Thursday, February 28, 2013

Passport to Explore ~ National Geographic Contest

National Geographic has been a household name in our family for as long as I can remember. We traveled a lot with our family as children, visiting our father's home country of Trinidad and Tobago, driving all over the United States and some parts of Canada.  

When I got older, I traveled to Barbados on my own for the very first time! I met up with my friend and stayed at her mother's house. I think I was 16 or 17 when I took my first plane trip on my own! It opened my eyes to the amazing world around me. I was bitten by the travel bug!

I wanted to see and experience the world and visited Bali, Singapore, Japan, the Philippines, the Dominican Republic, and many other exciting countries!

As a child, I remember pouring over the collection of National Geographic magazines in her basement and wanting to visit ALL of those countries in the magazines! My aunt and uncle worked for Air Canada, so traveling to pretty much all of the countries and continents were second nature to them. I had dreams of visiting Machu Picchu and Stonehenge, and exploring everything from the coral reef and the rain forests.

Now that I have a daughter of my own, I'm glad that she enjoys her subscription to National Geographic Kids! Our 4 year old is really into her NG Little Kids Magazines (Ages 3-6).

National Geographic has a fun contest on right now


You and a guest could be off for a 7-day adventure to the North American destination of your choice. Simply visit a participating National Geographic and National Geographic Explorer luggage retailer to identify the mystery animal and fill out the form below for your chance to win.

About National Geographic luggage
As experts in travel, adventure, and exploration, National Geographic has launched its luggage collection. National Geographic brand is synonymous with exploration, adventure and high quality.

Did you know that National Geographic’s net proceeds support vital exploration, conservation, research and education programs?

The product line covers a wide range of use, including:

  • Leisure travel – lightweight with wide range of models for vacation travel
  • Adventure travel – rugged and functional for adventure travelling
  • Business travel – lightweight and stylish for travel to meeting with business cases and computer to tablet cases.

Contest entrants may earn ballots 3 different ways:
 How to enter

  • Visit a National Geographic Explorer luggage retailer and identify the mystery animal; enter the animal in the contest form. 
  • By entering a blogger code: This blog's code is 540
  • By sharing the contest
  • Enter here:
The Grand Prize – A 7-day adventure for 2 to a North American Destination of the winner’s choice (anywhere Air Canada flies, with accommodations at Loews Hotels).
Contest closes March 31st, 2013

Disclosure - I received compensation for this post, however all the thoughts and opinions expressed on this blog are honest and my own..


Elizabeth FrugalMomEh said...

What an awesome giveaway! My grandfather used to have a subscription to National Georgraphic and I loved looking through them all the time. Such an interesting magazine!

Christine McN said...

I love how my 4 year old is all about National Geographic magazines! She loves that kind of stuff. In fact, one of her favourite shows on TV is Kratts Creatures because it reminds her of NatGeo! LOL! What a kid!

Kathryn Lavallee said...

Isn't this such a fun contest? I think I'd head to the BC hot springs for a luxurious spa vacation!

Christine McN said...

OHHH! That sounds awesome! I used to go to the hot springs in Japan! So fun! Would love to go to BC for a hot spring vacation! Let's go together! LOL! Get all our fave bloggy buddies!

Jennifer Van Huss said...

Awesome giveaway! My Dream is to take the kids to SWITZERLAND. I've been there once and it was soooo beautiful!

Kathleen Garber said...

Wow you went to Barbados by yourself? I've never gone more than 8 hours away from my home, never outside Canada or the US. I certainly would love to though!

Christine McN said...

Ohhhh!!! That would be AMAZING! Friends of ours just got back from a 6 week trip to Switzerland with their 4 year old! Our friend is Swiss and his wife is Canadian. It was such a great experience for their 4 year old! She speaks Swiss German and English, so she was in her element!

Christine McN said...

Barbados by myself at 16, but my friend and her mom met me at the airport! I went to Japan by myself when I was 23 and worked there until I was 25. THAT was crazy, now that I think of it! It's the other side of the globe, and I didn't know anyone and couldn't speak the language! LOL! I must have been really brave or really crazy! :)

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