Tuesday, November 21, 2006

When a Stranger Calls

I don't know about you, but I'm the biggest chicken when it comes to being alone at night. I've always been this way. I try to muster up my courage, but my imagination always gets the better of me. Every little sound just gives me the goosebumps! (Why do you think I own a dog? lol)

Many of us have heard those urban legends about serial killers scaring unsuspecting babysitters at night. I used to babysit when I was a teenager, and these stories just sent my imagination into overdrive!

The movie When A Stranger Calls (2006) is the adaptation of the classic tale. Imagine getting settled in your routine babysitting job and as soon as the kids are in bed, you get some unsettling phone calls from some stranger telling you to "check the children"??? What's even worse is that the phone calls are traced and they're coming from inside the house!!!

Yeah, I admit it, I'm chicken. This stuff is just too creepy for me! lol


Anonymous said...

And to think living a big city would be easier on singles. But noooooooooooooooooo. When I was living in downtown Toronto in a professionally managed rental apartment, I give my management notice that I'm moving out. They said they'll sending rental agents to my apartment to show it to prospective tenants. On a saturday, I was gone teaching. I come home, and all my money hidden in my dresser was gone. No force entry. I called the cops and I made a complaint to the tribunal, the case went to court. The judge still said they can't make a call on theft because I COULDN'T PROVE IT.

What a f**king nightmare that was.

Stephen said...

This is my favorite babysitter all alone in the house urban legend:

a gal pal said...

hey curiosity,
i know what you mean- my mom's old super had a reputation for stealing jewellery from apartments...one time my mom's rings were gone and we saw him driving a brand new car the next day- again NOTHING we could do about it!

Chrissy121875 said...

OMG! Curiosity, that is toooo creepy...AND wrong! I lived in an apt in Scraborough and the landlord would just come and go whenever she pleased. It really creeps me out knowing that someone's been in the place where I live while I was out. That's just not right. I complained too, and again, there wasn't anything I could do because there was no way I could prove it. Just because a person owns the apartment you live in or manages it, doesn't give them the right to go in whenever they please. Like once, I was sick in bed and the landlord came in!!! Imagine if I were in the shower or even worse, "busy"!?!?! Not cool at all!

Stephen, I'll check out the link now. I don't know what's wrong with me. I used to be able to sit in front of the TV at midnight, all alone, watching Nightmare on Elm Street or the Twilight Zone and the Friday the 13th series when I was a kid. Now, I'm abolutely chicken!!!! What happened? I got older, and now I'm no longer fearless! lol

Hi gal pal!! Thanks for popping by my blog :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Chrissy,

Yeah, and I held a content sale in my apartment and made a deal with the superintendent to sell my computer. 2 days later, he walked into my apartment while I was sleeping!!! WTF?!!?!?!

I jumped out of my bed and slammed the door in his face SCREAMING that I'll call the cops. The manager called me later to apologize and tried to "negotiate" with me to forgive and forget. I said I "find this unsatisfactory, and I would like to have a police report on this incident." Police came and went saying it's a tribunal matter. Needless to say, the manager didn't bother me again.

Anonymous said...

Nice to meet you, A gal pal.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, when I was going to move out of the apartment, the landlord needed to show the apartment to prospective renters, but the landlord would never tell me when a viewing would be, and I'd be in my apartment, just out of the shower or something and there would be people walking around the apartment and checking out my room and stuff. Needless to say, I was PISSED OFF. I wasn't a very pleasant person to deal with because I had discussed this with the landlord countless times. Isn't there a rule or something that they need to give notice??? They surely can't just walk in whenever they please, right?

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