Thursday, November 09, 2006

Asian eyes

I have a love-hate relationship with my...eyes! Friends always tell me how lucky I am to have "Asian" eyes and that they're "exotic" and "pretty", but to be honest, having Asian eyes is a pain in the butt! I don't go to beauty salons when I have to get made-up for weddings or other important functions, because the few times that I've been to salons for a make-up session, that I've been they don't seem to know how to play up on this particular feature. (and I'm talkin' salons in the city, not on the Island) Luckily, for my wedding, I had my talented and gorgeous little cousin, JEY do my make-up. Jey told me to use three shades of neutral, earthy tones. A light shade like cream, a slightly darker shade and a brownish shade.
*Start by applying the base, and then the lighter, shimmery shade just beneath the brow, but cover the entire eye-lid area. Hard to describe, because many Asian girls don't have that crease or fold that shows so much.
*Apply the second shade, making sure the shade closest to the eyelashes is the darkest shade.
*with the darkest shade, start on the outside corner of the eye, and with short strokes, make a side-ways V formation going inwards. It emphasises the eyes and makes them look bigger.
*a dark brown eyeliner also adds definition. Make sure to stay close to the line where the eyelashes are.
*finish with a good mascara
THANK YOU, JEY!!! (Isn't this girl gorgeous??? Check out her site!)

Other tips for Asian women:
Eyeliner: Asian eyes need definition. Use your eyeliner to extend your eye by drawing it out past the outer eye corner in a "cat eye" look. If you have very small eyes, line only the top. If you have large eyes, you can line both the top and the bottom. Try smudging the eyeliner and you might be surprised how great it looks on you. Good colors to use are charcoal, gray and purples, turquoise and pastel colors.
Eyeshadow: This is the second most important of Asian makeup tips. Asian women look great in smokey color eyeshadows. What color and how you apply it depend on the amount of fold you have above the eyelid.
Fold: You can use more dramatic colors like dark purples/violets, dark turquoise and navy blue. Always be sure to wear a highlighter under your brow bone, and blend these colors up into the highlighter.
No Fold: If you have a small amount or no fold, you may not even want to mess with eyeshadow. Applying too much or the wrong color can make your naturally pretty eyes look hideous. However, if you do want to apply eyeshadow stick to sheer, neutral colors. Use light pinks, light browns or neutral tans, browns and gray. Always be sure to use eyliner.


t said...

You've got very pretty eyes, Chris!

Anonymous said...

Great, thanx! I found your blog by random and think its got lots of neat stuff. I have Asian eyes too and also find it hard to do my eye make-up. Thanx for the tips!

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