Thursday, January 06, 2011

You Know You're A Mommy When...

...You catch yourself getting super excited because your toddler finally "voided" after a few days of no poop and no pee!  Ummm...yeah. It was that exciting (and such a relief)! Sorry if this is way too much information for some of you. Many of you who are parents will likely understand though.

My friend, SuperAmazingMommy was on the phone with me and we were doing the "HOOORAH!"/dance of joy. You see, with Little One having that chest thing going on and the dehydration, fever, and lethargy, it was not looking good. So glad we didn't have to go back to the hospital. There's something so sad in seeing a tiny little waif like Little One wearing one of those heavy x-ray aprons.

Equally heartbreaking is hearing Little One with her adorable little chipmunk voice saying "Ohhhh, nooooooo!" every time she sees us coming at her with her inhalers. She hates her inhalers. It's just so sad to see her like that. My poor baby has lost so much weight since she's been sick. What's crazy is that she didn't have that much weight on her to begin with. She is down to 21 lbs and you can see her ribs and spine. I wonder how we can bulk her up a bit. Poor little munchkin!

All I can say is "Hooray for wet and poopy diapers!" Never in a million years would I have thought I'd ever utter those words.


J at said...

When she's better, make her milkshakes. I used to make them out of the following, and they worked great for putting on weight:

1 banana
1 packet carnation instant breakfast
chocolate milk
chocolate ice cream (preferably haagan daz or ben & jerry's...most calories)

Mix and serve. Seriously yummy, seriously calorie dense, and there's even some decent nutrition in there as well. Good luck hon.

C said...

I love you! Super J to the rescue! Thanks for this! I worry about Little One being so...scrawny! It's not like she doesn't eat either! She eats more than some adults do! She just never gains any weight!

J at said...
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J at said...

Well, I wouldn't use them if she's eating normally and seems healthy enough. But when she's underweight from being sick, and you're wanting her to gain quickly, this is great. I used to make a pitcher of it, and keep it in the fridge.

And for super weight gain, use 1/2 of the small size of ice cream in each shake. Yeah, it's a lot. My pitcher was usually just 2 bananas, 2 packets of chocolate instant breakfast, one container ice cream, and however much whole milk chocolate milk needed to make it drinkable. :) And yeah, delicious.

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