Monday, November 13, 2006

some of my favourites...

Just thought I'd share :) There's something so special about these paintings.

The Accolade by Edmund Blair Leighton

Lady of Shalot by John William Waterhouse


Anonymous said...

Hi Chrissy! Please do listen to Loreena McKennitt's "The Visit". She depicted "Lady of Shalot" so perfectly, the hair on my arm stood up the first time I heard it.

Chrissy121875 said...

Hey Curiosity!! I have the CD! My univ prof played it in our Victorian Lit class and I fell in love with the song. We were asked to compare it with the poem, and yes, it made the hair on my arm stand up too! Amazingly beautiful and just so sad!

Stephen said...

I've seen Lady of Shalot live & in person hanging in the Tate Britain. It's a painting that I really don't want to like but when you see it all big and right there, I've got to admit that it's rather beautiful.

Chrissy121875 said...

:) Lucky you, Stephen! I've got a print of the Lady of Shalot and all I can say is that it probably doesn't do the original any justice! I can't even describe the feelings the painting envokes. Couple the painting with the poem and the song from Loreena McKennitt, and you've got a very weepy me! LOL I know.....I'm weird.

Dylon said...

You just have to love pre-raphaelite art! "The Accolade" is one of my absolute favourites and not just because of the beautifully rendered chainmail!

I have only had the opportunity to see one pre-raphaelite piece in person, a fear years ago at the Art Gallery of Ontario. I think it was “I am Half-Sick of Shadows - said the Lady of Shalott “, which is ironic, as a print of that very piece had been given to me years early by one of my first loves as a token of affection.

This is actually the art style that I used to inspire the website renovation I am currently working on; it just so exemplifies the romantic notion of the medieval period.

Loreena McKennitt is surely a national treasure! I love almost all her songs, but the ones focused on famous stories and poems are the best, like the "Lady of Shallot", "The Highwayman" and, of course, "Dante's Prayer" has to be one of the finest "road tripping to the ocean" songs ever!

Chrissy121875 said...

OMG! Dylon, I was going to say that "I am Half-Sick of Shadows - said the Lady of Shalott" is one of my faves and I have a print of it. What gorgeous work and attention to detail. Yes, the Pre-Raphaelite Period has always been one of my faves. There's something so very special about the art that came out of that period.

PS.I was going to e-mail you about the detail in the chainmail in The Accolade. I somehow had a feeling you'd appreciate that piece :)

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Life on Manitoulin: Just a bunch of ramblings from a city girl gone country!

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