Friday, March 19, 2010

Baby Crack

When Maddy's Mom and I take Maddy and Little One swimming, we always pack lots of snacks for the girls. Maddy's Mom has got to be the most organized Mommy I have ever met. She's like a Girls Scout. She's always ready for whatever calamity, natural disaster, or toddler emergency that may come our way. Seriously. She amazes me.

For those of you who are familiar with this little island we live on, you will know that the closest big town is Stinkynola and it's about an hour and fifteen minutes away from where we live. Hubby and his sisters nicknamed the town Stinkynola because it smells like rotten eggs. Anyway...

Maddy's Mom packed these amazing little yogurt melts for the girls. She's a genius!
You know how I don't like to give Little One "junk"? I make 98% of our food from scratch. She doesn't get to eat many foods with sugar. Most of our food is healthy and homegrown. These yogurt melts are freeze dried yogurt! They melt pretty much as soon as the kids pop them into their mouths, they're super delicious (Maddy's Mommy and I tried them!) AND they don't mess up the van like yogurt does. Our toddler girls can just feed themselves (of course, with our supervision!).

The kicker is that Gerber Yogurt Melts are ONLY AVAILABLE IN THE U.S.A.!!! Bahhhhh!! Of course! Go figure!

Maddy's Mommy had a friend bring back a few packages of yogurt melts for Maddy. Seriously, they're like crack...but for babies! *Please don't take that the wrong way. It's just an expression.* The yogurt melts are so addictive that Little One and Maddy can't get enough! Little One loves food in general and she absolutely LOVES yogurt and cheese. You can only imagine how happy she is when she gets her little hands on those yogurt melts!

Since we can't get them here in Canada (thanks, Gerber!), my wonderful friend (Canine Cologne) sent a whole whack load of yogurt melts over to us! She sent several packages in different flavours (peach, strawberry, and mixed berries). Thank you, Canine!!! You da best!
I've asked her if she could bring more when she and her family come to visit us on the Island in the summer! Until then, I'm rationing them. Anyway, Little One only gets them once in a while as a treat.

Wow. Why does it feel like I've got my own "baby crack" dealer?

Since I'll be away from the blog for a few days, here are some funnies of Little One.

Here's Little One being silly. What a goofy kid! :)

Little One just had to bang on the windows and scream with excitement when she saw the deer in our field!

As soon as she lost interest in Bambi and Bambi's Mom, Little One decided to play her piano and dance up a storm. Fisher Price piano? $0. Endless hours of fun and laughter (plus a few videos of Little One being her silly little self)? Priceless.
The piano was a recent yard sale find. The price tag read $8, but it was given to us for free. Mint condition and batteries included. Sweet!


merinz said...

Ohh the yoghurt melts look so yummy! But how strange that they aren't available in Canada!

Cherry said...

OOhhh.. those do look yummy! like candy! I love yogurt covered things even though they get really too sweet after a few. Mmmm
Sorry they are only available in the US. How weird.

caninecologne said...

hi c - it's me, your "dealer"!!!!

glad you got the "baby crack" safe and sound!

i'm serious - i'm going to buy one of those damn yogurt melt packages for myself and eat it just to see if it's really that good! :)

cute picture of your daughter on the little chair!!!!

word ver:

Karen MEG said...

Ack, she's so adorable, just like a doll.

I'm amazed at all the new products they have for toddlers and kids these days -those yogurt yummies look amazing! Girlie was into those melt in your mouth banana and strawberry snacks, but these ones look like something I would really enjoy too!

I hate when things are only available in the US - I hope they come to Canada soon!

J at said...

Oh, I totally would have given those to Maya when she was little. She ate a LOT of yogurt back in the day.

Dina said...

yogurt melts are available here but they are a different brand- i think maybe PC Organics- but have to double check that one.
I tried them and they were YUMMY!!!

C said...

Strange, isn't it? Are there any neat baby food items that are exclusive to NZ? Please don't say vegemite or marmite for babies! LOL! ;)

C said...

I had a few other moms try it and even a friend who doesn't have kids of her own yet. Everyone said they were so good that they'd buy them for themselves! LOL! Next time any of my friends or family is heading to the States, I'm getting them to bring some back for Little One!

C said...

Yes! LOL! You're my official dealer! Too funny!

Go get some and try it out! LOL! Little One already went through three packages on our 10 hr trip to Kingston! LOL!

C said...

I know! Totally sucks when you can't get certain things that are available in the States. Hubby always says that if we can't get it, we probably don't need it. *sigh*

C said...

I know what you mean! Little One LOVES yogurt too. She'd eat it all day if we let her! That and cheese!! The kid LOVES cheese! At least we're keeping the dairy farmers in business!

C said...

Oh, yeah! I've seen the ones you're talking about. It's not the same thing though. I bought some yogurt treats from the Superstore, thinking it was the same thing, but it was yogurt covered cereal. They're whole wheat and Little One likes them too, but the Gerber yogurt melts are like crack for babies! She and her best friend are addicted! LOL!

louann said...

Oh those treats look yummy!

Little One is not so little anymore!! Cute, cute pictures.

C said...

They're actually really yummy! Hubby and I tried them to see what they taste like. They're GOOD! LOL!

*sigh* I know. She isn't a baby anymore! :(

hotmommy said...

never seen those in any store here. will have to check that out next time we're in the states.

C said...

Yeah, another friend of mine was looking for them after she read this post. She's in Toronto and said she's never seen them before!

When are you going to the States next? LOL!

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