Thursday, June 07, 2012

Yes, I'm "That" Mom!

It's not that Little One is a picky eater (because most of you already know that she's anything but!), but more of an "I want to have fun with my kid" kind of thing that causes me to do things like this...

People often ask, "You don't do that all the time, do you?", "It must be nice to have all that free time to do things like that." or "That's insane. I'm too busy to do that for my kids."  It's true! I'm totally with you on that. As moms, we are so busy! We have work, house, kids, stress, lack of time, next to no down time...I get it. In all honesty though, it doesn't really take too long to cut up fruits and veggies for your children so they can "Eat a Rainbow" every day.

No, I don't do this for Little One every day, but I try to make sure she does eat a rainbow at every meal. Lots of colourful veggies and fruit are necessary in a healthy diet. I don't want her to be the kind of kid who eats nothing but carbs. This is just a fun way of adding colour and variety into her meals. 

Oh, and it's not like I've got nothing to do all day either. I teach and work from the home, help run our farm, take care of everything household related, and raise our daughter. Honestly, cutting up a few fruits and veggies does not suck up that much time :) I cut up veggies and fruits for all our meals anyway, so a few dinosaur or heart shaped pieces of watermelon cut with a cookie cutter is really no big deal.
You can buy Fred's Food Face plates at  Check out JetBaby for cool stuff for little kids!

Do you do fun foodie things like this with your kids? What are some fun ways you introduce new kinds of food to your children?


caninecologne said...

Cool plate! I've seen the man version too. I wish they had those when TC was a baby. Do they make those plates for adults? Ha ha... said...

I love the plate and all that you have done with the food. I was just thinking about how unhealthy my family was yesterday (we had pizza for lunch and pizza for dinner - two separate play dates, long story). This is a great idea!

Just Us Girls said...

That plate is awesome! And I couldn't agree with you more, as a work at home mom, it doesn't take that long to make food fun for your little ones. I did it and still do it all the time with my kiddos, not everyday, but I do it a few times a week. Why not? It makes you happy and your little one happy.

I love the rainbow idea, I've done it on fruit kabobs for the kids before and they loved them, I'll have to figure out more ideas to do it. Awesome post girly!

Wendy S said...

How fun!!

And those plates force you to mix up the foods and make the touch, which a lot of kids have issues with)!

Great job!!

Brandy @insanemamacita said...

Those plates are cute! And good for you for encouraging her to Eat A Rainbow! Love my kit!

Stacey said...

Love those plates and love the rainbow at every meal idea; we aim for that too. :)

Ashley said...

Love the plates and we live by the same principle. It's not that we're coercing our girls to eat, it's that we're making something that can feel boring - fun! We believe in healthy eating and variety, and cookie cutters make those things easy!

Ourfamilyworld said...

A very cool plate. I love it!! I wish I could buy extra time to spend with the kids and do all these cool things

Christine said...

I know! I'm thinking of getting one for ME! Remember my friends Stephen and Elisabeth? They were the ones who gave Little One that super cute plate. I find they're the perfect size for portion control! LOL!

Christine said...

HI!!! Thank you soooooooo much for popping by and commenting! I luuuuuv chatting with you on Twitter! If I left it to my hubs to do meals, we'd likely have pizza morning, noon, and night. :)

Christine said...

So true! I hadn't thought of that!!

Christine said...

I love the Rainbow kit! I want to get some for my friends' kids but don't know if that would be taken the wrong way. Don't want to insult anyone. I just think it's a fabulous tool!

Did you know Canada said...

So fun, come do this at my house!! :)

Canadian Dad said...

I'm sure you don't need me to do the you're awesome thing anymore because you know I think that. Instead I'd like to say that I love that plate! I would spend way more time in the kitchen if I could make food faces!!!!

Denise G said...

What a great concept. What child doesn't love to play with their food.

jMo said...

You think if I did that for my parents they'd start eating right?

The Mommist said...

Too cute! Food plating extraordinaire! Love the plate. I wanna get one for myself. The things you do for unconditional love. :)

Cherry said...

While I had an infant who ate everything, I now have a toddler who is more interested in being in control and some meals she eats very little.

So yesterday I got her involved in her lunch and she spread the PB on the bread and used your tip and pulled out the cookie cutters to let her pick shapes to cut them into. She still only ate half but it was something! She was way more interested in her cucumber and raspberries.

Thanks for the reminder that it doesn't take that much more time/effort!

Anonymous said...

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