Friday, January 28, 2011

Pretty Princess Parties and MORE!

A friend of mine sent me a message, telling me to join a particular Facebook page today. I get a zillion and one Facebook notices, that *gasp* I usually don't even bother looking at them. I know, I know. I'm terrible!

However, seeing that my toddler is a pretty princess/tutu/ballerina kinda gal, I just had to check out the site! Oh, okay...I've also got a thing for pretty, frou-frou, ooooh la la kind of things for my toddler. Those of you who know me, know that I used to dislike hate everything pink, frilly, and girlie...

...Then I had a daughter and my whole world changed. Now, I can't get enough frou-frou things!

Crazy how life changes when you have kids! Truth be told, I think I subconsciously seek out all things girlie for my little girl because countless strangers have approached me at the grocery store, mall, etc...asking "How old is he?" Not wanting my child to grow up with everyone thinking she's a he, I try to dress her up in pink and the most girlie kind of outfits imaginable. Yes, even with ribbons in her hair and EARRINGS in her ears, people still ask if she's a boy! Argh.

Pretty Princess Birthday Parties is much more than just birthday parties! You can find a wide array of pretty tutus, hair accessories, Kufi hats, leg warmers, and more!
Pretty Princess is holding a Free Valentine's Giveaway! To help advertise the new business, Pretty Princess will be giving out a Valentine Package to 5 lucky winners! A Grand Prize winner will also be chosen. The Grand Prize includes a tutu, matching hair piece and Valentine's cards! All you have to do is spread the word about this new business. Help Pretty Princess reach 500 members by February 1, 2011! It's easy! Just post this link to your Facebook and/or invite your friends to join the group.

If winning an awesome prize from Pretty Princess isn't amazing enough, her friend  @ Pretty Poppies
has some good news for you too! Pretty Poppies has a consignment shop with tons of new and gently used items!! Join her page and get it up to 500 and the grand prize winner of Pretty Princess' contest will also get a pair of Valentine leg warmers!! Sooooo cute!!!!!!

We just love helping new businesses grow. We also love it even more if they're new Canadian Mom businesses! Go ahead and check out Pretty Princess! Don't forget to tell everyone about them!

* Images courtesy of Pretty Princess Birthday Parties and More!


hotmommy said...

hahahahahahahaa! chris you're too funny.. this post made me laugh so hard, i can't believe people still think she looks like a boy! she sooo does not look like a boy! she is so i want a tutu!

C said...

Thanks! ;) Yes, some people STILL ask "How old is HE?" Frustrating! She's always decked out in pink, she wears earrings, and has her hair in pigtails. How much more "girlie" can you get? LOL!

Chantal said...

Cute! I want a tutu for my little girl!

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