Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Wordless Wednesday: Family

It's been a few weeks since my grandmother passed away.  Looking at photos and videos of my grandparents makes my heart hurt. Some days I'm just so wrapped up in work and family responsibilities that I forget the sadness. That feeling like something is missing always seems to resurface during the more quiet, pensive moments.

I guess this post isn't much of a "Wordless" Wednesday post after all.

Please feel free to link up your fabulous Wordless Wednesday posts!  A photo says a thousand words. It brings us back to special times, evokes memories, and makes us feel.

Looking forward to checking out and commenting on your posts!


Nicole said...

Beautiful pictures! I love looking through old pictures and reminiscing.

Mommy Moment said...

What a wonderful post Christine! I love looking through old photos...so many memories captured!

Thanks for the linky!

kewkew said...

Thanks for sharing your special memories.. Sorry for your loss.

jMo said...

This is so sweet and wonderful how grandma will not be forgotten.
You are a good looking family!

Kathryn Lavallee said...

What a wonderful testament to your grandmother you've created through these posts! I'm sure she's smiling down on you right now. :) Hugs!

Monica said...

You have a beautiful family,I love looking at old photos, they're always so special.

Christine said...

Me too :) Amazing how just looking at photos can really bring you back to a special time in your life. The first photo is actually one of my grandmother, grandfather, my mom and her siblings (her youngest sister wasn't born yet). Old photos are just so special :)

Mommy Moment
Thanks :) I just love old black and white photos! The sepia ones are beautiful too. Thank you for linking up too!

Christine said...

Thank you. I cannot believe it's been three weeks since my grandmother passed away. I'm thinking (if funds permit) that I'll go back to the Philippines for the one year anniversary of my grandma's death.

I look at that photo of my grandparents, my mom and her siblings, and all their personalities really show in the pic! lol

Christine said...

Thank you for that :) Totally made me smile. With things being so busy lately, I haven't had time to think about things much. Every now and then when I have "free time" (Ha!) I think about how much I miss my grandmother and grandfather and it makes me so sad.

So true :) I always loved looking at my grandmother's old photos and listening to her stories of life in the Philippines. I love the tangible, tactile aspect of old photographs. Now, we take so many photos (hundreds and thousands!) and they're left on the memory stick or on the computer. It's just not the same.

Mom vs. the boys said...

what a gorgeous bride!

Tarasview said...

I still love looking at my grandma's old photos and stuff and she passed away 15 years ago :)

Lovely photos xox

MBA Mama said...

Precious memories to hold onto and remember your grandma by :)

Laura said...

Wow! Great quality on the shots, love it!

Christine said...

She was, wasn't she? :) My grandma used to always dress to perfection. Her hair was always done nicely, she always had crisp clothing with no wrinkles in the material, she always wore high heels, and she always had red lipstick. I think about that and how I sometimes don't even have time to brush my hair and end up putting it in a ponytail! Manicure and pedicure? No time! LOL!

I miss her so much.

Christine said...

You know, the first few weeks were so hard. I catch myself having moments of tears, but not as much now. I know she's in a better place, free from pain and suffering. She was really suffering near the end. It's just crazy to think I won't ever be able to hold her hand, give her a hug, talk to her...

Anonymous said...

great memories

princess vadar

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