Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Hey Canada!

Going on a cross-country road trip has been a dream of mine ever since I was a kid.  I think I was in grade 4 when I told myself that I needed to see all of Canada before I die.  Yes, I thought about things like that in grade 4!  I wanted to rent a Winnebago and travel coast to coast, take in the sights, and learn all about this great country of ours.

Thirty-something years later and that dream still holds true. I've travelled around the world, visited over eleven countries, twenty-something U.S. states, and only four Canadian provinces. I am sad to say I've seen more of Asia, Indonesia, and the Caribbean than I have my own country.

The dream is still there and I will one day go coast to coast with my daughter. I'd like to teach her about Canada and all its amazing wonders.

In the meantime, I live vicariously through Gran, Alice, and Cal.


Join Gran, nine year-old Alice and eight year-old Cal as they embark on a magnificent road trip across Canada. Their journey is not told in traditional prose, but rather in a melange of poems, funny songs, and other fun and engaging ways.  They even tell their stories in tweets and blogs! It's a really interesting way to captivate their audience and make readers feel like they're going on a cross-Canada road trip with them.

The three voyageurs share their experiences through story, poems, comics, photos, and talk about historical facts and interesting tid bits about Canada. One really understands how vast, varied and surprising Canada really is. Canada truly is a multi-faceted country with so many hidden gems!

My child is only three years old, but she loves Hey Canada!  In fact, she loves having me read it to her and often repeats to others all the interesting Canadian factoids she's absorbed. As a teacher of ESL (English as a Second Language), I believe this is a fabulous resource for students studying English in Canada. This is a fun and light way of incorporating history, geography, and facts about Canada into a learning experience. It's a great tool for ESL teachers.

I'm taking part of an exciting blog tour. The Hey Canada! Blog Tour is from June 25-29, 2012. Make sure to check out the blogs participating in this virtual blog tour! It's going to be a lot of fun!

More information about Hey Canada!

Written by Vivien Bowers
Illustrated by Milan Pavlovic

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction - People & Places -CanadaJuvenile Nonfiction - History - Canada;Juvenile Nonfiction - People & Places
Imprint: Tundra Books
Format: Hardcover
Pub Date: May 2012
Age: 7-10 years
Trim Size: 8 x 11
# of Pages: 72 pages
ISBN: 978-1-77049-255-4 (1-77049-255-0)

CDN Price: $21.99 / US Price: $19.95


Mom vs. the boys said...

a coast to coast trip has always been my dream too, I have seen most of Eastern Canada but sadly nothing out west!

Christine said...

One of these days :) We just did a Quebec and Ontario road trip. 5 days of whirlwind visiting, sightseeing...and mostly driving! Canada is HUGE and we only did 2 provinces! lol

Just Us Girls said...

This was such a great book to read, my kids and I enjoyed it so much. So much info in it, perfect for everyone and any age! :)

Tammy @ In R Dream said...

We are part of this HOP! What a great book! YAY!

Multi-Testing Mommy said...

I'll join you on your cross Canada adventure - we'd have a blast ;)

Christine said...

I agree! Totally perfect for all ages! Love the characters, info, tidbits, art work, history, etc! FAB book!

Christine said...

So exciting! I'm off to check out everyone's posts now!

Christine said...

Oh, that would be GREAT! Would love that, my friend!!!

Denise G said...

I read this book as well! Fabulous!!

Ashley said...

Saw this reviewed on another site as well today - now I really, REALLY am going to have to get my hands on a copy!

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