Tuesday, November 14, 2006

A Hidden Gem...

A few years ago, my friend Tarah and I had the opportunity to see the film Lunch With Charles. I hadn't heard about the film before, since there wasn't much publicity or hype for it. Thankful that this was not a high end, mega-buck Hollywood production, I sunk into the chair of a not so packed movie theatre, and enjoyed the film. We saw it at the Carlton in Toronto, where at the time, we were able to view movies for less than 5 bucks and hardly anyone ever went there because the movies were either ones which had been out in theatres for a few months already or small, low-budget, independent films...like Lunch with Charles. Like Tarah and myself, most people who go to the Carlton are attracted to independent movies and ones which take the path less taken. Don't get me wrong, as I sometimes do enjoy some of the bigger name movies! Boy, was I ever happy that Tarah discovered this film! The cinematography was pretty good, the plot was appealing, and what surprised me most was that Bif Naked was one of the main actors in the film and she did an amazing job in her role as Natasha! I just love a good 'ol Canadian (okay, it's Canadian/Hong Kong) film. The film had all the elements of suspense, adventure, love, excitement, drama...and it's just worth checking out. It's refreshing and just a neat look at the complexity of love and relationships.

Here's a review from The New York Times:

2001-Canada/Hong Kong-Psychological Drama/Marriage Drama
PLOT DESCRIPTION Tong (Sean Lau) is a struggling Hong Kong musician who half-heartedly sells real estate in his spare time. Tong is married, but for the past three years, his wife, April (Theresa Lee), has been living in Canada, where she works as a publicist for a music management firm in Vancouver and waits for her husband to work up the ambition to join her. While April has been faithful to Tong, he's certain temptation lurks around every corner, and in time he finally decides to bite the bullet and head to Vancouver. However, Tong's timing turns out to be a bit off; April and her assistant (Francoise Yip) are working with the owner of an Irish brewery (Tom Scholte) to sign an up-and-coming Celtic rock band to an endorsement and sponsorship deal, and April has headed out on the road to track down the band. Tong loses April's trail while trying to catch up with her, and ends up spending the night at a bed and breakfast operated by a married couple, Matthew (Nicholas Lea) and Natasha (
Bif Naked). When Tong tries to explain his dilemma to his hosts, he discovers that Natasha used to be the lead singer of the rock band April is trying to flag down; as fate would have it, the group's manager soon calls with a firm offer to rejoin the band, and soon all parties are headed for Alberta, where everyone is to take a meeting with a wheeler and dealer named Charles. However, as Tong and Natasha make the long drive to Lake Louise together, he finds his fidelity to April challenged for the first time. Lunch With Charles was the first feature film co-produced by firms from Canada and Hong Kong; it also marked the dramatic debut of pop singer Bif Naked. ~ Mark Deming, All Movie Guide


ahappilymarriedmommy said...

okay girl. I will go check out the movie. It sounds good. Though I'm a Cannuck too, I have no idea who Bif Naked is. I thought she was a singer?

Anonymous said...

girl, you've got very cool taste in art and movies. I saw that movie a few years back and enjoyed it very much. I'll keep checking out yoru blog!

BionicBuddha said...

I am interested in Indy films, and am Canadian, as well. I even know who Bif Naked is ;). Well thanks for sharing your blogsite it was quite interesting and I enjoyed the pictures and your commentary!

P.S. small world, lol. I actually have travelled past Manitoulin Island a few times as my parents have owned a cottage in the Bruce Penninsula for decades.


Chrissy121875 said...

OMG! No way! Thanks for stoppig by my blog, BionicBuddha! I'm just on my way to check yours out now.

PS. Soooo cool that you know where Manitoulin Island is! LOL Many of my friends thought I was moving to Vancouver (had no idea where the Island was)!!

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