Thursday, May 22, 2008

Throwback Thursday #27

I know I'm way behind in posting my Throwback Thursday posts. Again, no excuse other than it's been crazy busy around here. Haven't we all heard that one before? ;) Though I've been really bad terrible horrible at keeping up with my TT posts, I'm glad that the Pinks & Blues Girls came up with this fun idea of taking some time to walk down memory lane. When I do actually get around to posting, I always enjoy reminiscing.

This set of photos is from my not so distant past. The photos were taken on June 1, 2001. I was twenty-five years old, living in Toronto, enjoying my life as an ESL teacher at a really good ESL school and just loving my time with my friends.

Here I am with some of the other teachers I worked with. Oh, we weren't always allowed to wear casual clothes! Only on Fridays! Plus, we were taking our students to Canada's Wonderland via bus and subway that day. My beautiful friend, Gavie's Gal is posing in the top photo with me. Gosh! Look how young we were in that photo!!!These photos were taken at Canada's Wonderland. Part of the activities at the school included field trips and outings. There were Niagara Falls trips, a trip to the "sugar shack" to see how maple syrup is made, New York trips, and local excursions (like Canada's Wonderland). Of course, the teachers were eager to go on this particular outing with the students! After all, who doesn't love amusement park rides, over-priced souvenirs and greasy food? I can honestly tell you that now, seven years after these photos were taken, I don't like any of those things I just mentioned! Is that a sign of old age? I have no idea how I used to be able to stomach all those rides. Now, I get sick even thinking of being on a roller coaster or being on a ride that spins while I'm upside down!!
I decided to throw in a few other photos. Here's a photo of some of our Korean, Japanese and Mexican students. Gavie's Gal and I took them for their first maple syrup experience. The students were able to see how maple syrup is made and they had a big, hearty breakfast (everything slathered with maple syrup, of course)!

This last photo is of a little "Bon Voyage"/"Going Away" BBQ I threw for some of our graduating students. My parents were kind enough to let us host the BBQ at their house. The students enjoyed lazing around the pool. I just realized that Gavie's Gal is in this photo too! I love looking back at old photos of my ESL years in Japan, Toronto and on the Island. Most of the ESL students I've had are wonderful, hardworking, fun, funny, and very special individuals. I'm still in contact with most of my former students. ESL students hold a very special place in my heart. I guess this is why I continue teaching ESL


Uncivil said...

Wow have so many folks to remember? How do you keep up with everyone?

bert wolfe said...

Aw man, I was considering a Wonderland trip if we were able to make it over there. I read about it in all the travel stuff we accumulated so far. Might have been a fun day-trip for TC. Too bad we can't this year. Maybe another time, eh?

Dina said...

wow do those photos ever bring back memories!! Most good and some not so much!!
BOY did we ever look young!! Can you believe it's been 7 years since we worked at that school together???? Where oh where did the time go!!??
Wonderland...i too used to LOVE it but sinc that last trip i have never been able to go back...thanks to puking after the Drop Zone i'll never to an amusment park ride again!

C said...

Thank goodness for e-mail, MSN, Skype, and Facebook! LOL! I've been able to keep in touch with students, colleagues and old friends through via the internet.

I know!!! I was going to tell you guys that Wonderland, Casa Loma, the CN Tower, Kensington Market (and a bunch of other places in the e-mail I sent Canine) would be great places to take TC. Niagara Falls would be great too.

There's always next year :) I was thinking, if you guys wanted and are able to come next year, I can even take you guys to Ottawa and Montreal. I've got family in Toronto and Montreal and a good friend and her family in Ottawa. They all said we can stay with them if we wanted to.

C said...

I KNOW! Crazy, isn't it?!? I can't believe that was seven years ago. I was laughing when I realized you were in EVERY single one of those photos!! I didn't realize that we spent that much time together! LOL!

We had lots of good times :) You're right...some bad, but I guess that's life. That was around the time of "The Ex" and all that crazy stuff. The summer of 2001 was a crazy one.

I remember you puking after the Drop Zone! LOL! That was the last time I went to an amusement park too! I did go to the Providence Bay Fair that they have on the Island and I got really woozy after being on one of those dinky rides! *sigh*

Sandy C. said...

You are truly amazing :) What an amazing experience this must have been for you teaching in all of these places. Looks like you were a wonderful ESL teacher, as most of your former students still keep in touch :)

Karen MEG said...

Teaching is such a wonderful, giving profession. I think you have to be a special type of person to do that. And you obviously are, given your track record and the great relationships you've maintained over the years.

Just took the Little G to Wonderland on her own on Tuesday and she had two whole hours of Kidsville, almost to herself!

C said...

Thank you :) I really enjoy teaching ESL. One of the main reasons is that most of my students are adult students who want to learn and want to be here. There's a big difference between wanting to study and learn and being forced to.

I've been lucky to have had such amazing students :)

It is a very rewarding job :) I feel it most when I see the progress my students are making. You know that moment when that light bulb above the head goes on and they make the connection between what you've taught them and actually using it?? Now, that is priceless.

Oh, wow! Little G is so lucky! She must have had a blast with her mama! That girl is just toooooooo cute!!!

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