Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Manitoulin Spotlight: Gypsy Family Farm

Since we do live on beautiful Manitoulin Island, I thought it would be wonderful to incorporate a bit of the local flavour and share some Island gems with you. Every week, I'll be showcasing a different Island "must see"!

My very first Island spotlight is the amazing Gypsy Family Farm.

If you've ever visited Manitoulin Island and have stopped by the Farmers' Markets, undoubtedly you'll have met Farmer Ted.

He's the guy with copious amounts of fresh local produce, smiling and always ready to offer suggestions and recommendations of what to buy and how to prepare it! I always love bumping into him at Farmers' Markets. Honestly, his produce is beyond compare! I've bought everything from lipstick red peppers to assorted squash from him. You can tell how much hard work and dedication he puts into his farming!

The group description on Gypsy Family Farm's Facebook page reads:
Put a face on your food. Welcome to Gypsy Family Farm where everything has a story. We are located on pristine Manitoulin Island, Canada and are dedicated to food production through ethical farming practices.
What I love about Gypsy Family Farm and Farmer Ted is that they work tirelessly to provide people with real food. Real, fresh, local food! Farmer Ted posts regular photos of what he's growing and he also offers farm shares to Island residents. Farm share members can get a glimpse of what they are about to receive every week.

Gypsy Family Farm also makes jellies and other good things!  Last year, I picked up some of Farmer Ted's Royal Pain jelly! It is perfect served on top of stone-milled crackers with melted Brie! Oh, so good!

Next time you're at the Farmers' Markets on Manitoulin Island, make sure you stop by and say hello to Farmer Ted. Oh, and make sure to pick up some delicious lettuce, peppers, lettuce, and other Gypsy Family Farm items for a mouthwatering salad made with all local produce! Farmer Ted is fabulous at introducing people to new, interesting, and unusual edible masterpieces (like the "lipstick" red pepper I mentioned earlier or the "crayon carrots" he has).

Photo credits: Gypsy Family Farm and Farmer Ted photos via Google Images. Royal Pain image courtesy of yours truly.


Denise G said...

There is nothing like fresh produce!! He certainly has made some interesting names there LOL...

olfa said...

I want those jellies. As Denise said, there is nothing like Fresh Produce. Thanks for sharing

Christine said...

;) You are so right!

Christine said...

Will you be at SCCTO? I can bring you some jelly!

Bonnie Way said...

Sounds like some farms out here on Vancouver Island! Like you say, local is lovely. :)

Monica said...

We go most Saturdays to a local Farmer's market here on the east coast...I love everything about it from the smell of coffee and flowers to the warm bread and local musis for entertainment. You can't beat a local market!

Canadian Dad said...

We've started going to the local Farmers Markets here in Ottawa and it's almost as good for meeting cool people as it is for fresh produce! Awesome Stuff Christine!

Christine said...

Local is lovely! Love that! Oh, Bonnie! I love the West Coast! I spent a summer there when I was in high school. Can't wait to visit again.

Christine said...

Oh, you are so right! You simply cannot beat the local market! :)

Christine said...

Canadian Dad:
That is so true! It's the people that make the experience even better! :)

Buoys Eatery said...

As a restauranteur that supports local producers. Ted being just one of many, Our Garden, Burt Farms, Meeker's Aquaculture and many more.
Its fun cooking what you can find at the market. Ted delivers a farm share every week from May till October. It a surprise every week.
Keep up the hard work everyone.
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