Thursday, January 20, 2011


Little One was looking at photos of her cousin Kenny and twin cousins (Brooklyn and Olivia) on Facebook and said, "Ohhhh! KENNY! Brookie! Other one!" BAHAHAHA!
Me: "What's your name?"
Little One: "Ra-Ra!" 
Me: "Yay!" (clapping hands) "What's your name again?" 
Little One: "Elmo".
Hahaha! She cracks me  up! 

Little One was not quite sure what to make of some of the American Idol contestants on TV the other night! One minute, Little One was dancing and bopping around to the music and the next minute, she had a perplexed "WHY are they making that NOISE?!" look on her face! Oh, and Steven Tyler cracks me up! Love him!
Me: (noticing how sleepy Little One was looking) Is it time for bed?
Little One: No. (shaking her head)
Me: Do you want to stay up by yourself? Mommy's going to bed.
Little One: No.
Me: Can Mommy go to bed then? 
Little One: No.
For some reason way beyond my comprehension, Little One decided to remove all her clothing and parade around the house. She stopped in the living room and put her hands on her chest. 
Little One: HAHAHAHAHAHA! Ohhhhhhhh! BOOBIES! (and, proceeded to laugh her head off while covering her breasts).
Little One has discovered that if she sucks up her beverage from her straw sippy cup, she can store liquid in her mouth, swoosh it around her mouth and then spit it out all over the floor. 
Me: AH! Please don't do that. It's not nice. 
Little One: (giggling) Ohhhh...Not nice. (Then proceeds to do it again)
Me: AH! Mommy said that wasn't nice. If you do that, it means  you're all done. *sigh* Now Mommy has to clean that mess. (As I throw a paper towel on the floor to absorb the liquid)
Little One: All done, Mommy! (She smiles sweetly and starts wiping up her drink with the paper towel. Honestly, how can I get mad at someone so cute???)
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Kimberly said...

Hahah! That is so cute. In the summer my son claimed that he was "Super Grover". Kids crack me up.

J at said...

Hey, at least she's cleaning up after herself! That's a good thing.

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Life on Manitoulin: Just a bunch of ramblings from a city girl gone country!

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