Thursday, May 29, 2008

Now You're One...

This post is actually two months late, since my little nephew turned a year old in March. I am always amazed at how quickly time flies. It seems that not too long ago, we were still anticipating his arrival. Now he's a year old, talking (sort of) and walking running all over the place.

**If you've been reading my blog for the past year, you may have seen some or all of these photos already.**

Dear Kenny,

It is hard to believe that we didn't even know that you were on your way when this photo was taken. Your Mom and Dad had no idea that they were expecting you when they were at our wedding on the Island!
When your Mom and Dad found out and told us the good news, everyone was so excited! You are the first grandchild on both sides of your family. Your Mom looked so radiant when she was pregnant with you. You should know that you've got a wonderful Mom and Dad! They are so very blessed that you came into their lives.
I remember after you were born, I went down to spend a week with you and your Mom. I can't even explain how amazing it was to hold you. A perfect, precious, tiny little miracle came into our lives and changed us all forever.

I don't think you realize just how much you've captured our hearts. We are all in love with you.
The tiny hands and baby's breath...the soft cooing and the breathing noises you make when you sleep just entrance us all.Even your "Tito Baby Bro" fell in love the day you were born.
Over the months, your features changed and you started developing your own character. Your great-grandma is fiercely proud of you. She always talks about her first great-grandchild! She's so happy that even in her 80's, she is still strong enough to carry you.Your Mom and Dad love you so very much. They've shared all your milestones with us and we are so lucky to be able to make it to your special occasions. You were such a good baby at your Christening. You never cried once, even when the priest was pouring water on your head. You are such a good boy. Your Tito J and I love you very much and we enjoy visiting you and your parents. You make us laugh and smile with all of the funny new tricks you learn. I sometimes wish we didn't live so far away. It would be nice to see you more often. It's always so hard for us to say good-bye to you at the end of our visits.You're growing and changing so much each time I see you.

I'm really fortunate to have been able to spend some time with you. I love watching you eat, play, sleep and run! You are such a funny little boy! Oh, and I don't even mind changing your diapers. You haven't taken off on me yet! Thank goodness! I don't know how I'd explain a toddler with a poopy bottom running around the house to your parents! Thank you for always co-operating with your Auntie/Tita C! :)Another special time with you was celebrating your very first Christmas! I think you enjoyed playing with the boxes, bags and wrapping paper more than your actual presents! Being the first baby in our family, you were certainly very spoiled by all your titas, titos, great-aunts, great uncles, and both sets of grandparents! You are such a happy, playful boy! I love your laugh and your smile.
I can't even tell you how much your Grumpy Gramps and Lola love you. You are their everything right now. They love and miss you so much. I've never seen Grumpy Gramps so happy. He's not grumpy when he's with you. I guess it's true that babies change people. Grumpy and Lola always talk about you.
Now you're ONE and you're laughing, chatting, running, playing the piano, and becoming quite the little character! I am so very happy that I am your auntie. I love you very much, you little snuggle bug!

Your Tita C

**I tried to upload a really cute video of Kenny laughing and running around, but for some reason the upload was unsuccessful. I'll try again later. You're going to fall in love with those cute, little chubby legs of his!!**


t said...

That was so sweet C. I can't beleive how much he has grown. He is a real cute boy! His features have changed a lot in all the pix! Its obvious how much you love your nephew Chris!

I didn't read those two books you talked about. Ignorance is bliss! {{{{{{{{{lol}}}}}}}}}}}}

C said...

Hey, girlfriend!
Thank you :) I really do love my little nephew! Can't wait to have a little bambino of our own.

I know I am biased, but I do think my nephew is adorable!!! ;)

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