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#FoodieFriday - Manitoulin 'Poke'!

Our friends from California were visiting us the other week and if there's one thing you must know about Canine Cologne and her family, it's that they are foodies!  We took them on a tour of Manitoulin Island, Quebec City, Montreal, and Ottawa, and their trip was pretty much based around the food of all those regions.

They had to try authentic poutine from Quebec (if the cheese doesn't squeak, it ain't real poutine cheese!), real Montreal bagels, Schwartz's smoked meat, Tourtiere (homemade by me), and they also had to try fresh fish caught from our fresh water lakes right here on Manitoulin Island.

My Dad is a seasoned fisherman and is always on the look out for new recipes to try. He catches Rainbow and Lake Trout, Salmon, and whatever is in season.  Fresh fish straight from our fresh water lakes!

Canine Cologne mentioned that one of her foodie friends had this recipe for 'Poke' on his blog.  'Poke' (pron. "pou'kei") is a raw fish salad served as an appetizer in Hawaiian cuisine.  Since we didn't have the exact ingredients required, Grampy made some substitutions! This is something we often have to do on Manitoulin Island, but this results in fusion type edible creations that are even more fabulous because the ingredients are local!

Manitoulin Style 'Poke'

  • Freshly caught Rainbow Trout straight from the fresh water lakes of Manitoulin Island
  • Ginger
  • Garlic
  • Teriyaki sauce (you can use soy sauce, sesame, etc)
  • Sesame seeds (Grampy didn't use any)
  • Green onion (Didn't have any on hand)
  • 'Ogo' (green seaweed salad, which we also didn't have, but Grampy substituted sliced up 'Nori' instead)
mmm-yoso's original poke recipe can be found on his blog.

Check out Canine's highlights from her Canada trip here, here, HERE, here (shout out for my gal, Nugglemama)! Wait, here's the one where my 'death meal' is mentioned! Oh, here's the one from our Nation's capital! All photos below are courtesy of Canine Cologne.
 Montreal style bagels (Kettleman's in Ottawa, ON)
 My 'death meal' (The meal I'd request if I only had one day left to live!) Seafood Pot Pie w/ Salad at Le Petit Cochon Dingue, Quebec City
 Queue de Castor, Ottawa, ON
 Schwartz's Smoked Meat, Montreal, QC
Tourtiere, chez moi!


caninecologne said...

Wow, so nice to see this! I'll be working on the full blown posts over the next YEAR, haha!

We had such a blast with you and your family as well as your supercool friends. :)

Thanks for the shoutout for Kirk's recipe as well. He really got a kick out of the "Manitoulin Style Poke"!

ashley picco said...

I have never heard of that meal before....not a fan of raw fish myself, so I think I will pass on trying it out

Christine said...

:) You know, I was never a fan of anything raw. I like my meat 'dead'. I order steak WELL DONE. I won't touch anything pink, red, or bloody. Sorry to gross anyone out. LOL!

The fish is actually cured with the seasonings. A lot of 'raw' fish isn't really 'raw' because of the curing agents like vinegar, etc...that are put on them. However, I hear you :) It's a really acquired taste. It took me a long time to learn to like it. Not just the taste, but the texture too!

Christine said...

Please tell Kirk I gave him a shout out! We miss you guys already! So weird not having you with us! That was such a fun vacation! xoxo

Aeryn Lynne said...

Oooh, Poke looks yummy! I enjoy raw fish when cured properly, lol. One of my fave salads is Ogo, have yet to try making it at home though!

Paula Schuck said...

Girl: those pictures are making me soooooo hungry. Delicious.
I am not a foodie but I am a cook and a baker and I like to try new foods and recipes.

Mom vs. the boys said...

okay raw fish salad, I simply cannot do! lol but wow some of that other stuff looks amazing, especially your meat pie!

Tammy @ In R Dream said...

We are foodies too! Our trips also are based on FOOD, LOL.

Raw fish salad sounds awesome! I love sushi! OK I love anything FOOD! Great post!

~ The Country Mouse ~ said...

Talk about food porn, Christine! lol! Happy Canada Day, my friend.

The Zoo said...

I feel like I went on the trip with you! Great pictures and tons of new sights (unfortunately no tastes).

What did you end up doing in Ottawa for fun. Besides eat.

When you said that your friend was a "foodie", I had no idea!

Besos, Sarah
Zookeeper at Journeysof TheZoo
journeysofthezoo at hotmail dot com

Christine said...

Aeryn Lynne:
Oh, I'm with you! It has to be done right! The first time I ever had raw fish, it was not a good experience. I was living in Japan and my students (a class of Japanese housewives) took me to a traditional Japanese restaurant and wanted me to try traditional Japanese food. Along came the raw seafood and (Shhh! Don't tell anyone!) let's just say that the waiter cleaning up the table after me would have been upset to find my napkin stuffed with raw seafood! I couldn't stomach the raw octopus or eel and sea urchin! LOL! I don't think I've ever told anyone that story! I was too embarrassed and didn't want to offend anyone.

Christine said...

Next time I'm in the GTA we should try to meet up for a meal! :)

Christine said...

LOL! :) I almost didn't do it, but everyone kept saying how good it was! I thought I'd try just a bit and ended up really loving it!

Anonymous said...

Mmm... bagels! LOL!

Kathleen (aka Callista) said...

I would love to try authentic Quebec Poutine or Montreal bagels but I would pass on the poke sorry, I do not like fish at all let alone raw.

Laura Cyra said...

The Poke actually looks and sounds delicious but I don't know if I could eat it, raw fish...hmmm... Thanks for sharing!

Christine said...

:) We'll have to get together for a meal when we're at SCCTO then!

Christine said...

Country Mouse:
Tee hee! Thanks! :) Your comment made me chuckle! Happy Canada Day long weekend to you and your family as well! xo

Christine said...

The Zoo:
:) We got to spend time with one of my best friends (since we were 17!) when we were in Ottawa. It was great hanging out with her, her husband and their little ones! We had a blast. My friends from California got to visit Parliament Hill, the market, and a few other places of interest. I've been to Ottawa so many times that spending time with one of my closest friends was the highlight of the trip :)

Denise G said...

Love the pictures - I think LOL you have me hungry now. While I am not a fan of raw fishI must admit that the recipe sounds amazing!

KirkK said...

Thanks so much for the mention Christine! The poke looks lovely and from what CC told me tasted fantastic. Love that photo of Schwartz''s on my "have to eat before you die list". Thanks again for the link!

Christine said...

Insane Mamacita:
Mmm...BAGELS! Montreal bagels, toasted with cream cheese, smoked salmon, dill (sometimes capers) is my fave Sunday brunch treat! :)

Yes! Real Quebec poutine and Montreal bagels are a must. True...I know quite a few friends who don't like fish or seafood. I'm not a 'fishy' fish person. I can only eat it if it's filleted and completely de-boned. I don't like strong 'fishy' smells or tastes, so I generally have salmon or something mild. I try to make sure we eat fish at least 2 or 3 times a week for the health benefits. LOL! Hubby isn't a fish person either, but has grown to like it (depending on how it's cooked). :)

Christine said...

You know, I felt the exact same way as you before! I think that if you marinated the fish in the recipe that I included, and cooked it (either on the BBQ, baked, broiled, or pan seared), it would be good too!

:) The sauce is delish! I think it would make a good marinade if you didn't want to eat the fish raw. You could just cook it with the marinade!

Christine said...

I've been checking out your blog since Canine told us about your Poke recipe! Like Canine's blog, yours makes me hungry all the time! I'll be back to visit your blog again :) Thanks for popping by and thanks for the recipe! YUM!

Little Miss Kate said...

ohhh reading this has made me hungry! I want a beaver Tail!

Carol said...

The poke looks so good! I've enjoyed all of CC's pist to Canada. Love your last meal request.

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