Friday, May 02, 2008

Dear Readers,

Some of you have been with me since the birth of this blog and you've watched as I prepared for my wedding day. You were there to share in our special day...The day I became the farmer's wife! You saw that becoming a farmer's wife has had some ups and downs. It's definitely not an easy life! However, it certainly is rewarding. I'm a city girl, but I don't think I can ever live in the city ever again. I return to the city quite often to visit friends and family and to do whatever shopping I need to do. I have discovered that the Island is just too beautiful for me to ever want to live elsewhere.

Fellow bloggers (and non-bloggers), you were there throughout all of our family gatherings and celebrations. You watched as Hubby was initiated into the family. You helped us welcome the new additions to our family (new additions of the human, feline and bovine kind). By now, you know how important my family and my roots are to me. You even offered words of comfort during some difficult times.

We have certainly shared a lot of laughs. For example, the time I woke Hubby up in the middle of the night because our cat was stuck on our roof and it was pouring rain. There was also the bikini waxing story that some of you love so much! What about the time I confessed to having a crush on a particular rock star from the early 1990's?

I've shared recipes and restaurant reviews with you. I've given you a peek into my past. I even went through a phase when I did a lot of memes and survived my first NaBloPoMo last year!

We've shared a lot together since I first started blogging in 2006. Thank you for reading my silly little blog and thank you for your friendship.


P.S. Here are the newest additions to our family.
These four little fuzz balls were born on April 21st, 2008. They're our newest barn kittens (aka pest control). They're really cute, aren't they? Want one? :)


Jeanna said...

Look at those little paws!

Uncivil said...

3:00 am in the morning down here in the dirty south!!!!!Where else would I be......but visiting your wonderful bloggy?
Hugs......I gotta try to get another hour sleep before i get up and go to work!!!!
Hope you are feelin' better and hubby keeps germ free too!!!

C. K. said...




Goodness, how many kittens do you have now?

C said...

I know! Adorable!

Awwww, shucks! Thanks, Jimbo! You're the best! Oh, I think Hubby's starting to feel a bit under the weather. I told him he's not allowed to get sick. Think he'd listen to me though???

C said...

We've got two indoor kittens from last Spring and we've had them spayed and neutered. I've always believed in responsible pet ownership. Chance was neutered when he was little too. We do have the barn cats though because we need them for rodent control in the barn. We've got the mother cat (Fred) and her two from last year, plus the four new ones. That makes seven in the barn. I think I'm going to have to get the mother cat spayed and keep two of the kittens and get them spayed and neutered. The other kittens will be given to friends who want kittens. Every year we give away kittens. Though they're really cute, I want this year to be the last year we do that. I know we need barn cats so they could do their job around the farm, but I really don't want to have a zillion cats. Two indoor cats and three in the barn will be fine though.

hotmommy said...

i made the mistake od showing the kids the photos of the kittnes this morning and now it looks like if we're up by you guys this summer we may have to take one off your hands as the kids are in love with those furry little guys. are any of those kittnes males because i don't think i'd like a female

Sandy C. said...

Indeed you have shared so much here :) The kittens are A-DOR-ABLE!!!! Oh how sweet :) Congratulations! Get ready for the kitten curiosity ;)

Shannon said...

They look so sweet!
We just found out we will not be having any new little fluffball's in our home. Bittersweet, but the nearby shelters are full.

Ms. Mamma said...

I love the last one! So. damn. cute.

But that picture with the hand and the cat...stunning!

Diesel said...

Man, I thought you were quitting. Gave me a little scare there.

If you can train those things to kill gophers, I'll take all of them.

japanmanpete said...

Bloody Hell! I thought you were going to tell us that you were going to stop writing your blog!


C said...

Hot Mommy:
Really?!?! Remember, I've got tons of witnesses here! ;) I'm holding ya to that one! Have you got any picked out?

Thanks :) They are sweet, aren't they?

C said...

I know what you mean. Though I love, love, love the excitement of spring and a new litter of adorable kittens, I agree with not adding to the pet population if we can avoid it. Mama cat and a few of the others are going to get 'fixed' and the others are going to go to good homes...and hopefully their new human families will have them spayed or neutered too.

We do need some cats in the barn so that they can do their jobs reducing the pests. We just got our two indoor kittens spayed and neutered a few months ago and it set us back about $500+ for the two. Yikes.

The little guy that you think is really cute has SIX toes! Both of his front paws have six toes and his back paws both have five. He is adorable. I may not want to give him away just because he's unique! LOL!

C said...

Well, I was contemplating! For a while I was just feeling so uninspired. Do you know if Dan (Dan's Blah Blah Blog) is coming back to the bloggy world? I miss that guy!

Oh, and our cats do attack all creatures. The mother cat went hunting to show her babies how to get their food. She killed a mouse the first day. The next day, it was a bigger mouse. The day after that, it was a chipmunk. Then she brought home a RABBIT!!! The last time, she brought home a LIVE baby mink!!!

To answer your question, I'm pretty sure these cats would take care of anything. So...shall I send them all over to your place now? ;)

Awww! You're sweet. Nah, I'm not quitting the blog. I was tempted to a few times, but no. Not yet, anyway!

Karen MEG said...

Those kiteens are the absolute CUTEST!!! I'd better not show the kidlets, as they would want one for each of them.. I am quite allergic, so unfortunately that isn't happening soon.

What a lovely letter to your blog pals, C. I'm so glad you did that... I was able to cruise through some posts that I hadn't yet read (before I found your blog) including the gorgeous wedding posts and the absolutely hilarious waxing experience (OMG, I've been thinking about it in my old age...but now I don't know!!!)

And, yes, it almost sounded like a farewell post too ... please DO NOT QUIT!!! You are my earliest inspiration for this blogging phenomenon and it would NOT be the same without you here.

But I hear you ... life is short and sometimes it's hard to justify all the time in front of the screen. You've got a talent for telling your stories though, I just love your blog... so this is a totally selfish request on my part ;)

louann said...

I have been loving every visit to your blog =)

Rowing and Sowing said...

This is so unbelievably interesting! I wish I had more time to come by here and visit, but when I do come - I sure do enjoy it! The kittens are SO CUTE!! It's terrible (terribly sweet) when you love animals so much you want to keep them all! Barn cats are so neat!

I have to go back and read up (and look at the kittens again), and I'll say it now if I don't get the chance later - I hope your eye is improving day by day. It WILL eventually improve (but poor you in the meantime :( I know how it feels - that's exactly how mine looked.

Oh those kittens are so cute!!

C said...

Awwww! You are awesome...and my kindred spirit ;) XOXO

Likewise :) I have been enjoying my visits to your blog as well!

Rowing and Sowing:
You are the sweetest! Now I see why Jimmy loves you (and your blog) so much! Do you and Jimbo/Uncivil know each other in person or just in the bloggy world?

I really do love visiting your blog. I wish there was a way I could leave you some comments or an e-mail!!!

baby~amore' said...

they are so so cute - I would take one except I got my own new addition.
I am in love!

baby~amore' said...

I have to come back and read all those posts properly ...have to go put the little ones to bed.

Deb said...

oh, little kittens! they are so precious when they are so tiny. i love them i love them i love them.

Calfkeeper said...

The only trouble with a kitten is THAT
Eventually it becomes a CAT!

Ha! They sure are cute!

Rowing and Sowing said...

Hi C! I'm glad you enjoy your visits! Jimbo and I've never met in person (but then again it sure seems we have because we were instant friends the day we met in the blog world and I feel grateful to have met him!)

I hope to one day turn my comments on! Have a great day!

louann said...

C, I got your last comment. I would love love love to meet up with you. I live around 7 hours away but i wouldn't mind driving to where you will be.

let me know, ok?

mrinz said...

Sooo cute!

Yep we have shared many moments with you. Blogging is amazing isn't it - we can make friends but will probably never meet.

I too was wondering if you were thinking of quitting. I am not sure, with your busy life, how you fit it all in.

I am finding the time commitment a bit daunting and wonder if I am spending too much time reading about life and not being involved in it!

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