Monday, March 29, 2010

So, I Married a Beef Farmer

Being married to a beef farmer, you'd think I'd have beef on the menu every day, right?


Though we have a huge freezer full of roasts, steaks, hamburger, and other cuts of meat, we don't eat beef as often as one would think beef farmers do. Yes, Hubby is a meat and potatoes kind of guy, but he married someone who isn't so much into meat and carbs. I do make Shepperd's Pie, Spaghetti with meat sauce, roasts, beef and broccoli, and many other beef dishes, but we only eat beef maybe twice a week. We eat fish and chicken, and we also eat dishes that contain no meat at all.

What does a person who was vegetarian for seven years feed her beef farmer husband? Last night, we had this:
Miso soup, couscous, green beans and tofu. I did a stir fry with the green beans, tofu, ginger, garlic, oyster sauce and sesame oil. Little One and I devoured the meal. Hubby enjoyed it...even if his three least favourite foods are green beans, tofu and couscous! HA! I totally forgot! I was just craving this dish!
Layered dip and corn tortillas. I was craving avocado, so I had to make some guacamole. I made this for my friend, Maddy's Mom a few weeks ago and for some reason, that's all I've been wanting to eat! GUACAMOLE!!!

Lunch on the go:
-Cucumber salad
-Whole wheat pasta with diced tomatoes, lentils, chickpeas, spices and fresh herbs
-Fresh fruit (blueberries, strawberries, grapes, cantaloupe, and kiwi)
-Bottle of H20

One of Hubby's and Little One's favourites...So glad Hubby is open-minded when it comes to trying dishes that are new to him. He's no longer just a meat and potatoes or chicken, corn, peas and mashed potatoes guy. Now, he's pretty daring and will try pretty much everything! :)
The kid just loves seaweed!!!So far, there isn't anything Little One doesn't like eating. Oh, she doesn't like the texture of Quinoa.


Jane- Mom Generations said...

You know, C, I want to come visit you someday, not just because you've been such a great blog friend over the years, but because I know I would be eating like a queen!!!! Seriously, you amaze me!!

C said...

Ohhhh! It would be awesome if you and B (and Audrey, your Mom and the rest of the fam) came over for a visit!!! Can you believe we've been blog buddies since 2006? I started blogging in 2006 and you were one of my first blog friends.


Christine said...

I am such a plain eater that I was scared looking at some of those pictures! I must try tofu though...I just don't know how to cook it yet.

Little One amazes me!

Deb said...

love that ya'll are eating sushi and tofu and the beef farm! it's so wonderful that the hubby is so opened minded about his food pallette. works out perfect!

C said...

My hubby used to be a plain eater :) Since he married me he's had a lot of variety with international cuisine though. I find all the flavours, colours, textures keep things exciting. LOL! Plus, there are so many Mediterranean, Mid-Eastern, Asian foods that are super healthy. I'm also trying to get Little One accustomed to eating a variety of foods, so hopefully she won't be a picky eater. Who knows! She may eventually decide that she doesn't like chickpeas or seaweed anymore! LOL!

I also like to travel, so hopefully if Little One travels, she'll be able to appreciate food from different countries :)

C said...

Too funny, eh? :) I'm so glad Hubby is willing to try new things! :)

Christine said...

We will definately want to pick raspberries at your farm this summer. Nothing beats fresh produce from the vine!

C said...

We have sooooooo many raspberries that every year I have friends, family, and students come pick their own! LOL! Even after picking enough to fill our freezer, we STILL have tons!! Your kids will have a blast on the farm too :)

louann said...

Gosh C, I would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to sit in your kitchen all day and gulp down all the wonderful dishes you cook! YUMMY!!!

Very cute little one!

Dina said...

my kids love seaweed too. must be the crunchy salty texture.
i get annoyed by plain/picky eaters and have to remember that hubbys family is like that so i can't make anything too fancy for them! (which is my excuse for not inviting them too dinner more often!)
Gosh- i am trying to remember the last time we saw one another. must do that and have a nice eating fest!!

C said...

I would love, love, love to invite you over for a meal and a good chat! XO

C said...

I know what you mean! :) It *has* been too long since we last saw each other. I really, REALLY miss you and I miss our outings! My fondest Toronto memories are of our dinners in Korea town! LOL! You amazed me with just how much spice you could handle! What was the name of that spicy Korean chicken dish you had?

Yes, I'm glad Hubby is easy when it comes to food. He'll try anything! I love having dinner parties and cooking for people. Luckily our friends like eating! LOL! I know what you mean about picky eaters though...which is why I'm trying to train Little One to try a wide variety of flavours and textures.

We have this one friend who is sooooooooooo picky and will not eat many things. To each his/her own, but it's a little offensive to a host if you play with your food and then leave almost everything on your plate. I'm talking an adult here, and not a kid!

C said...

P.S. I do keep in mind the tastes of my dinner guests though. If Hubby says he's having some of his friends over, I know they're mostly farmers and cook according to their liking (usually meat and potatoes...and a salad of some sort). If we're having some of my friends over, then it's fair game! I can cook whatever I want! Usually that's Thai, Indian, Filipino, Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Vietnamese, Italian, Greek, etc.

J at said...

Red meat is pretty good for you, especially if you're a kid that is growing. Not saying in the least that kids can't grow up vegetarian and be absolutely healthy, but the beef has a lot of iron and amino acids that are perfect for brain growth and development.

That being said, twice a week is plenty, and you sure make some yummy non-beef dishes!

Does your husband like steak? What's your favorite steak? I LOVE rib eye. LOVE.

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