Saturday, May 17, 2008

Love at First Blog

Hi! My name is C, and I'm a blogaholic.

I never imagined that I'd have a blog of my own. A few years ago, a friend introduced me to the wonderful world of blogging. I started to read hers and then a few others. All of a sudden, I found myself writing my own blog. I didn't think I'd have time to blog. Most of the time, I really have no idea of what to write about. Oftentimes, I don't even think what I have to say is interesting! This said, I still find myself taking mental notes of things to put on the blog while I'm teaching a lesson, doing chores or driving my car. I take photos in restaurants and when the wait staff and other diners shoot over odd looks, I keep saying, "It's for the blog!" Middle Bro once commented on my Facebook and said, "Why do you take so many photos of food?" The answer is simple. It's for the blog!

Yes, I am indeed addicted to blogging. This blog contains snippets of my new life as a sort of newly married woman living on an island I had never known existed until shortly before I moved here, my transition from city dweller to country schoolmarm, things that matter to me, recipes, restaurant reviews, movie reviews, stories of my past, and things I want to remember and share about my wonderful friends and family.

I've noticed that the list of my favourite blogs on my sidebar has grown since I first started blogging nearly three years ago. Today, I'd like to share some of my daily addictions.Fancy Pantsy is a friend of mine from when I lived in Toronto. She is the one who got me addicted inspired me to blog. Want to know what's new and hot in fashion? Check her out. She also gives great reviews on movies, books, cosmetics and other products.

Gavie's Gal is a very dear friend of mine who introduced me to Fancy Pantsy years ago! Gavie's Gal and I were roommates, co-workers, road trip and camping buddies...and then I moved and we both got married. She's a busy mama with lots of interesting things to talk about. I must have told you before how adorable her little guy is!

Nathanial's Mommy is another friend and former roomie of mine (and Gavie's Gal's). I truly admire her. She has got a busy household too and she still manages to balance everything on her plate!

I was lucky enough to meet KarenMEG in person at a little gathering at NM's sometime last year. Prior to that, Karen and I were just blog buddies. I feel a sort of kinship amongst Karen, Sandy and Cherry. Perhaps it's because we probably all shared the same cute Asian girl haircut when we were kids! ;) I just love Sandy's and Cherry's blogs too!

Curiosity Killer is another in real life friend of mine. I thoroughly enjoy her visits to the Island. We always have so much fun together. Oddly enough, we became much closer friends after we both left Toronto! I moved far away...and she moved even farther! She is one of the coolest gals a person could ever meet. She is generous beyond compare and a truly wonderful friend.

Ms.Mamma is one of my very first blog buddies. She was one of my very first readers nearly three years ago! She's got talent like you would not believe...and there's just something about her that makes you know from the get go what a truly amazing person she is. Likewise for Canine Cologne! Both Ms.Mamma and Canine are extraordinary women. Both of them are fun, hip, talented, cool and have become very good friends though we haven't actually met yet.

Jane @ Pinks and Blues is another very special person. We've known each other about the same time as I've known Ms.Mamma and Canine. Jane's been there through thick and thin and is an all around great person.

Uncivil and Jeanna have become two people I must correspond with on a regular basis. The laughter and banter shared just brightens up my day. Along with Ms.Mamma, they are the funniest, craziest, most lovable characters ever. I <3 you guys!!!

I also visit J's blog on a regular basis too because she always has the most interesting and thought provoking posts. She's another very special lady!

Other thoughtful writers are Mrinz, Lotus, D'rae, ZJ, Shannon, Rowing and Sowing and Pavel. I'm often inspired by their writing and just love my visits at their blogs. Though I have never met Mrinz or Lotus, it sometimes feels as though I've known them for ages. I also love that the three of us share an interest in plants and gardening!

I try not to miss a single post written by Ellie, Girlie Monkey, Trish, Beach Mama, Deb, Starshine, Rachie, Northern Mom, Don Mills Diva, Rebecca, Jan, Annie, Mrs. Mogul and Louann. I love my daily dose of laughs, smiles, interesting tidbits, and heck...they are all gifted writers! Ellie, Girlie, Northern Mom, Beach Mama and Louann, thank you for being such amazing blog buddies :)

I always go to Palm Springs Savant, Diesel and VE when I need a good dose of laughter and all things cool. Diesel's Mattress Police has been one of my longtime addictions. There was a time when I only frequented five blogs. Early on in my blogging experience, it was only Fancy Pantsy, Ms.Mamma, Diesel, Jane (@ her Mama Doggy Love blog and then when she, her sister and their mom launched Pinks & Blues) and Canine Cologne that I visited. Shortly after, the list of blogs kept growing and growing.

For Island reads, I frequent A Watkin's Man's blog as well as Dylon's and Judy's delightful blogs. All three are a delight to read. They're all so very different, and they keep me coming back for more. A Watkin's Man discusses topics of different nature. He talks about his travels/work, to current events, and he does an amazing job at promoting this beautiful island we live on. I enjoy reading Dylon's reviews on movies, art, gaming, etc. Judy's blog is filled with her beautiful art. Her words, like her art definitely reflect what a beautiful person she is. I am in love with her art work. Be it water paint, photography or textile art, Judy just knows how to bring out and highlight the beauty in her subjects.

There are many, many more blogs out there that I peruse, but these are my addictions. Of course, there aren't enough hours in the day to read all these blogs on a daily basis. I'd never ever get any work done if I did! I try to catch up as much as I can.

You are all wonderful writers. You certainly keep me from getting more of my work done ;) I guess you can say that you are all enablers of this newish addiction of mine. XOXO


Sandy C. said...

Aww, thank you so much! I definitely feel a kinship with you too and adore your blog. I'm had no idea you met Karen Meg. I'm jealous! :) One day we'll all have to compare bowl-cut pics from our childhood, LOL!

Diesel said...

Did I scan this post looking for my name? Yes. I am so weak.

Thanks, C!

Cherry said...

I've got to get some of my kid pictures scanned so you can see my haircut too!
I know I haven't been very present in the bloggy world lately but I hope to return really soon. I still try to read on the weekends though, but man that's a lot of catching up to do!

Thanks for keeping with me!

Oh, and my hubby is loving that you guys make your own maple syrup. I think he's jealous! Hope the blueberries are doing well!


mrinz said...

Kia Ora Chrissy and thanks for the comments!

There is definitely a sense of community in the blogging fraternity. And a sense that although we have never met many of our blogging friends we still know them.

Uncivil said...

I'm so addicted to your sweetness C!
I have to come here and get my daily dose of the real vitamin "C"!!!!!!
Speaking of Jeanna.......she must be trying to break the habit? I guess she's on break for a bit?

C said...

:) Yes, I met Karen at Nathanial's Mommy's last year. Karen also knows Gavie's Gal, Fancy, and Nathanial's Mommy in real life. She also knows one of my aunts! Small world, eh? LOL!

We should totally do a bowl-cut pics post sometime! You, Karen, Cherry and I should post them on the same day! That would be too funny!

Of course your name would be there! :) You're one of my fave blog personalities! ;) I've been visiting your blog for quite some time now! I love your caption contests and your inappropriate card days!

C said...

I am sooooooo behind in my e-mails! I wanted to write your hubby and let him know that I followed his advice and the blueberry plants are doing GREAT! I just hope they fruit! LOL!

Thinkin' of ya! XO

That is so true :)
I don't even recall how you and I stumbled upon each other's blogs. I'm sure glad we did though. I just love your blog. Your posts are so thoughtful and beautiful.

C said...

Awwww! Jimbo! Aren't you the sweetest!?!?! Thanks for that! I really do look forward to e-mail from you and Jeanna, as well as blog posts.
Funny you mentioned that. I was just about to shoot off an e-mail to her to see how things are going!

Jeanna said...

Thanks for the heart butt, luv, Yo Jimbo said you gave us a shout out. Can't seem to spend time on the Beast unless it's to look up movie info. Am trying to get rid of my VHS tapes (hundreds of them) and tape to DVD before and if I have to move.
Hope all is well and a little less chilly than down here.

hotmommy said...

awwwwwwe!your making me want to start a blog of my own. wouldnt' know what ot write about tho'

if i had one you'd be addicted to mine to right? ehehehheh

t said...

Cute post and cute kitties Chrissy!

caninecologne said...

thanks c! i just got off the phone with you! thanks again for listening to me.

i truly enjoy your blog and your recent post on edible wilds was very cool and informative! i always learn something new from you.

even though we have not (yet) met, i feel as if we've known each other for ages.

C said...

Wow! That sounds like a lot of work! A friend of mine recently sold all her VHS tapes and replaced her entire movie collection with DVDs. We've got mostly DVDs but we have the odd video tape around the house. Eventually, I'd like to change all the videos into DVDs too. I'm almost tempted to keep some of the VHS though. Maybe keep them for posterity's sake? Perhaps put them in a time capsule for future generations? LOL! I know...freak!!!

When is your moving date??? I hope your belated birthday parcel finds its way to you!!

Hot Mommy:
Of course!!! BTW, it was nice catching up on the phone today. Hope the rest of your long weekend is restful! :)

C said...

Thanks, girlfriend!!! :)

Oh, my gosh, Canine! It was really good talking to you on the phone today. I'm here anytime ;) Call whenever!! :)

Yes, the edible wilds are neat, aren't they? When you guys come visit, we'll go on a tour and think of all kinds of neat things to cook up! I've made Cream of Leek Soup with the wild leeks and it was AMAZING!!! The wild leeks seem to have more flavour than store bought leeks for some reason.

I agree with you. Even though we haven't met in person (yet), it feels as though we've been friends for ages! Talk soon!
Love ya! Hi to TC and Bert!

D'Rae said...

Thanks so much! I too enjoy your blog, it is one of my favorites as well!

BeachMama said...

And thank you Chrissy. I too enjoy stopping by your blog. You are so inspirational and give so much to all your students and family. It has been wonderful getting to know you. Hopefully one day we can meet up in real life too.

louann said...

You are awesome C! Really. I am so glad I met you. And I look forward to the day that I will actually be able to hug you and tell stories with you.

C said...

:) Thank you! Happy moving, by the way! Looking forward to seeing more photos and hearing about your lovely new house! This is so exciting!!!

Beach Mama:
Yes! I too hope that we can meet up sometime. It's so funny because every time I pass through Ottawa en route to Montreal, I think of you guys. I've got some family and some good friends who live in Ottawa too, and I sometimes stop in for a quick visit. Someday, we'll catch up in person!!! :)

:) You are so sweet, Louann! I'd really like that. I told my Lola that I'd visit her in the Phils. When we do, we'll have to set up a date to meet up. What's central from where you are and San Jose, Batangas?

VE said...

Thanks's been my lifelong dream to be listed with the mighty diesel...hahaha. No...he's a friend; I just give him a bad time every now and then...keeps him humble.

J at said...

Wowee, C, thanks for the shout out. :) I can't believe how many blogs you read! You should get paid for this!

My bloggy friends are very 'real' to me, meaning that I consider you all true friends. I even dream about you all sometimes...last night I had a dream in which Starshine and Jimmy both played a part, but I can't remember many details. Also my math teacher from 11th grade, oddly. I wonder if he blogs? ;)

Shannon said...

Blogging is a great way to share with friends, family, and make new cyber-friends. Thanks for the shout out. I didn't expect it... I'll have to check some of the others you posted about.
Your blog is a great place to visit.

C said...

Oh, I totally rank you way up there with Diesel! ;) You guys are like two peas in a pod. How cute!

I know. It's crazy how many blogs I keep up with (or at least try to keep up with). Sometimes I have to tell myself to try not to check out new blogs, because I end up adding them to my list of "must reads"!

I agree with you about bloggy friends being real. It's amazing how one can connect with others that they may or may not meet in person. I've made quite a few good friends via the blog. It just really, really amazes me at how paths cross and some friendships are made.

That's so funny about your dream :) I've also had dreams where Ms.Mamma, SF and Jimmy were in them. They're usually really bizarre dreams. In one dream, we were all chilling out over mojitos and mimosas and SF kept saying "Coño! Coño! Coño!" He's just such a cutie pie that he was still adorable as he said that! :)

Thanks so much, Shannon! :) You are right about blogging being a great way to keep in touch with friends and family. That's how this blog came about...and then I started making a few blog friends along the way.

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