Saturday, May 03, 2008

I'm a Creep

Karen, I know you'll appreciate this one. Remember my habit of occasionally misunderstanding lyrics for certain songs? You know..."You make me feel like a man should a woman" and "I'm your (insert name of male anatomy that rhymes with 'Venus' here), I'm your fire, your desire". Okay, so I'm a bit off sometimes. Anyway, I love Radiohead but always thought that the lyrics were: "I'm a freak" and not "creep".

I've been feeling like a freak/creep lately. Ever since I broke that blood vessel in my eye from coughing (I mean, who does that?!?!) I have been feeling very, very self-conscious. My eye is hideous and I'm bummed that it will take weeks to look normal again. I should have known. I'm the type of person who falls into holes in the middle of downtown Toronto traffic while walking on the sidewalk. There can be absolutely no potholes around, but I'll find one...and fall in it. I'm the person who trips and sprains her ankle while walking on completely flat surfaces. I'm the person who falls down the stairs at college right before a big Archaeology exam, lands head first on a concrete floor, smacks her head so hard she can hear ringing and see white stars flashing, gets an egg shaped bump on her head (sort of resembling Worf from Star Trek: The Next Generation), and manages to still write the exam and then go to the hospital. I ended up with an 84% on the exam. Not bad for someone who nearly knocked her brains out of her skull.

The point of this long post is that I am indeed accident prone. I feel like a freak with this bloody eye. I wish the broken blood vessels would clear soon. I'm miserable. I hate the way I feel when I talk to people right now because even if they aren't looking at my eye, I feel like they are.

I do realize that I may be acting a little bit melodramatic. I don't complain all the time often a lot much, so allow me to indulge in a little pity party once in a while. If you had an eye like this, wouldn't you feel miffed?

But I'm a creep,
I'm a weirdo
What the hell am I doin' here?
I don't belong here
I don't belong here...

*I don't mean "I" don't belong here. I mean that ugly broken blood vessel doesn't belong there. My lovely friend, Super Girl was having supper with us the other night and she assured me that my eye wasn't really that bad. She said it even looked 'neat'. Hahahahaha!!! Thanks, Super Girl. I love you...even if you are totally lying to me :)


Karen MEG said...

C, that is absolutely hilarious ... BTW, I am a huge Radiohead fan and CANNOT believe you messed that lyric up LOL!!!!

Have I told you how cute you are, red-eye and all? And we're obviously kindred spirits, because I am also a klutz of the highest magnitude. Yes, I will trip on flat sidewalks while wearing flats!!! So you my girlfriend, are so not a freak/ or a creep!!!

hotmommy said...

oh chris- it doesn't look that bad, it kind of looks like pink eye a little. hope your eye gets better soon , don't worry to much about it.

louann said...

Oh C, it's OK. Some women get that after giving birth.

C said...

I LOVE Radiohead! I have no idea why I kept insisting that it was "freak" though! LOL!!! are so sweet, Karen! I'm so glad that you're as klutzy as me! :) That should make for some interesting shopping excursions next time I'm in town to visit you, D, D and J! LOL!

Hot Mommy:
Thanks! You are too kind! It looks MUCH worse than pink eye though! Hubby says it's getting better. I don't know if he's being nice, because I don't notice any difference! LOL!

Wow! I didn't know that could happen! Another person who commented on my original red eye story told me the same!
How are you doing, Louann? Hope all is well :) XO

Shannon said...

So sorry about your eye! I hope it doesn't hurt-Yow!
Today I managed to empty the dishwasher breaking only one glass! (why do they have to put those cupboards so dang high??) I always tell my Mom she should have named me Grace so I would have some- even if in name only ;o)
I don't think you're close to a freak or a creep, just real like the rest of us...

t said...

Chris it's not really thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat bad ;0) hope it doesn't hurt. It looks painful. Enjoy the rest of the weekend. I checked the weather channel and it looks like you guys are having amazing weather up there much better than ours!

Eamon said...

When my cousin and me were kids we were always laughing at the other (well he more at me, than me at him - he thought I used to do funny things, unintentionally). But I never forget him, when trying to impress some girls, singing 'Salami, Salami' - when it was meant to be 'So lonely, so loney' (The Police), and someone pointed this out to him (in front of the girls he was trying to impress) .. Red embarassed.

C said...

:) Aww! Thanks! You're so sweet!

My middle name is Grace and I am seriously lacking in the grace department!

You are seriously too kind. The eye really DOES look BAD! ;)

Yes, it's been really nice the past few days. Today was beautiful, but a bit windy. That's okay though! I'll take beautiful blue skies and lots of sunshine and a bit of wind over gloomy, cold, rainy days :)

Thank you for popping by and for leaving a comment! That really made me laugh! I won't forget that one...Salami! Salami!

Eamon said...


Not sure which country you are from. But in the UK there is a person on the TV called Sue Lawley. A lot of people at the time of the song, thought the song was 'Sue Lawley, Sue Lawley'. So I remember more 'Salami, Salami' and 'Sue Lawley, Sue Lawley' than 'So Lonely, So Lonely.'

C said...

I'm from Canada and haven't heard of Sue Lawley, but that is really funny! Now every time I hear the word 'salami', I'll think of Sue Lawley and 'so lonely'! LOL!

P.S. Thanks again for popping by my blog :) It's too bad your first visit was with me and a bloody eye! Stupid broken blood vessels! Gah!

baby~amore' said...

I confess I do this too ... I crack my husband up.

Your poor thing C - I hope your eye heals soon.MY dad did this many a time.WE love you anyway.

thanks for visiting me ...

Fruitful Vine said...

I'm so sorry about your eye. I hope it heals really quickly.

Ms. Mamma said...

OMG! It's not that bad! Wear some bigass dark glasses and you're suddenly intriguing and mysterious!

Deb said...

first, i never know the words to songs either. i make up words on's a game.

second, some people are probably staring at your eye. :)

third, your eye is not that bad!!! i thought it would be worse. i think you should start telling people you were maulled by a siberian tiger and all that happened was that you popped a blood vessel from kicking its a$$. if you get my drift. :)

Jeanna said...

MM is right, you should wear sunglasses at night so you can, so you can...Let's see if this comment goes through unlike the last three.
I used to sing a song as a kid with the lyrics "Here's a ball for baby" which I thought went "Here's a bawfull baby." I spent the next eight years of my life wondering what a bawfull baby was. Although I did know it was "big, and fat, and round."

Calfkeeper said...

The few weeks your eye is fire engine red will go by fast; and like everyone has said, it's not THAT bad.

Remember, this too shall pass and you will be laughing at it in a couple of months.

Sure hope your cold is better and you are feeling tiptop otherwise.

Autumn's Mom said...

Ouch! Hope your eye clears up soon.
I mess up lyrics too. I still get teased for "Throw some sugar on me" (Def Leppard) and why? Pour some sugar is just as retarded!

C said...

Thanks! :) You're so sweet!

Thank you! Hubby says it looks like it's getting better. The red spot doesn't look as big as it did last week. I just hate going out in public like this. I feel like such a monster! LOL!

I have been wearing my sunglasses as much as possible (my eye seems a little light sensitive right now) and I get the weirdest looks from people! LOL! It's like I'm going undercover or trying to be mysterious in the supermarket or something. LOL! I went out with my mother and grandmother for dinner and had my shades on...Too funny. My mom thinks I'm being paranoid and that no one even noticed me wearing my sunglasses.

C said...

LOL! Oh, you totally crack me up! Thanks for that! You always know how to make me laugh :)

Haha! I like that. A bawlfull baby sounds hilarious! :)

Calf Keeper:
Thank you :) It's starting to get better (I think)! It's not as red as it was a week ago. I'm hoping it goes away completely SOON! I've still got my cough. Can you believe I've had it for well over a month!?!?! Eeek!

Autumn's Mom:
You're right! Throw some sugar on me makes more sense than pour some sugar on me! LOL! Great song, btw! Def Leppard totally reminds me of high school :) Off to check out what's new on your blog!

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