Monday, March 08, 2010

Conversations With Moms: Part Deux

Conversation between C and Maddy's Mommy en route to Stinkynola for swimming with our toddler girls (who are asleep in their car seats).

Maddy's Mommy: So, Maddy's been sucking her fingers lately. Not sucking her thumb or anything, but sucking her fingers.

Me: Little One's been trying to take off her diaper lately. It's so annoying! She keeps pulling it off and lately, she's been obsessed with touching her hooha! Oh! Maddy's sucking her fingers? Little One's been doing the same thing! Is Maddy teething? Does she have all her teeth already?

MM: Hmm...How many teeth do babies have? How many teeth do we have?

Me: Twenty...something? Oh, wait! That's how many letters there are in the alphabet!

(uproarious laughter ensues)

MM: Hahaha! Twenty! That sounds like an awful lot of teeth to have!

Me: Yeah, I thought it was twenty something though. Their teeth are smaller than ours.

MM: True, but their mouths are also smaller than ours.

Me: True.

MM: Wait. Let me count mine. Two molars on each side. Six, seven, eight...

**Little One will probably have my head on a platter if she happens to read this post when she's a teenager. For the record, Maddy's Mom is pregnant and therefore has a reason for having Mommy Brain. I, on the other hand, have no excuses. Oh, and I Googled "How Many Teeth Do Babies Have?" and came up with an answer of 20 teeth.**


Farmer John said...

I told you that a while back, when you were asking. Twenty teeth.

hotmommy said...

bwawahahahhahahahahahahaaaa! this is so funny1 you crack me up! god- i don't even know how many teeth kids have and i have three kids!

J at said...

I thought it was 32. Is that how many adults have? Funny.

C said...

We had this conversation before? LOL! Oh, my! I don't remember. I must be losing my mind.

C said...

You are too funny!

C said...

You're right. 32 permanent teeth and 20 primary teeth.

C said...

I guess this means that Little One still has 14 teeth to go! I love babies' teeth! They're so cute!!!

t said...

I'm at work. Call me at my work #. Planning our trip out to see you this Summer! Sound good?

mapsgirl said...

Mommy conversations are always funny! We could have the same one 100 times and probably get an different answer each time.

Christine said...

I nominated you for an award...check out my blog for it.

C said...

@ t: I didn't see this until now! I'll call you at work. What time are you there until today?

@ mapsgirl: HA! So true! :) It's funny how we can have the same conversations over and over. Mom conversations are the best!

C said...

Thank you for thinking of me! :) That was a fun award!

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Life on Manitoulin: Just a bunch of ramblings from a city girl gone country!

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