Tuesday, January 04, 2011

My Husband, the Superhero!

It was my first day back in the classroom teaching TOEFL grammar and writing. The Monday after a holiday always seems so draining. It didn't help that Little One was very sick. Just before the Christmas holiday, she had pneumonia. She got better. We took her on a 12 hour drive across one province and into another. She partied with the family, went from house to house, dinner party to dinner party, and was a trooper through it all.

Then we came home.
She started coughing up a lung. It seriously sounded like my two year old had a smoker's cough. It was that bad. She had a fever that lasted two days. It broke. She got the chills. The fever returned.

Seeing as I had to teach, and Hubby had a few days off from his off-farm job, he stayed with Little One and took care of her. He didn't want me to have to drag her out into the cold and bring her to my parents' place while I was teaching. I thought he'd just bring her over to his mom's so he could to farm chores. Ever since my father-in-law passed away, the farm has been a one man operation. That one man being Hubby.

Nope. He didn't bring Little One to Grandma's place. He stayed home with her ALL day. He held  her in the steam-filled bathroom with the shower running (in hopes of loosening up her congestion). He rocked her back and forth in front of the humidifier. He gave her Baby Tylenol and lots of fluids to keep her hydrated.

When I came home from work, he warmed up the braised beef ribs I cooked the other day and cooked rice to go with it.

I was so proud of my husband. He survived an entire day with the toddler. He took good care of her. In fact, he took such great care of her that she kept calling out, "Daddy! Daddy!" and reaching for him. Oh, and he cooked rice in the rice cooker for the very first time!

I love my husband. He is such a good father.
 Pic of Hubby and Little One taken in December 2008 when she was still in the NICU at Mount Sinai. Hubby looked just as exhausted after looking after our sick toddler today!

In case you were wondering, I did ask him how come the house was a disaster, why the dishes were piled up in the sink, how come the laundry was all over the place. I was joking though! To my "What on earth did you do all day?" question, he retorted: "You will not believe how busy I was just being home with the baby! It's a lot of work!" :)


Marilyn (A Lot of Loves) said...

I'm sorry your daughter is so sick, but I'm glad to hear you have a fantastic hubby!

J at www.jellyjules.com said...

Glad he's a great husband and a great father, and that he has a new found appreciation for all you do at home! You farming families are the hardest working families I know!

C said...

Thanks. Yes, he's sweet. He and Little One bonded while I was at work. The farm work wasn't done, but the little one is more important. Right? :)

C said...

Thanks :) I was just telling a friend that I've been running on barely any sleep lately. With teaching all day, and taking care of the Little One when I get home, and the cooking, housework, etc...and now with all the freelance work I've been getting, I've been going to bed at maybe 2AM or sometimes even 4AM. CRAZY! I've also just been put on two more committees.

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