Sunday, November 05, 2006

More fun stuff

First name? Christine

Were you named after anyone? This is going to sound silly, but I was supposed to be named "Christian" if I was a boy (for "Christ") but I turned out to be a girl. If I were born on Christmas, my parents joked that I'd be named "Christmas". My maiden name, or its Chinese character translates to "Tree" in English. Imagine being named Christmas Tree??? OMG.

When did you last cry? The other day when I heard a song on the radio that just moved me so much. I think it was Edwin McCain's "I'll Be"

Do you like your handwriting? Most days I really like my handwriting.

What is your favorite lunchmeat? I don't eat lunch meat

If you were another person, would you be friends with you? I think I would be friends with me. I know I have some bad qualities, but I think the good ones are more than the bad.

Do you have a journal? I sometimes keep a journal. I used to keep one and write in it all the time, but since Jill introduced me to blogging, I haven't kept a journal much.

Do you still have your tonsils? Yes.

Would you bungee jump? I tried once, but when I got all hooked up and ready to go, I looked down and changed my mind LOL. I crawled down and when I got unhooked, I received a "chicken" card. Ah well!

What is your favorite cereal? Hot oatmeal with sultana raisins, a bit of flax seed oil and just a touch of brown sugar.

Do you untie your shoes when you take them off? Sometimes, but most of the time I'm too lazy and just slip them on.

Do you think you’re strong? Physically, I am now. I help my hubby around the farm and with our firewood business. I have to lift 60 lbs of body wood for customers sometimes. Emotionally, no. I'm weak emotionally and I know it.

What is your favorite ice cream flavor? sometimes chocolate and sometimes strawberry. Boring, eh?

Shoe size? depends on the shoe, but usually either a 5 or a 6 (I know, I have tiny feet)

Red or pink? I used to not like red and pink, but now I kind of like both.

What is your least favorite thing about yourself? I sometimes don't think before I talk.

Who do you miss the most? My maternal grandfather. He passed away when I was teaching in Japan and I wasn't allowed to leave my job because I had just started it. He was a very important person in my life. I also miss my paternal grandfather, but he died when I was 4, so I don't really remember too much of him.

What color pants, shirt and shoes are you wearing? LOL. Cream colored tank top and white lacey boy short-type undies. Yep, I know, it's 9AM and I'm still in my sleepwear! It's Sunday...I'm allowed to lounge around for a bit, aren't I? :)

Do you want everyone to send this back to you? Yes

Last thing you ate? oatmeal and a bowl of fruit (cantaloupe, strawberries, and red and green grapes).

What are you listening to right now? Our kittens going nuts-o. They're chasing each other around the house, jumping over furniture and trying to climb the walls (seriously-there's one hanging on the curtains right now)!

If you were a crayon, what color would you be? Blue. Indigo blue. So calming and peaceful.

Favorite smell? Freshly baked bread...right out of the oven!

Who was the last person you talked to on the phone? My mom.

The first thing you notice about people you are attracted to? Weird, but I notice eyebrows first! Then eyes, followed by lips.

Do you like the person you stole this from? Well, of course I do. Would I read her blog if I didn't? (I even copied her answer here!)

Favorite drink? Vanilla flavored soy milk.

Favorite sport? To watch: hockey (duh, I'm Canadian, eh) but I only like to watch if the Habs are playing. I'm a Montreal girl. I also like watching women's figure skating and men's beach volleyball (hot, sweaty, topless men on the beach...c'mon, who wouldn't wanna see that?) To play: tennis, squash, raquetball, softball...

Eye color? brown

Hat size? No idea!

Do you wear contacts? I'd love to, but I'm scared of putting stuff near my eyeballs! It freaks me out! You know how long it took me to be able to put on mascara???

Favorite food? hmm...chicken parmesan or lasagna are my comfort foods. I also like anything Indian, Japanese, Greek, Thai, or Caribbean. LOL

Scary movies or happy endings? Happy.

Summer or winter? BOTH!

Hugs or kisses? both

Favorite dessert? Tiramisu, but I haven't had it in YEARS!!!

Who is most likely to respond? Ms. Mamma or Curiosity Killer if they have time.

Least likely to respond? Stephen and Elisabeth, because I don't think they like doing these things :)

What books are you reading? a bunch of books on the Amish. Oh, and a bunch of books about the zoo, since 'going to the zoo' was our theme for the kids' story time at the library.

What’s on your mouse pad? no mouse pad. I have one of those 'no need for a mouse pad' mouse thingy. It's cool.

What did you watch last night on TV? Sadly, I was exhausted and crashed right after supper. The very last thing I saw on TV was Grey's Anatomy on Thursday night though.

Favorite sounds? My puppy sleeping. My dog sort of snores a bit. It's so cute.

Rolling Stones or Beatles? Beatles

The furthest you’ve been from home? Japan, the Philippines, Bali, Singapore...

What is your special talent? I'm very creative, artistic, oh and I can speak 4 languages.

Where were you born? Toronto...well, actually Scarborough.

Who sent this to you? both Jill and Dina surprisingly said I'd be the first to respond to this. How right were they!?! LOL *sigh* Am I that predictable???


ahappilymarriedmommy said...

RLMFAO! Chris you are too funny. Youe answers are so cute. Have a great week. Have youplanted those bulbs for next Spring yet? Which ones did you get?

curiositykiller said...

Thanks for thinking of me, Chrissy!

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