Sunday, January 30, 2011

It's A Sad Sight

Despite my best efforts to only feed Little One mainly healthy, homemade, wholesome, nutritious, unprocessed food, on occasion, people will give her junk... crap...a treat. She's been known to come home from visiting with friends and family covered in chocolate stains and saying, "Baby choc-lit? Cake! Ice cream! Yes?"

Hubby came home from work with Smarties for Little One. He bumped into a friend who wanted to give Little One a little treat. Mmmm...CHOCOLATE!!! I think a 50g container of Smarties is a lot for a kid to eat, so I've been doling them out to her bit by bit. Okay, it's more like 3 or 4 Smarties a go.

This morning, she found the Smarties box and got hold of it. As she tried to open the box, all the Smarties went flying out and spilled all over the floor!

My two year old flung herself onto the floor, trying to save the Smarties. "Ohhhhhhh noooooooo!!! Choc-lit!!!" could be heard throughout the entire house. Such a sad, sad sight. The look on her face and the urgency in her voice were just so funny and sad at the same time!

*Sadder still is that she won't give up her soother! I'm trying here! Anyone have any helpful tips on how to wean a toddler from her beloved soother?


Anonymous said...

My thing always was a soother is for comfort and they will give it up when they are ready. All mine did at different times. Unless there is some medical need to get rid of what purpose does it serve? Just my thoughts and everyone is different. I just always went back to why I gave it to them in the first place!

Barbara said...

Hey C,

Love this post! I laughed out loud as you described little one's reaction to the falling candy. Too cute.

I was trying to remember how I got my daughter to give up her pacifier and I can't quite remember. Isn't that sad! Anyway I asked hubby and he seems to think that we slowly took them away and she forgot about them. Somehow that doesn't seem quite right. I think she may have just outgrown them. I do remember a trick that went around back in the day to encourage children to give them up. If you snip the nipple on the pacy then they don't provide the same satisfaction and the children give up on them. If little one only uses it for naps and bedtime I think I'd tend to agree with K. Good luck. It's a big decision on how to proceed with the weening of the pacifier. Keep us posted.


caninecologne said...

oh no, now she's got the taste for "choclit"! :)

how about "losing" her soother and NOT replacing it? then she has no choice. sounds mean, but when tc lost hers (it was really lost), we never replaced it and she was fine after a day or two. but then she was younger than 2 years old.

Jackie said...

We actually did what the 'book' said, and cut it off, showed her it was broken... and that was that... I am still shocked it worked.

J at said...

The best advice I've seen about candy and sugar is to make it just another nice part of meal time. Sometimes, just have some smarties on her plate, along with her other food. That way, she doesn't fetishize it and make it a big deal. Yes, she may eat it first, but it doesn't become 'forbidden fruit'.

Not that I was always good about following this advice. But it seemed like it made sense to me.

Frau Guten Tag said...

I wish I could help you out with soother son used his up until 20 months of age....but he was never super super attached to it. I think at 12 months or so we switched it over to only being used at naptimes & bedtime. And then we eventually skipped naps & it was only used at bedtime. And then I just started not giving it to him at night anymore. He fussed a little the first couple of nights I think, but he got over it pretty quick I feel.

Anonymous said...

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