Thursday, May 01, 2008

Throwback Thursday #26

It's been a while quite some time a long time AGES since I last posted a Throwback Thursday post. I'm really glad the girls at Pinks and Blues came up with the Throwback idea. It's always fun to rifle through old photos and relive fond memories.

This particular Throwback Thursday brings us back to the Summer of 2001. My girlfriends (roommates at the time) and I lived in Toronto and decided to go to Montreal for Canada Day. There's nothing more fun than a road trip with your girlfriends! When I think about us driving to Montreal for Canada Day, it makes me laugh. Going to Quebec for Canada Day??

My two lovely girlfriends (Gavie's Gal and Nathanial's Mommy) and I had a blast. We went to le festival de Jazz, strolled through le Vieux Port and Vieux Montreal, went to the Casino de Montreal, and revisited some of my old college and university hang outs.

We got to see Nelly Furtado perform live for the Canada Day festivities. I remember people in the crowd kept booing Nelly off stage. She messed up the lyrics for our national anthem and to some of her songs! I wasn't thoroughly impressed with Nelly back then. Perhaps it was because she was still new, but the only song she managed to pull off perfectly was "I'm like a bird". Perhaps she's the type of singer who performs better in studio rather than live. Who knows. I must have liked her enough to have bought her CD because I have it in my CD rack. I like some of her new songs and think she's a good performer. Perhaps that night just wasn't her night. I just love sharing all of Montreal's neat and unique spots with friends who are not from there. Though I live on the Island now, I guess it's safe to say that "once a Montrealer, always a Montrealer"! Okay, I'm a bit of a cheater. I was born in Toronto, but spent most of my life (twenty three years of my life!) in Montreal.Though most of my family still live in Montreal and we could have stayed with them, the girls and I decided to crash my friend, Avoid Everything's apartment in le Quartier Chinois. Why? Because he is one of the funniest, greatest guys ever...and his apartment was located right in the heart of the city. His balcony overlooked Place des Arts. How cool is that? We were just a hop, skip and a jump away from all the music, art, shops, patio bars and restaurants.

In the above photos: (top) Nathanial's Mommy, Gavie's Gal, and me giving Avoid Everything a huge bear hug.
(bottom) Avoid Everything, Nathanial's Mommy and my friend from college, Emerald.

The last photo is a cute one. We were walking back from the Old Port and Old Montreal when it started to mist drizzle spit POUR!!! Okay, it almost seemed like a torrential downpour! It seriously felt like we were in the middle of typhoon season! I remember us all running for shelter, but then when we realized we couldn't escape the rain, we ended up embracing it :)

Thanks for the good times, girls (and Avoid Everything + his roommate)! Love ya! XOXO


Jeanna said...

You look the same today. Are you de-aging? What's your secret? You don't look too happy in that rain, I'll be embracing it all day Saturday. Ahoo.
Hey, is it true that not too long ago women weren't allowed in Canadian bars without a male escort and then they had to come in a separate entrance?

t said...

I agree with Jeanna, you look just as young today as you did in those photos

VE said...

Sorry I haven't made it over here in awhile; I need to catch up!

Fruitful Vine said...

Looks like a fun time. To answer your question - I went to San Fernando once when I was a little girl about 12yrs old. I don't remember much about it. I would like to visit Trinidad again because my uncle lives there.

C said...

LOL! Ancient Chinese secret! Just kidding! I've heard that Asian people look younger than they really are though. Everyone thinks my mom's in her 40's...which she's NOT! I sometimes still get carded when I go out for a drink with friends. Too funny. Two years ago, some girlfriends and I went to a salsa club (my friends are big into Spanish music and love dancing) and I got carded at the door. The doorman was surprised when he saw that my driver's license stated that I was 30 years old! He thought I was 17!!! I think he was on crack, because I totally don't look like I'm 17! LOL!

You were with me one time when we went to buy beer at the LCBO. Remember I got carded then too? Actually, come to think of it, you did too!!! Well, at least when we're 60, people will think we're 30! LOL! ;)

C said...

No worries :) Same here. My excuse is that I've been under the weather. I'm hoping to catch up on all my favourite blogs soon!

I used to go to Trinidad and Tobago once every year when I was a kid. My dad's family was there and they had a family business, so we'd go every year for a few weeks. I think the last time I was there was when I was in high school. After that, it was too difficult to take time off every year to go away for a few weeks.

I hear things have changed a lot since then. I always enjoyed Tobago. The beaches were nicer there.

I have a friend who worked in Dominica for a year. She absolutely loved it. She said it's a beautiful place with beautiful people. Now, what is the correct pronunciation of Dominica? Is it d/uh/mi/ni/ka or d/aw/mi/nee/ka? My friend and I had a little disagreement on the pronunciation. Sorry I don't have the proper symbols for the phonetics. I don't know how to type the symbols on my keyboard.

Karen MEG said...

Great pics, C, it's neat to see shots of you and the two D's... you gals look like you had soooo much fun. And you do look like it was just taken this past weekend (although I guess the lack of a red-eye gives you away ;)

I love Montreal too, we do our annual pilgrimage and that's coming up soon!

C said...

I can't believe those photos were taken so long ago! I don't think any of us look as though we've aged! The only major differences is that now we're all married and two out of the three of us have kids! We're the same fun girls...except now with more responsibilities :)

I wish I had brought my camera that day we were all at Danielle's! I could have snapped some pics of you and me! Next time ;) You and Little G need to accompany me on a shopping excursion!

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