Friday, June 01, 2012

Fifty Shades of Grey is Steamy, Sexy & Sizzlin'! Lots of Fun with #50ShadesPTPA

 It seems like almost everyone is Tweeting about E.L. James' Fifty Shades of Grey! Women everywhere are chatting about this sexy erotic trilogy.

Join in on all the Fifty Shades of PTPA Tweet Chat happening on Twitter on June 21 from 9-10PM EST!  
PTPA Media Inc., Carol Au Courant and many other Social Media lovers will heat up the Twitter feeds with #50ShadesPTPA! It's going to be a spicy, steamy, fun convo, people! Oh! There will also be some great prizes! Sensual prizes!  You won't want to miss out on this Tweet Chat!

Wait! There's more!  Did I forget to tell you that STLTO Wine is one of the amazing sponsors for this event? They're having a special contest for you!  You can win some fabulous STLTO swag just by submitting a photo of your Fifty Shades and a bottle of STLTO Wine!  What fun!!!
Hope to see you all there! #50ShadesPTPA and #50ShadesPTPASTLTO!


caninecologne said...

omg,you and I have to TALK about this when I visit! ha ha!

this was actually a Twilight fanfic that came out a couple of years ago (it was known as "Master of The Universe"). i remember reading it for FREE so it's kinda funny now that it's exploded in book form! The names changed of course, Anastasia was Bella, Christian was Edward, Kate was Rose, blah blah. yeah, reading fanfic (was) my dirty little secret and it's so wierd that all these former fanfics are now out in the open as books (ex: "I Love LA" is now "The Unidentified Redhead","The University of Edward Masen" is now "Gabriel's Inferno", which is a really hot but cerebral fanfic, to name a couple).

Anyhow, can't wait to see you! Only 2 more weeks GF!

Christine said...

HAHA! How did I know YOU would have heard of this!!? Too funny! Too bad you're not on Twitter for the chat PTPA is having! It's gonna be fuuuuun!

Multi-Testing Mommy said...

Thanks for the heads up! I will need a reminder closer to the date! ;)

NPC said...


This made me blush.

LOL, this sounds like a wicked event! Hope I can make it!

Aeryn Lynne said...

OMGosh, this is going to be an interesting chat, LOL! It's SO WEIRD how fanfic is finding its way to mainstream publications.

Brandy @InsaneMamacita said...

Not sure if I will read the books but may join in for the chat!

Christine said...

I'll definitely remind you closer to the date! You won't want to miss this! :)

Christine said...

Hehe! Hope you can make it too!!! It's going to be fun!

Christine said...

Aeryn Lynne:
HAHA! Yes, it IS going to be an interesting chat! LOL! I hope you'll be there!!

I know! I was pretty surprised too!

Christine said...

It would be great if you could make it! I'm sure the chat will be very interesting...and fun!

mamawee said...

I have heard so much buzz about this book - but still haven't gotten around to picking it up

Stephanie said...

How have I not read this book yet? Must buy it next week!

Nicole said...

I started reading the book this week and have hardly been able to put it down. Can't wait for the tweet chat!

Nicole said...

I started reading the book this week and have hardly been able to put it down. Can't wait for the tweet chat!

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