Thursday, May 17, 2012

#FisherPriceMoms Spring Weather is Here and it's Time to Play!

Little One and I have just returned to Canada from a very bittersweet trip to the Philippines to spend some time with my grandmother while she was in the ICU. Only days after our return, my grandmother passed away.

Fortunately, there was a HUGE box from Fisher-Price that was waiting for Little One when we got home from the airport.  What a treat for my amazing little traveler.  She was a trooper on our very long flight from Manila-Tokyo-Toronto.  The parcel cheered her up, as she was really sad that we had to leave the Philippines and great-grandma.

As odd as this sounds, Fisher-Price couldn't have picked a more appropriate time to send over something for our three year old.  It really made her day.

In the past few weeks, I have noticed that Little One's imagination has blossomed tenfold.  She's always had a vivid imagination and has always been creative when it comes to playing.  Lately, she has been really into playing with dolls. This is something she wasn't as interested in before. Now, it's all about feeding, changing, burping, rocking, and singing to her dollies. It's so sweet to observe.

Our little girl is growing and it feels like if I look away for even a minute, I miss out on something!

I think I mentioned that she asked for a baby sister for Christmas and "Santa" gave  her a doll house, right?  The doll house she received was one of those collapsible cardboard ones that fold away for easy storage. Well, let me tell you that the doll house did not last even one week. I think on the second day of having the doll house, Little One and her friend SAT in the doll house and it was ruined. Great.

This is why we were all so excited when Little One opened up her Fisher-Price box and saw her Little People doll house! It came furnished and with its very own Little People to inhabit it! Not only that, but she also received the coolest Little People vehicle. She loves that when she plays with the house and the SUV, there are sounds and songs.

The Little People doll house and car are a great distraction for a little girl who just lost her great-grandma.  Sure, it's not a replacement, but it's a good distraction from what we're having to deal with right now. This post isn't supposed to be a sad one. Really, it's a joyful one.

Seeing Little One play "house" with her Little People toys and listening to her chirping away and making up different scenarios is just too precious. In fact, in the past few weeks that we have been away, she's gotten a lot clearer in her speech and pronunciation. She's also speaking in more complex sentences. It's amazing what kind of thoughts she formulates and is able to convey. I was shocked when I heard her say, "This is the Mommy Little Person. She's peeing in the toilet. See the toilet on the first floor of the doll house? The Mommy needs to drive the baby to play group. The baby needs to be in his car seat. See? There's a car seat in the back. Babies are not allowed to sit in the front and they need their car seats all the time."  That just cracked me up. She wouldn't stop talking. It was just too cute.

There is nothing so joyful in life than to see our child playing, learning, and growing.  She is certainly enjoying her Little People toys. Thank you, Fisher-Price and Mom Central Canada!

In the Community:

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Disclosure:  I am part of the Fisher-Price Play Panel and I receive special perks as part of my affiliation with this group. The opinions on this blog are my own.


Tammy said...

Looks like Fisher Price came at the right time! ((HUGS))

We love Little People in R home!

mamawee said...

what a package to come home too! My boys love fisher price toys too!

Ourfamilyworld said...

We have those little people house. My 4 year-old is addicted to it!! It helps creativity and imagination..

Just Us Girls said...

I remember The Little People, my daughter use to play with them when she was younger, aww, memories! That's a great package to come home to for your little one. I wish my daughter was still into them, she's all about Monster High now, lol.

Ashley said...

Super cute photos! We have both those toys and our girls love them. I listened to that house play over and over until I was dreaming its noises.

Nicole said...

The package definitely arrived at the perfect time! (hugs)

Like your daughter, my (almost) 3 year old has taken a huge interest in her dollies and her imaginative play has blossomed over the past few weeks. It's amazing to sit back and watch them grow!

Christine said...

Aren't Little People awesome? My 3 year old LOVES them! Funny story - we live on a farm and I have yet to get her the Fisher-Price farm! LOL! Maybe next birthday.

Christine said...

Yes! Isn't Fisher-Price fabulous? Which ones are your children's favourite FP toys?

Christine said...

Which FP toys are your little ones' faves?

Christine said...

That's what I'm worried about :) I've got the songs stuck in my head already! LOL!

Christine said...

So true! They grow so fast! It's so important to soak everything in. They're only little once and not for long either! :) Watching them play and learn new things is priceless :)

Christine said...

Just Us Girls:
Monster High! Oh...I saw commercials for that when I was in the Philippines! Wow.

NPC said...

Awwwww! I'm so gla she had things to stimulate her and distract her. She's just too cute and Little People rock!!! Love them!!! Always thinking about you m'dere!

Canadian Dad said...

My kids love the Little People! Daddy, not so much....Stepping on those when coming home from work at 4am leaves a bitter taste in one's mouth, lol!

Christine said...

I agree :) Thanks so much, btw! You've been such an amazing friend. xo

Christine said...

Canadian Dad:
I hear ya! LOL! Definitely not fun! ;p

Jeanna said...

That is one lucky kid. I remember using a shoe box for my dollhouse and pool balls as dolls. On the up side, we did have a pool table, which was cool.

Christine said...

HAHA! I love it! My Mom used to use my grandmother's high heel as a car and she made paper dolls to ride in it!

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