let Little One choose her outfit just for fun. It's neat to see what kind of designs, patterns, colours, and textiles she's drawn to. 3. I had to stop recording the video because Little One walked right into the corner of our dining table and smacked her head. Poor kid. This walking business is fun stuff!**


caninecologne said...

hi c- ugh! i hate miley cyrus/hannah montana. i predict she will be in rehab and knocked up before she hits 18.

word ver:


Jackie said...

love it! can she be any cuter! her outfit totally rocks!

C said...

HAHA! I know!! Miley/Hannah really annoys me.

C said...

The outfit's not that bad considering a 16 month old picked it out herself. LOL! Did you see her dance moves? LOL!

Sreisaat said...

Hi C!
Love her dance moves and I think her outfit is just perfect. Who says stripes and polka dots don't go well together? hahaha.
Sorry for replying so late but yes, I can help you with your templates if you like.

Dina said...

Chrissy- she is cute! and I actually like Miley- i think she has a great voice!!!
BTW- mixing patterns is very chique now! My little girlie has a very cute strips and polka dot outfit that came together!

C said...

Awww! Thank you!! :)

C said...

Yeah, you're right. Little One has a few outfits that came together with mixed patterns and they look cute. I've just seen a few too many AWFUL mixed patterned outfits. For example, three different types of leopard prints (gold leopard print top, purple leopard print leggings, silver leopard print jacket...and a black and white checkered handbag!!!) YIKES! Mixed pattern overload.

I also saw someone with a really bold colored Hawaiian shirt and plaid pants. Ummm...

As for Miley...there's one song of hers I like. I think it's called "The Climb". I don't think it's her music that I don't particularly care for. There's just something about her than annoys me. Granted, it's probably the whole Hannah Montana thing.

Deb said...

she is so funny! she seems to really like the chorus of that song. her leg kicks up almost every time. lol.

p.s. I love the outfit! It's really cute on her!

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